How To Install a Quartz Vanity Top & Undermount Sink


Hi! I’m Allie and I’m here at Builders Surplus. Today, I’m going to show you how to install your own under-mount sink and vanity top on a bathroom vanity. The products that we’re going to be using are:

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Step 1: Add Silicon to Vanity Top

Flip over vanity top so that it lays face down. Be careful, as it can be heavy. You will then fill the caulking gun with the kitchen & bath silicon (can be purchased in either of our locations). You will then apply a bead of silicon to the outer edge of the sink opening. You don’t want to put too much, but do apply a generous amount.
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Step 2: Apply Under Mount Sink

The next step will be to take your under mount sink and lay it face down on the opening that you have just covered in silicon. Do your best to make sure it lines up as evenly as possible. We are going to give it some pressure for just a couple of minutes. This is to let it adhere better to the silicon. *Optional: You may use 2 of the included clamps on opposite ends of the sink for additional support if you do not have 24 hours to let it dry face down. You will need to screw them in the pre-drilled holes securely. If you let it dry for 24 hours, using these clamps are not required.*



Step 3: Secure Faucet to Vanity

Now that you sink is secured to your vanity top, you are ready to attach your faucet. First, you will take the washer and screw off of your faucet. Take bottom of the faucet through the center, pre-drilled hole in your vanity top. You will then take your washer and slide it over top of the brass pole on the bottom of the faucet. Then, take your screw and screw it on to the brass pole as well. You can hand tighten this, or use a wrench, whatever you feel most comfortable with. Now that we have your vanity top and sink fully put together, we will now apply it to the vanity.

Step 4: Apply Vanity Top to Bathroom Vanity

Now that we are ready to adhere the completed vanity top to vanity, you will need to pull out your caulking gun and kitchen & bath silicon. Apply a thick bead of silicon to all 4 sides of the bathroom vanity. Now that we are done preparing the vanity, you will most likely need to find someone to help you get the vanity top on. They can be heavy, and you need to make sure you can lift it high enough that the faucet pipes will clear the back of the bathroom vanity. You will align it as best you can. Let it adhere for 24 hours before moving it again.

There you have it! A perfectly functional bathroom vanity with a new vanity top and under mount sink. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done and run that water with pride! You’re now a DIY Dominator! Check back weekly for more great articles, DIY’s and How-To’s from the Builders Surplus team!

Builders Surplus is a full service remodeling company with locations in Louisville, Kentucky, and Newport, Kentucky, which also serves Cincinnati, Ohio. We specialize in interior design, which comes as a free service to our clients. We sell building supplies ranging from unused surplus, to first quality in stock, to high end custom order and everything in between. We also provide measurement and full installation services. Our core products consist of kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities (single vanities and double vanities), interior doors, exterior doors, sinks, faucets, granite countertops, quartz countertops, laminate countertops, windows, and more! If you have any questions or would like to set up a free design consultation with one of our interior designers, we would encourage you to do so. Happy Remodeling! Written By: Allie Bloyd

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Jack and Jill Bathrooms & Kids Bath Design

Jack and Jill bathrooms are a great option, especially for large families. The idea behind this design is that one bathroom serves two bedrooms while allowing people to come and go as they like. A Jack and Jill bathroom usually includes separate sinks or a double vanity, but the users share the bath, shower and toilet areas. They make sense when private bathrooms for each bedroom are not physically or financially an option.


Jack and Jill bathrooms usually includes separate sinks or double vanities but users share a bath, shower and toilet areas.


Jack and Jill Bathroom SInks
Jack and Jill bathroom collage


 By giving each kid equal access to the bathroom from two different bedrooms, no one is able to lay claim on the bathroom and they are able to have their privacy. You can ensure privacy by putting locks on both doors from the bathroom side and the bedroom side. Since the bathroom can be locked from either side, the bedrooms still remain separate and private. And having those locks mean the bath can be made private as well.


Jack and Jill Bathroom in Cool Blue Theme

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Double Vanities For Jack and Jill Bathrooms

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Jack and Jill bathrooms are one of the best places to let a kid’s imagination go wild. Let each kid customize their area with items that best reflect his or her personality. If they are allowed to create their own space by picking things out or decorating in their style, it will feel more personalized to each of them. They may prefer to choose a theme or favorite character that they love or they may just stick with designs that feature abstract shapes, stripes or polka dots. Tile and backsplash offer many creative ways to add color, pattern and style to a Jack and Jill bathroom, not to mention it’s easy to wipe down and maintain.


