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**LOUISVILLE LOCATION ONLY! Builders Surplus carries a wide assortment of new construction and replacement windows in most popular sizes. These windows are high quality, affordable, and beautiful. These windows are represented on our website We offer Silverline by Andersen 1200 series replacement windows and the Silverline 3900 series new construction windows.

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Builders Surplus is the only retailer in the area that has hundreds and hundreds of special buy windows. You can save 40 to 70% every day on these amazing window buys. They may not be perfect for every window in your home, but when replacing one or two windows, check our surplus selection first and save hundreds! Come visit us at our store in Louisville, Newport, & Cincinnati!

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Need a complete house of windows? A certain kind of window? A special size of window? Don't worry, Builders Surplus can custom order you any size window across the entire Andersen Windows Silverline assortment. Special orders typically arrive within two weeks depending on availability and are priced competitively in the marketplace. Come visit us at our store in Louisville, Newport, & Cincinnati!

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Windows at Builders Surplus

Wondrous things, windows. They allow the pleasantries of the outdoors, inside. Natural-light and warm sun rays are just a couple of the benefits windows provide, not to mention, views. Silverline by Andersen windows is a best-in-the-business product, one that assures quality in functionality and appearance.

We encourage you to explore our large selection of windows, and also, download The Essential Guide to Windows ebook below! And don't forget to come visit us at our store in Louisville, Newport, & Cincinnati!




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