What Exactly Are Fibrex Windows?

What Is Fibrex Composite Window anyway?

Andersen Fibrex 100-series-single-hung-interior-beauty


Andersen Fibrex windows are a type of energy-efficient window made by the Andersen Corporation. They are constructed using a unique composite material called Fibrex, which is a combination of wood fibers and thermoplastic polymer.

Fibrex is a material that has the strength and durability of wood, but with the low-maintenance and energy-efficient properties of vinyl. 

What is the Fibrex advantage?

Andersen Fibrex 100-series-picture-exterior-beauty


  1. Energy efficiency: Fibrex windows have a high insulation value, which helps to reduce heating and cooling costs by keeping the interior temperature of your home more stable.

  2. Durability: Fibrex is resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage, which makes it a long-lasting material that requires minimal maintenance.

  3. Sustainability: Fibrex is made from recycled materials, which makes it an environmentally-friendly choice.

  4. Aesthetics: Fibrex windows have a clean, modern look that can enhance the appearance of your home.

Color Options You Normally Would Not Get

A special process Andersen does for a beautiful color window is combining the color of choice with the Fibrex materials during production. This results in windows that will not rot, decay, flake, blister or peel like normal paint will over time.

Two Types of Styles to Choose From

Andersen Fibrex 100 series

100 Series 

Overall, Andersen 100 Series Fibrex Windows offer a combination of energy efficiency, durability, sustainability, and aesthetics that make them a popular choice for homeowners looking for a low-maintenance and long-lasting window option.


Andersen Fibrex A-series-double-hung-interior-beauty


Here are some of the key features and benefits of Andersen A-Series windows:

Energy Efficiency: Andersen A-Series windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind, and they are ENERGY STAR certified. They are available with Low-E glass options that help to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient.

Durability: Andersen A-Series windows are built to last, with durable materials that resist weathering, rot, and insect damage. They are also available with impact-resistant glass options for added protection in severe weather conditions.

Customization: Andersen A-Series windows are available in a wide range of styles and configurations, including casement, awning, double-hung, and more. They are also available with a variety of hardware and grille options to customize the look of your windows.

Sound Reduction: Andersen A-Series windows are designed to reduce outside noise, making your home a more peaceful and comfortable place to live.

Low Maintenance: Andersen A-Series windows are easy to clean and maintain, with durable materials that don’t require painting or staining.

Warranty: Andersen A-Series windows come with a limited warranty that covers the frame and glass for 20 years.


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Endless Style for New Construction Windows

In general, new construction is a much simpler process that remodeling for a couple of reasons. Everything is brand new, you can frame how you’d like, and adhere your entire design purely on what you’ve created instead of working with something that was previously constructed. The same goes for new construction windows. Today, we’ll discuss the many different options to choose from if you’re planning to build your own house!

A-Series Casement Windows, Pine Interior, Specified Equal Light Grille Pattern (2 wide x 2 tall), Transom and Picture Windows

A-Series Casement Windows, Pine Interior, Specified Equal Light Grille Pattern (2 wide x 2 tall), Transom and Picture Windows

New Construction Windows – Styles

If you’re going with Andersen windows (which you should be – they’re A plus plus plus), then when choosing a style, you must simply choose a series. Here, I’ll list them for you.
New Construction Windows
A-Series: An Architecturally-Inspired Premium Wood Collection that features 11 exterior colors, 6 interior wood species, factory stained or painted interior that resemble fine furniture, and decorative exterior trim and hardware. This collection is also available with its patented Verilock Security Sensors or Wireless Open/Closed Sensors.
New Construction Windows
400 Series: Andersen’s best seller, the 400 series sports a “Time-Tested, Classic Wood Craftsmanship,” and boasts a low-maintenance, durable Perma-Shield® exteriors that never need repainting. Pretty neat stuff, if you ask me. This collection is available in seven exterior colors and natural pine or prefinished white interiors.
New Construction Windows
200 Series: This collection is described as “Andersen quality at an uncommon value,” and hones in on the most popular sizes and options that Andersen has to offer. It is offered in the White and Sandtone exterior colors, as well as two interior options (unfinished pine and painted white).
New Construction Windows
100 Series: Classified as “The Smart Alternative to Vinyl,” this series is made with Fibrex® composite material, which is twice as strong as vinyl. This collection has 6 exterior options, including darker tones that won’t deteriorate over any period of time. Andersen – 1 Mother Nature – 0. It’s energy-efficient (like all Andersen products) and is available in a premium matte finish.

New Construction Windows – Window Types

Some people think of a window as just being square, opening and closing vertically, and that’s all there is to it. But remember Andersen and its creativity. They’ve expanded the way people in the business view windows, and in my opinion, revolutionized how a window can work as well. They have everything from the traditional double-hung windows to the beautifully crafted Bay and Bow windows. Open your mind to new ways of opening a window. Check it out.
New Construction Windows

New Construction Windows – Exterior Colors

Andersen’s creativity is simply spectacular, and that statement extends to the color selection they have, as well. One of the many things I’ve always boasted about this company is their extreme knowledge of knowing exactly what their customers want and being able to accommodate to their needs. It’s everything you’d ever want in any kind of service, and Andersen has been doing so for years. Check out some of these colors. Seriously, there is something for everyone.
New Construction Windows

New Construction Windows – Interior Options

In terms of the interior color, there are a few options, depending on the series (or style) you choose from. You can go with the Unfinished or Stained look or switch it up and strive for the Painted approach. Like I said, that’s the beauty of new construction, it’s your design, make it your own!
New Construction Windows
New Construction Windows
New Construction Windows


New Construction Windows – Hardware

Accessorize your windows using these cool designs. Different colors, styles – it’s all there. Switch up, make it quirky, your own, or maintain one style. Whatever you choose, Andersen has the option, and there’s nothing like having a wide variety when it comes to the building process.
New Construction Windows

New Construction – Grille Patterns

So, you’ve got your style picked out, all of your color options, but what about the glass look? The grille appearance is important when picking out the right design for your household. Andersen knows this, see, that’s why they’ve created 10+ grille patterns to choose from. They’re all relatively simply, not overwhelming at all, and look great with any style!
New Construction Windows

Endless Style, Indeed

I cannot stress it enough – you have it made. Literally. New construction makes room for as many ideas and designs as you can think of. In fact, I’ve had people say that it can get a bit overwhelming if they don’t have a vision in mind. But make your vision, plan it out, draw it out, write it out, whatever you need to do, but get crafty with it. Creativity knows no bounds after all. And luckily for you, there’s a company that’s always willing to help and offers Andersen windows. In-store. Every day. Drop by at any of our Louisville, Newport, & Cincinnati locations or visit our website!

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Written By: Chris Chamberlain