Double Vanities in Jack and Jill Bathrooms

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You can make sharing easier by making sure each kid has their own bathroom accessories in addition to having their own sink or vanity. This separate but equal approach presents kids with an opportunity to create their own space and take responsibility for taking care of it.  It is important to create enough space for each kid to have separate storage areas where they can keep their towels, toiletries and belongings apart from one another.


Towel holder suggestions for Jack and Jill Bathroom
One of the first things kids want to establish is what colors they prefer. Kid’s bathrooms tend to be much more colorful with wall paint, wallpaper and even decals to embellish the creative vibe. Bright colors are popular with kids, especially those bold primary colors.


Jack and Jill Double Sink Mounts

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There are also many options to explore for adding decor to the walls of a Jack and Jill bathroom. There are many DIY prints that you can customize and frame that personalize the character of each individual kid. You can also include creative ways to encourage your kids to stay on top of brushing their teeth. One of the best projects I did with my kids was this DIY dinosaur toothbrush holder.


dinosaur toothbrush holder
Be sure to take photos and send them to us if you do decide to create a Jack and Jill bathroom in your home. We would absolutely love to see your work and efforts in designing your home.
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Builders Surplus is a full service remodeling company with locations in Louisville, Kentucky, and Newport, Kentucky, which also serves Cincinnati, Ohio. We specialize in interior design, which comes as a free service to our clients. We sell building supplies ranging from unused surplus, to first quality in stock, to high end custom order and everything in between. We also provide measurement and full installation services. If you have any questions or would like to set up a free design consultation with one of our interior designers, we would encourage you to do so. Happy Remodeling!

Written By: LeighAnne Turner

Beach Themed Bathroom Design

Today, we’ll be covering how to achieve a beach themed bathroom. On Tuesday, I returned from an incredible vacation to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and it has been a tough transition. Going from the Caribbean vibe everywhere I look to a void of ocean style has taken some adjustment. When I’m in a tropical location, my mood is brighter, my laugh is louder, my stress level is non-existant. That’s when I decided that when you can’t be in the tropics, you need to bring the tropics home to you by creating a beach themed bathroom!
There are many ways that you can take island style into your bathroom, a place that is built for relaxation. This room is already full of water & tile, two of the main components of the beach look, so you can create the look you’re going for by making a few smart design decisions.

Beach Themed Bathroom Design: The Top 5 Elements

1. Tropical Tile

The first, and possibly best way to bring the Caribbean feel into your bathroom is by using interesting tile choices. Bathrooms by the beach are usually heavily tiled, to help with the cleanup of sand and water. Tile is a big design element in many other rooms in the tropics as well. Lively patterns or ocean inspired colors or patterns usually work very well to help you achieve the look you’re going for.


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This bathroom just screams beach themed. The blue green is very reminiscent of water, and added with the neutral tile accents, the desired look is achieved.

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This is another great tile choice. The mosaic is often found in beach locations, and the movement in the pattern again reminds you of the feel of water.

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This is my favorite tile choice, which very closely resembles the bathroom in my Jamaican paradise. Who can be sad looking at that pattern and gorgeous tropical blue? The open feel of the shower also gets you in the topical mood, blending outside with inside.

2. Foliage In The Bathroom

Jamaica means “The Land of Wood & Water” for obvious reasons. It is surrounded by water and has heavy forests all through the island. I love the green of the land paired with the blue of the sea. To do this is a non tropical location, you can simply add foliage and plant accents to your bathroom space to bring you back to the place that you call paradise.


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This is one of the best that I’ve seen. The sanded bottom with the tree stump steps is genius. The open top also adds to the outdoor feel, but you can create this by painting your ceiling a bright white or even sky blue and adding faux posts. A simple wooden table acts as the perfect place for products.
This darker blue bathroom still evokes everything that makes me love the ocean. They have a limited amount of foliage in this bathroom, but it definitely does the trick. The taller plant is typical of what you would find in a beach location. The coral on the wall and shells on the sink top it off perfectly.

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This is absolutely amazing and definitely a favorite of mine. The moss wall gives it the truly tropical style. My resort had an enormous wall of moss and several vertical gardens, so this look would be the perfect thing to remind me of the place I love so much. You can find out how to create your own moss wall here.

3. Perfect Paint Palettes

Paint color is another perfect way to create the beach themed bathroom you’ve been dreaming of. The bathrooms below don’t go crazy with tile, just have the right paint colors with a few perfect beach themed accessories to tie it all together. Simple can be just as effective.
The light blues of the water & sky paired with the sandy color of the flooring, vanity and countertop are perfect.
The darker blue with the rope colored decals and shop accents make it the perfect sailors paradise.
These two similarly colored bathrooms add the perfect touch: beachy bead board. This is a simple but elegant touch that reminds us of effortless ocean style. Throw in perfect mirror & you’re all set!

