How do you renovate in the 21st century? With technology, of course! In the past, a kitchen design required 100+ magazines, a sharp pari of scissors (or two), glue sticks, cardboard, and a whole lot of time and possibly a headache. Today, that’s just not the case. Organizing your next kitchen or bath remodel can be a challenge, but the technological developments in the design space have made leaps and bounds. With so many ideas and so little space, you’ll love the new possibilities! Technology can make your reno life a whole lot easier and a whole lot more organized. This not only benefits you, but your designer as well. Our free design services can help you find your style, but the process can be much easier and quicker if you already have your ideas together. Check out these three tech solutions below to get started!

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ProKitchen Makes Design Easy

Mocking up your dream kitchen in your head is easy, putting it down on paper isn’t. Thats where ProKitchen comes in. The ProKitchen Software design suite will revolutionize how you think about your next remodel by turning your design into a reality with just the click of a button.


ProKitchen’s design software is completely online and will give you access to hundreds of manufacturer and appliance catalogs and thousands of 3D shapes to create your kitchen with. You can work completely from the cloud and even collaborate with your friends or your interior designer while editing and changing designs at the same time.

Houzz’ Ideabook

Houzz is a web site and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. The Houzz platform and mobile apps feature photos, articles, product recommendations, and a user forum.


One of the best aspects of Houzz for keeping your kitchen designs organized or finding new ideas is their Ideabook feature. Houzz says their ideabook is where people can “store ideas and build dreams.” You can also use the ideabook to communicate with other people working on your project.

Use the idea book to collect photos of kitchens you like and then email them to your designer. This will help your designer pinpoint the styles, colors, and layouts that speak to you.

Pin it on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to share and discover new interests by posting images or videos to their own or others’ boards.


Pinterest works like Houzz’ ideabook in that you can collect a variety of different inspirations for a kitchen, bath, or home remodel and then be able to share them easily with others. Pinterest stands out, however, in that it is very easy to view what other people are sharing and get inspiration from other users’ collections.

Pinterest is also a great source of DIY inspiration for your home remodel. From projects like unique drawer and cabinet pulls to upgraded lighting solutions, Pinterest has it all.

Now you can see just how simple it is to prepare for and organize your remodeling ideas. Get your laptops out, and your thinking hats on. This is going to be fun!

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Written By: Christopher Lush

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