Did you know that Waypoint Cabinets have a style for everyone?

If you’ve been researching your next kitchen remodel, you probably have heard the terms traditional, modern, or rustic. But what if your style is more complex than those few categories? That’s where Waypoint Cabinets comes in.

Waypoint has a style of kitchen cabinets for even the most demanding designers, decorators, and DIYers. Their complete kitchen cabinet line has been divided into nine categories ranging from “French Beauty” to “Refreshingly Relaxed.”

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And if you are the kind of person that gets overwhelmed by choice when it comes to deciding on the perfect kitchen cabinets, they have even provided a “What’s Your Style Quiz?” that will help narrow down your choices by asking a series of questions designed to figure out your personal style.

Since I’m in the market for a new kitchen remodel and was in desperate need for new kitchen design ideas, I took the quiz and I was blown away. Waypoint’s quick and easy quiz covered a variety of topics that I would never connect to kitchen cabinets.

One section tasked me with choosing what my ideal day off looked like from a variety of pictures. I chose a picture of cheese and wine and a shot of someone asleep in a hammock. Those activities looked infinitely more entertaining to me than sweating all day playing tennis, but to each their own.

cabinets hundereds

Another question asked me what foods most appealed to me and this time I was presented with a selection of foods that included stuffed peppers, a fresh salad, chicken kabobs, and more. I’ll admit, at this point, I was wondering what this had to do with kitchen cabinets and my upcoming kitchen remodel, but I kept playing along. I picked from the extensive list a gourmet cheeseburger and a wonderful boiled lobster.

Yes, there are more traditional questions, like “Which textures are you drawn to?” that show a variety of common textures found in most kitchen remodels today like stone, distressed wood, and different fabrics. I feel like these questions really narrowed down what my true kitchen cabinet style was.

Wondering what my style is? Well, I was placed in the “Understated Sophistication” style category and I have to saw, it was a perfect fit. Waypoint showed me a selection of beautiful kitchen remodels packed full of Waypoint cabinets, pulls, knobs, and molding.  Each kitchen design was tailored to my specific style featured, as Waypoint stated, “A beautiful blend of unadorned lines, handiwork and natural materials.”

But how do these categories work and what exactly do they showcase? Well, without spoiling the fun of finding your own kitchen cabinet style, we’ll run through a few of them below.

currently cool

Currently Cool Waypoint Cabinets

Waypoint’s Currently Cool collection features the absolute latest looks in the kitchen cabinet market. These cabinets are eternally chic and retro and features black granite, slab doors, and stainless hardware to tie the look together. This kitchen cabinet collection, like all of Waypoint’s collections, features a complete selection of hardware, moldings and glass doors to pick from.

french beauty

Waypoint Cabinet’s French Beauty

This collection takes casual comfort and blends it with the sophisticated feel of the French countryside. If you choose this design for your next kitchen remodel, expect beautiful white kitchen cabinets highlighted by bronze pulls and elegant glass cabinet doors that scream “country chic” at every level.

understated sophis

The Understated Sophistication of Waypoint Cabinets

If you love the look of natural wood, this collection is for you.  These kitchen cabinets blend unadorned lines and natural materials to create a look that is simple yet modern. This collection features “Cherry Spice” cabinets, oiled bronze pulls, and simple glass panels.

So after all of this style-talk, do you know what style you are? If you don’t, that’s fine, because Builders Surplus in Louisville and Newport/Cincinnati, we have a team of expert designers that can continue the conversation and find the perfect set of kitchen cabinets for your next kitchen remodel.

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Written By: Christopher Lush