4. Vessel Sinks

As we covered in a recent bathroom design trends blog, the vessel sink is very popular this year. However, even if it goes out for bathrooms of all styles, it will always remain a beach bathroom favorite. Something about this look reminds me of island life.
We carry a very similar bamboo vessel sink that would be the perfect touch to your beach bath design.


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Glass vessel sinks will always remain a popular choice for this look. Porcelain is also another very popular choice.

5. Nautical Neutrals

The sand is what makes the beach, the beach. Feeling it beneath our feet, warm with the sun, is one of those simple joys in life that you just can’t get anywhere else. Taking sandy colors from the beach to your bathroom is a quick way to turn your powder room into paradise. The two below have done a great job of making an understated color the perfect backdrop in their bathroom. Again, adding a few nautical accents makes a big difference in giving you the theme you’re looking for.


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Modern-Bathroom-Decor-Beach Themed Bathroom

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I hope that you’ve picked up some great ideas for your own beach themed bathroom! This is definitely one of my favorite styles that I hope you will enjoy as well.
Builders Surplus is a full service remodeling company with locations in Louisville, Kentucky, and Newport, Kentucky, which also serves Cincinnati, Ohio. We specialize in interior design, which comes as a free service to our clients. We sell building supplies ranging from unused surplus, to first quality in stock, to high end custom order and everything in between. We also provide measurement and full installation services. If you have any questions or would like to set up a free design consultation with one of our interior designers, we would encourage you to do so. Happy Remodeling!

Written By: Allie Bloyd

Bathroom Style: 7 Styles For Your Next Remodel

Bathroom Style: 7 Styles For Your Next Remodel
We all know by now that a bathroom renovation is one of the first projects that new home owners dive into and that resellers know will give them a better return on investment. So, no matter the reason why you want to remodel your bathroom it’s a good idea to consider the bathroom style, whether it’s just to appeal to you or to potential home buyers.
The first thing you should know is that there are 7 main Bathroom Styles each with their own sub-styles. Every style has it’s flairs and it’s potential fallbacks, and not all of them will appeal to everyone. If you’re remodeling your bathroom for yourself then there’s not much to worry about. However, if you are designing to resell your home then you might want to be more cautious with picking a style that suits your taste instead of what might be trending or what might be timeless. With that, it’s also important to know that what’s trending now might not be in six months.

The Styles:

Traditional Bathroom Style

Traditional bathroom styles are the safe way to go if you’re remodeling to resell, it’s not too out there and it’s easy to add ones own touch. This can also be called the classic bathroom style. This style also tends to overlap in other categories as many of the designs are timeless rather than trendy. The style of traditional bathrooms comes from the 20th century crafts movement, historical, and mission style trends. Other traditional sub-styles that you will typically find are Farmhouse, Craftsman, and Mid-century trends. Farmhouse styles tend to lend themselves towards a more rustic style. Mid-century style bathrooms have a more modern appeal to them, it’s a very toned down but upscaled scandinavian look; and Craftsman bathrooms have an eclectic playfulness without being overwhelming bizzare. Choosing a traditional bathroom can be a pretty daunting task as a lot of it’s sub-styles encompass other trends.
Bathroom Style - Traditional

Rustic Bathroom Style

Rustic style anything is popular right now. This style might also tie in with country, industrial, and shabby-chic styles. While this style of bathroom decor is trending it might be easier to sell because of it’s popularity. Rustic design can be pinned by it’s use of reclaimed wood, textured surfaces and neutral / natural tones. It’s kind of like bringing that old barn you used to play in on your grandparents farm into your home. The use of industrial rustic will give the bathroom a more modern look using more metals and concrete.
Bathroom Style - Rustic
You can check out a previous blog we wrote all about this years rustic trend, here.

Modern Bathroom Style

Modern or Contemporary bathrooms are becoming the timeless style of this century. Some other styles that are associated with this movement are industrial –  which has sleek and polished metals and glass – and a lesser known design style called Scandinavian. Scandinavian bathrooms are categorized by it’s use of crisp, clean, angular lines, geometrical shapes and curves, neutral tones and spacial function.

Bathroom Style - Modern Scandinavian

A Modern Scandinavian bathroom style is categorized by it’s use of geometric shapes and lines.

