Today, we’ll cover all the subway tile styles you can choose from. Subway Tile is a super hot trend, but it’s also very timeless. You can’t go wrong with subway tile, but that doesn’t mean you have to go with the classic look. Subway tile styles are endless these days, so you can choose something that fits your personality perfectly! Lets take a look at the options.

top backsplash ideas for your home

Colored Subway Tile

When you think of subway tile, you typically think of white. However, white is not your only option. Colored subway tile is so popular right now and for good reason, it spices up the kitchen! You can have neutral cabinets and add your pop with a colored subway tile backsplash.

Glass Subway Tile

Glass subway tile gives a very modern look compared to other subway tile styles. It is clean and fresh and can be found in cool colors like green and charcoal, or in classic white. Glass tends to be a bit more expensive, but it definitly pays it’s weight in style!

Handcrafted Subway Tile

Handcrafted subway tile is one of the most beautiful subway tile styles! The finish is not completely flat, it has a handcrafted feel, hence the name. The color on the morning fog handcrafted subway tile, with it’s edges lighter than the interior, which you don’t see on mass-manufactured tile often. We have several colors of handcrafted subway tile to choose from, and they’re all gorgeous.

 Handcrafted Subway Tile Styles

Large Format Subway Tile

Large format subway tile is a new trend that we’ve been seeing, and it looks great in showers, bath tubs, or kitchen backsplashes! The subway tile featured is a 4×16 compared to your standard 3×6. It goes up quicker but still gives the same classic subway tile look.
Large format subway tile styles

Mini Subway Tile Styles

The mini subway tile styles are exploding! We’ve gotten so many new colors and styles in this miniature 2×4 tile format, so there is a perfect choice for every home! It may not be teeny tiny, but the smaller format is a bit more dramatic, however, it will take even longer to install than regular 3×6.


Marble Subway Tile

This is such a classy choice! The marble is elegant while the subway tile is classic. This is a timeless look that anyone could appreciate. This greecian marble subway tile is only $5.99/SF, so the price and the look are both incredible!

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