2016's Top Three Kitchen Faucet Trends

Kitchen Faucet
Not many people give much thought into their kitchen faucet as they do the rest of their cooking space! However, we have some ideas for you to consider when looking at your next kitchen remodel or if you just need to update or replace your existing kitchen faucet!
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Metal Kitchen Faucets

“In 2016, metal will assume a more dominant role in kitchen aesthetics…” – Sam Ferris, Houzz Contributor

Kitchen Faucet
Metal is one of the biggest trends that is up and coming in kitchen design. Industrial style is moving in with the rustic and more and more people are fusing the two styles together. However, some homeowners will go with small helpings of metal, like kitchen faucets to gently bring in this new aesthetic. Replacing your kitchen faucet could be just what you need and one of the more simple steps to updating your kitchen!

Bold Fixtures

With more and more design trends moving towards a more streamlined, scandanavian look people are still wanting to have that piece that makes people say “Wow!” More homeowners are going towards using bold fixtures.
Some people think of ever faucet as being the same. Which if you really take a look down the plumbing aisle, you’ll notice that faucets have styles all their own as well. Some are tall, some are short, some are simple, some are ornate. Kitchen Faucets can have cool and unique features, one or two handles and they can come in all sorts of colors and finishes!
Choose a faucet that compliments or stands out from the rest of your kitchen scheme, without overpowering it! There’s no reason the faucet couldn’t be eye-candy as well!

Bold Features

Now that you’ve probably noticed that not all faucets look the same, you’ll also see that they don’t all do the same thing either! The biggest feature that we’re seeing more and more with kitchen faucets is the added benefit of automation!
Automated Kitchen Faucet
With automated faucets there won’t be any worry about your toddler griming up the handles or spout when they decide that they want to help you in the kitchen!
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Written By: Kat Flaherty