Transitional Bathroom Style

Transitional bathrooms are another safe bet when reselling your home because they’re a fantastic compromise between the classic and modern styles. Bathrooms like these are modern takes on timeless trends, so there isn’t much to say other than it’s a great way to go. It’s all about balance.
Bathroom Style - Transitional

Romantic Bathroom Style

This is the bathroom style that makes you feel like a greek goddess taking a dip in a wide tub surrounded by marble accents, or a european princess relaxing in her clawfoot tub after the ball. Romantic baths are high in beauty and texture. Brocade or graphic wallpaper with complex patterns are popular, as are freestanding clawfoot tubs. Victorian style trends also fall under the romantic category because they use similar elements, although you’ll probably want to opt for some antique wood furniture pieces to complete the room. Bathrooms like these are the epitome of candlelight relaxation.

Eclectic Bathroom Style

Eclectic bathrooms are my personal favorite because I love expressing myself and I also love seeing someone reflected in their space. Eclectic baths are definitely better suited for the remodeler that is doing it all for themselves. They’re playful bathrooms that throw whatever appeals to you in the mix to come out a stylish space that reflects you. So go wild, mix and match styles, an eclectic bathroom is your playground to do with what you will. At this point you’re only restriction is going to be your budget – and maybe that has a bit of wiggle room as well.

As you can see Eclectic styles are so varied that there are some that are simple and quirky, then there are others that just go over the top! I think it’s a beautiful thing to see someones personality come out in a space!

Regional Bathroom Style

Have you ever been inspired by another country or scene that you were just awestruck and wouldn’t mind living there? Sure you have, everyone always wishes that they were someplace else. Regional bathrooms are your home away (but still inside) your home. You’ll find plenty of examples of Tuscan, Italian inspiration, Moroccan tile, Asian, or beach themed escapes. There are so many different regional inspirations you’ll just need to choose your favorite. This is probably another style that is better suited for someone who just wants to make the space their own. However, styling a bathroom to reflect the local region might be a good selling point, it really depends on where you are.

Bathroom Style - Regional, Moroccan

Yves Saint Laurent Moroccan Bath.


Perfect accent tile for Moroccan or beach bathroom.

There are so many bathroom styles to choose from that it can be either a fun or a daunting task to choose which one you’d want to pick for you bathroom remodeling project. Take this bathroom design quiz from Houzz to see what style you are! I got eclectic, and they couldn’t be more right! I hope that this has helped to clarify where your style may be leading you and your home and what could be the best step to take in making your bathroom as beautiful as it can be!
Builders Surplus is a full service remodeling company with locations in Louisville, Kentucky, and Newport, Kentucky, which also serves Cincinnati, Ohio. We specialize in interior design, which comes as a free service to our clients. We sell building supplies ranging from unused surplus, to first quality in stock, to high end custom order and everything in between. We also provide measurement and full installation services. If you have any questions or would like to set up a free design consultation with one of our interior designers we would encourage you to do so. Happy Remodeling!
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Bathroom Vanities: The Best New Trends

Bathroom vanities are a necessity in any bathroom. However, it’s up to you to figure how you want to work this functional piece into your space. Below we’ve listed some of the new trends that we’ve seen in bathroom vanity design. Some of these trends might be fleeting, while others might be here to stay, but we’ll leave those decisions up to you!

1. Bathroom Vanities Painted in Custom Colors

One way to make sure bathroom vanities stand out from the rest is to paint them a custom color. The coral in the bathroom below is so eye catching, without being overbearing. The graphic wallpaper ties the whole look together. This can be somewhat difficult on an already finished vanity, but it can be done with sanding & priming. Our suggestion is to take an unfinished bath vanity that comes ready to pain, like this one here.

Painted Bathroom Vanities

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2. Coastal Vibes Bathroom Vanities

The ocean is the inspiration for many things, such as art, clothing, and furniture. The thought of the coast brings feelings of calm, serenity, and peace, not to mention a little fun. This is exactly the reason that a coastal feel fits perfectly in the bathroom. A bathroom is the space where serenity is of the utmost importance, and this look won’t soon go out of style. This is a custom bathroom cabinet set from Wellborn Cabinets, in the Harbour Style.


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3. Vessel Sink Sensation

Vessel sinks are the new trend. For many years, drop in sinks were extremely popular, but that style has taken a serious downturn and has been replaced with the vessel and undercount sink as well. There are many different styles of vessel sinks to choose from, each with their own benefits and fitting various tastes. Glass will aways be a popular choice, however, some of my favorites are listed below. The first being chiseled granite vessel sinks. This is a very high end look with a rough around the edges feel (no pun intended). This will fit in the classiest of bathrooms or just as perfectly in one with a casual vibe. We have a great selection of chiseled granite vessels sinks in our Louisville & Newport locations.

