Special Buy Windows

What are Special Buy Windows? What is Surplus?

Special Buy, or Surplus windows are nothing more than brand new windows that are miss ordered. The windows dimension could be off,a specification could be incorrect, or other small issues that made the window incorrect for a certain job. Nonetheless, they are new windows and they are marked dramatically down to give you the ability to save hundreds of dollars on your next window replacement or new construction job.

Have a window opening that’s flexible? Our Surplus windows are a great first place to look and see if you can find a window that will fulfill your needs! With prices from 40% – 70% off, you’ll be glad you did.


All of our surplus windows are from Silverline by Andersen. Silver Line by Andersen is the nation’s leading vinyl window and door manufacturer. Since they first opened their doors in 1947, they’ve been committed to producing exceptional windows; windows that enhance the home and improve the life of the homeowner. Windows that provide builders, architects and ultimately homeowners with energy efficient, low-maintenance solutions that add beauty and charm to any home.

They believe that form follows function, so before we make our windows beautiful, they make them strong and durable. Every Silver Line® window and door is rigorously tested and their commitment to excellence is abundantly clear. They don’t just stand behind their products; they stand alongside their customers by providing exceptional service. Service that doesn’t end once the truck pulls away. Their team of dedicated professionals is just a phone call away, ready to assist before, during and after the sale.
We are proud to be a part of the Andersen family and share their values of excellence, integrity, innovation and partnership.