black-granite-vessel-sinks-bathroom vanities

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Another incredibly unique option is the hammered copper vessel sink. This it an amazing touch to any bathroom, rustic, elegant, eclectic or farmhouse. It will always be a conversation piece and serves as a piece of art as well as a functional piece of plumbing.
copper vessel sink bathroom vanities

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4. Gray-teness

Every bathroom is in search of greatness. Fortunately, gray is the find of the season. Not only are gray kitchen cabinets the premiere paint palette this year, but gray vanities have been making a resurgence as well. There is something about the color gray that calms, while remaining visually interesting. I love the elegance that grey vanities offer without being too feminine. We offer a classic style, American Shaker, in a lovely gray finish, in a variety of sizes. Click the image below to view our selection of gray shaker vanities to update the look of your bathroom in one easy step.

gray bathroom vanities

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5. Classic Pedestal Style

Pedestal sinks have come in and out of style through the beginning of bathroom design history. This is such a simple design statement that can literally fit any and every style, any and every space. Classic white porcelain bathroom vanities will coordinate with any color or finish of tile and will stand the test of time. I love the way they have used a flashy wallpaper and interesting tile choice to take this simple piece to the next level.

Pedestal Sink Beautiful Bathroom

Find Porcelain Pedestal Sinks In Store, Ready To Take Home Today!


6. Furniture Inspired Bathroom Vanities

Furniture style bathroom vanities are very in right now. While they may have a higher price tag, you definitely get what you pay for. They have top quality construction, lots of storage, and typically come equipped with solid surface countertops. These furniture style bathroom vanities will last for years and years, and you’ll stay happy with them in your space for just as long. Below you’ll find a gorgeous James Martin Vanity. He is known for his quality craftsmanship and timeless designs.


Click the photo to see our selection


7. Unexpected Pieces & Rustic Design

This rustic bathroom is to die for. They have really stayed the course in designing a cabin feel that seems devoid of modern day luxuries, but actually has everything you need; light, water, mirror, sink & vanity. You could literally build this bathroom vanity yourself and find an awesome piece to create your new sink out of!  This style will not fit in every home, but for those that it will, I would definitely encourage you to use this as a piece of inspiration.
I hope you’ve enjoyed the run down on this years top trends in bathroom vanities! If you have any questions regarding bathroom remodeling, feel free to comment or reach out to us on social media! Our goal is serve the remodeling community in any way we can. Thanks for reading, and share this article if you’ve enjoyed reading it!
Builders Surplus is a full service remodeling company with locations in Louisville, Kentucky, and Newport, Kentucky, which also serves Cincinnati, Ohio. We specialize in interior design, which comes as a free service to our clients. We sell building supplies ranging from unused surplus, to first quality in stock, to high end custom order and everything in between. We also provide measurement and full installation services. If you have any questions or would like to set up a free design consultation with one of our interior designers we would encourage you to do so. Happy Remodeling!

Written By: Allie Bloyd

The Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes Homeowners Make

  Your home is the one of the largest investments you can make, yet people are increasingly choosing to upgrade their existing home instead of purchasing brand new houses. Whether you are choosing to remodel or build from scratch, your kitchen will be the highlight of your home and a place where you and your family spend a great deal of time. It’s important that it not only looks great but adds value and enhances your quality of life. Some say that kitchens are the heart of any home but they can easily become useless if they aren’t functional and designed to last a long time. Learn about the biggest kitchen remodeling mistakes & how to avoid these.

Consider these 5 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes That Homeowners Make 



kitchen cupboard with no doors

This is typically seen in homes with small kitchens that have limited storage space. Many homeowners will compromise storage options to create more space but that’s not necessary if you plan out your cabinet space. Functional cabinet space will make cooking easier and reduces the clutter. Rather than omitting shelf space, many homeowners are opting to enhance the areas they have to work with. Chelsea Wynn, the Public Relations and Social Media Expert for Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. suggests removing the cabinet doors from wall cabinets to make kitchens feel larger and more open. This approach increases functionality and creates a place to store dishes or appliances to neatly sit.



French Doors Provide Lighting for Kitchen Remodel

Lighting is often the most overlooked thing in the kitchen. It may not seem important right now but wait until you are trying to peel a potato or slice an avocado with minimal lighting. You should choose your lighting in the beginning of your planning stage and according to the style of your new space, make sure it reflects what you really like and not what you are willing to settle for. If your home lacks windows and natural lighting, consider replacing one of your solid exterior doors with a French door like these doors we have available at both our Cincinnati and Louisville area stores. They will instantly brighten the look and feel of your kitchen while making it seem more open and spacious.



kitchen remodeling 4

Go ahead and repeat after me. Cheaper is not better. It’s just the truth. Sacrificing function to include nicer materials will do nothing but disappoint you in the end. Make sure you consider the proportions of your kitchen areas and measure everything. In fact, measure TWICE.  Avoid the trends you think look hip today. Your kitchen is much more than a fashion statement and today’s trends will more than likely be outdated fifteen years from now. Depending upon who you ask, your kitchen is easily the most important room in the house. You are opening and closing your cabinets all the time. Hardwood cabinets with a sturdy finish and strong hardware are imperative to carry your family the extra mile.



Taking measurements during kitchen remodel

It’s important to your budget and your sanity that you get the job done right the first time. It might seem like it won’t be a big deal to live with a small error or mistake but in reality it can have a major impact on how you utilize and enjoy your kitchen in the future. Don’t compromise longevity just to trim time. Make sure your house plans allow adequate space for your refrigerator and dishwasher. This is a big kitchen remodeling mistake to avoid. These are necessities and if they aren’t functional on a daily basis, you will definitely feel it. Be sure to go over the measurements of all of your cabinets and appliances. Remember to allow room for the drawers and cabinet doors to open.



Kitchen In Need of Remodeling

Finally, make sure you know what you want before you begin your project. This probably sounds like common sense but you would be surprised how many people change their mind in the middle of everything. Some folks think that it’s easy to switch things up at a moment’s notice. Others think it’s no big deal to start a project before making their final decisions because they prefer to take it one step at a time. This is not good practice and can result in costly changes if certain aspects of the project don’t end up meeting your expectations. In fact, it’s best to make a formal checklist that will structure the period of time when you are in project mode.

For more information on kitchen remodeling, designs and answers to your questions about renovations to your kitchen please feel free to give us a call at any time. We offer many products and solutions to your next home remodeling project and we would be happy to assist you as you get started. Be sure to like, share, tweet & pin this article  and subscribe to our newsletter for ongoing style tips & tricks. Happy Remodeling!

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Choosing Your Bathroom Vanity Styles

With all of the different bathroom vanity styles out there, how can you find the right fit for you and your bathroom? How can you be sure that the vanity you love will work with the space that you have? There are a few important questions to ask when you’re vanity shopping to help you narrow down your search. The answers to these questions will tell you what you need to look for. Then, you can decide on your mounting options, which we will discuss first.

Bathroom Vanity Styles & Options

Choose your Mounting: Standard, Wall Mount and Corner.

Standard: Also known as free-standing, this is the most common of bathroom vanity styles. This is your best option for maximum storage space. Standard, furniture style vanities are very popular at the moment.

 wall-mounted vanity
Wall Mount: Most wall-mounted vanities hang or float on the wall without legs touching the floor. This style looks more contemporary and opens up a small bathroom, but allows for some storage.


corner vanity
Corner: If you need to save space, this is the best option. Corner-mounted bathroom vanities have a 90-degree angle at the back so that they fit perfectly into a corner. They still offer cabinets for storage and just the right functionality for a powder or guest bath.


Now that you know the different mount styles, find the right fit for the bathroom your updating by asking these questions:

What bathroom are you hunting for?

A guest bath, powder room, or master bath?single bathroom vanity styles
A powder room is not for bathing, so you eliminate the need to store towels, shampoos, conditioner body wash, and scrub brushes.  If you have a medicine cabinet, you could do just fine with a pedestal sink, however, that will typically be the only storage in the space. If you have the need to store more, opt for a singe sink vanity. Opt for standard or wall mounting for powder rooms. Powder rooms can also be a great place to make a bold statement for less!
In a guest or hall bathroom, which might be used by children or teenagers, the vanity should be large enough to contain clutter and hold daily bathing essentials, but not have too much storage that everything gets thrown in. Drawers instead of cabinets are suggested to contain and organize toiletries.

The master bathroom is a main space for adults. Everything from hair, makeup, bathing, shaving, brushing and washing occur, so having PLENTY of storage for your various supplies is a must. Most couples prefer double sinks and cabinetry and drawers underneath. Standard or Wall Mount can work in this space. The style of the vanity could echo the style of the furnishings in the bedroom but it doesn’t have to match. While floating bathroom vanity styles will give the illusion of more space, a furniture-like piece standing on legs will help the bathroom blend in to the style of the home.

How much space do you have?

Now that you know which bathroom you’re looking for, break out your measuring tape! Measuring your space is important because vanities floating bathroom vanity stylescome in a range of widths. You don’t want to fall in love with one that just won’t work. A two-sink vanity is generally at least 60 inches wide, but with the addition of storage drawers and shelves, they can be wider. Single sink vanities can start at around 24 inches wide.

Single or double sinks?

Double sink vanities are wider than single sink vanities, but are ideal for bathrooms shared by two or more people. Single sink work well in small bathrooms.

What are your storage needs?

Vanities come with many options for storage, including drawers, shelves, and cabinets. Think about who will primarily be using the space. What is this person or persons daily hygiene routine like? Are they a girl with blowdryers, rollers, straighteners and a bag full of make up? Or is it a boy with cologne, a tooth brush and deodorant? This will greatly dictate what storage options you should choose.

How do you want to customize it?

What do you want in your base. The vanity base can come in a variety of materials, including glass, metal, and wood, which is the most common option. The style you choose will need to coordinate with your base. Glass and metal are seen as modern, while wood can be used for a variety of styles.
contemporary bathroom vanity stylesWhat type of countertops do you like? The countertops of vanities are highly customizable. The most popular materials are marble, granite, and stone. Polished stone finishes are durable and easy to clean. Though other common materials include wood, glass, and metal. Often vanities are available with countertops, but if you’re looking to customize, the countertop should be 1 inch larger than the vanity base. For example, if the vanity base is 36 inches wide, then the countertop should be 37 inches wide. At Builders Surplus, we sell individual vanities, individual vanity tops, and vanities with tops included. Whatever your preference, we can accommodate you!
What sink style do you prefer? Most vanities feature undermount sinks, which are mounted below the counter. Another option is a vessel sink, which sits above the counter. We have beautiful chiseled granite vessel sinks, copper, hammered copper and glass and porcelain vessels. This is a popular choice that can be a timeless look.
What hardware will you be using? The majority of vanities do not come with sink faucets and handles, which provides another opportunity to customize the look to your home. If you already have those things and need to work around them, choose a coordinating look or color scheme.
Will you have a backsplash or side splash? Consider whether or not you will need a sidesplash or backsplash to make the vanity work. If so, focus on brands that either include these pieces with the vanity or sell them separately. If you purchase these separately, ensure that the finish and dimensions match the vanity top. (For a backsplash, the length of the backsplash should match the length of the vanity top and with a sidesplash, the length of the sidesplash should match the width of the vanity top.)

Vanity Lighting

Regardless of the type of vanity you choose, proper lighting is essential. Typically, there is a lighting fixture over the sink or mirror but that can cast unwanted shadows on your face. This is not ideal for applying makeup or shaving. The better option is to use sconces instead! Placed on the wall at about five and a half feet from the floor and flanking a mirror will illuminate the face properly.
In a powder room, two sconces are all you need while in a master bath or guest bath with two sinks, use three or four, she says. A light over the tub and shower and one over the toilet should be ample light for a large master or guest bath.
There you have it! Follow these guidelines to find the bathroom vanity styles that will best match your renovated or refreshed bathroom space! Happy Remodeling!

Wall Tile Ideas & Options

In your current or upcoming home renovation project, you may be running dry on wall tile ideas. Wall tile is typically most prominent in bathrooms and kitchens, however they can be used in a variety of spaces, like the laundry room or even on an accent wall! But finding the perfect wall tile ideas can seem like a daunting task, considering their are not just hundreds, but THOUSANDS of options. Not only do they have different colors, patterns, sizes and finishes, they are also made of different materials with a variety of costs. This article hopes to help you navigate through the different wall tile ideas to find what types might be best for you. Hopefully we can eliminate some of the confusion involved when tackling a wall tile project.
*All wall tile ideas featured below can be purchased at Builders Surplus in Louisville or Newport, Kentucky. Daltile is the featured supplier in this post.

Most Popular Wall Tile Ideas:

The most used wall tile choices are made of either ceramic, porcelain or stone. These will be used predominately in bathrooms. They look beautiful and hold up nicely and come in a variety of looks and price ranges. Many types of stone, like marble or limestone, are great to use on shower walls specifically, as long as they’re properly sealed. If so, they will no longer be porous, which means your materials will last as long as possible. A few sub categories include:


Brixton Bath Wall Tile -Ceramic

Aria Ivory Ceramic Wall Tile

Aria Ivory Ceramic Wall Tile

Glazed ceramic: 
These wall tiles come in almost all colors possible and in many patterns and designs. They are typically waterproof, and can be used in wet areas like showers, bathrooms, kitchens and any other area, where you think water can seep in. These are made from clay and glazed. The amount of gloss differentiates the high-gloss, matte glazed and slip resistant glazed tiles. The last variety is shiny, but not slippery, and ideal for bathroom floors.
Identity Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile

Identity Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile

This type of wall tile is also made from clay. Each tile has different kinds of color pigment, and the appearance is quite vibrant. The characteristic feature of mosaic is that, even when it is chipped, you can see the pigments running through the entire tile. They can be used on walls, as they are, or can be used to form design elements like medallions, or even in small strips in between larger tile to create a unique look (and less grout lines!). You can also use mosaic to cover the borders of the walls or wainscoting. Mosaic is one of my favorite wall tile ideas.
1x2 Silver Harlequin Wall TIle
Glass Horizons Wall Tile - Mosaic

Glass Horizons Wall Tile – Mosaic

This type of tiling material was initially thought to be only for the rich. However, this misconception is slowly changing, and people are using more marble, as it brings elegance and class to any space. They are durable and provide a artistic and aesthetic look to the interiors. With good maintenance, they can stay for many years. There are many colors available in this stone, the most popular one being the white and green.
3x6 Tumbled Marble Wall Tile
Marble Wall Tile First Snow Elegance

Marble Wall Tile First Snow Elegance

These tiles are one of the most contemporary and provide a lot of shimmer to any space. They illuminate the interiors and make the room look bigger. They are available in frosted and bubble glass varieties. Frosted glass tiles are opaque and provide a flat surface to the wall. The bubble glass variety has small air bubbles inside,which adds a design element and character to the external appearance. Glass can come in mosaic, subway tile, and many other styles as well. Glass is a good option for kitchen backsplash or shower/bathtub wall tile.
Aqamarine_4x4 Wall Tile Glass

Aqamarine 4×4 Wall Tile Glass

Aqamarine_4x4 Wall Tile Glass
Unique Patterns in Any Materials:
Looking for unique wall tile ideas? Today, pattern is key. The more unique, the better, and patterned tile is a great way to express your personal style. At Builders Surplus, we offer an extensive collection of patterned tile for you to choose from. Below are two of my favorite options that really bring a lot of personality to a space.
Decorative-Pattern-Sublime Porcelain

Decorative Pattern-Sublime

Stone - Baroque Chenille White

Stone – Baroque Chenille White


Things to Avoid:

When deciding on floor tile vs wall tile, there are a few things to consider. You should steer clear of slick materials, such as high gloss ceramic, on the floor, but it’s a wonderful option for walls. Some types of stone don’t work well in steam showers, and other can break down in wet areas. Typically, stay away from dark limestone in these places.

In Style Tile:

For the most part, all of the above listed materials are in style, it just really depends on the look of your space. White marble has been popular for some time, but I believe it will remain a favorite, as white can always be considered timeless and classic. Glass and mosaics are extremely popular options for kitchen backspashes, as well as for showers or decorative accents, and Reclaimed glass has been a hot trend lately as well.  Patterns with a modern or geometric flare are emerging to become just as popular as their home decor counterparts.
For smaller bathrooms,  it is very much in style (and practical) to use large scale tile. This can make the space feel much more expansive. Continuing the large scale tile on the floor and walls increases this look of space and having your wall tile extend to the ceiling can help you achieve the look as well. It also adds a touch of european elegance, as this has been popular there for some time.

Things to Consider:

When deciding on a shower tile, think smaller. This helps slope the water to the drain appropriately. Mosaics are often used in shower tile for it’s small stature and visually appealing qualities.  Think about you and your lifestyle when selecting tile for any area of the home. If you have pets, avoid white ( on floors or shower walls, if you rinse them there)! If you have kids, steer toward porcelain for the bathroom. It is low maintenance and durable. Also, take not of the architecture and existing colors in your home. Just because you’re drawn to the modern design, it may not fit as perfectly in your rustic style home. Keeping the theme consistent will help promote unity in your decor. Find one element in your home that really attracts you, such as a decorative element or pattern, color, or texture, and use that as a starting point to decide on the other components.

Before you start:

For help on deciding the best products or materials for a space your unsure about, please speak with one of our experienced interior designer at no cost! They will help you plan your space perfectly. Also, make sure you that whomever is installing your tile is experienced. This will ensure that it lasts as long as it is supposed to, and you don’t have water seeping in behind it. We have professional installers at your disposal if you’re not up for the DIY tile project. Tile is a long term commitment, so don’t let price be your main deciding factor. Make sure that you pick something that you’ll be happy to see every day for years and years to come. A thought to keep in mind, is to try to limit 3 different tile types to one space. This could be one for floor, one for your walls, and one for your shower. It could be one on the floor and walls, and a main and accent tile in the shower and tub. The choice is up to you, but this rule of thumb is a design tip that has proven to create a unified look in any style home.
Thanks for reading! For any questions regarding tile products, design or installation, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re always here to help. Happy Remodeling!