5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Small Bathroom Remodel

5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Small Bathroom Remodel

If you are familiar with the movie, “Elf” featuring the story of Buddy the Elf, than you know there are certain complications that come with being a regular sized human living in a pint-sized world. If you have ever lived in a home with a meager sized bathroom, you can most likely relate with some of the challenges Buddy the Elf faced. But just because a room is tiny doesn’t mean it can’t be functional. A small bathroom remodel can ensure your space is comfortable and will help to maximize the functionality of your bathroom. Here are some creative solutions that will simplify your small bathroom remodel and help you make the most out of your small space.
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There are several ways to enhance a small bathroom remodel and perpetuate more functional space. The use of wall space that would otherwise be empty is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this.  The wall space beside and above the toilet is probably one of the most functional areas to get creative. Installing narrow wall shelves opens up space to store toilet paper, towels, personal care products, books, pictures and decor…the options are endless. Another idea would be to mount freestanding elements, like a vanity or tall shelves. Not only would this create more storage space and maximize the height of the bathroom but it invites an opportunity to decorate a room you wouldn’t otherwise have space for.


When it comes to the bathroom sink, less is more. Replace traditional bathroom vanity cabinets with a pedestal sink set and you will free up more space than you probably realize. Pedestal sinks were specially designed for small spaces because, unlike bathroom vanity cabinets, they don’t take up valuable space at your feet or on one end of the bathroom. Sure, you may lose a little cabinet space, but you increase valuable space…both in look and feel.
Small Bathroom Remodel Solutions at Builders Surplus in Louisville and Newport, Kentucky
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Get the most out of your small space by layering your bathroom lighting. Maximizing your small bathroom space is just one advantage of using more than one type of light or light source to illuminate your bathroom space. Task lights, ambient lighting, accent and natural lights all have distinct benefits, as well as, varying levels of light. A lot of homeowners don’t take into consideration the impact that effective bathroom lighting can have and they invest that money elsewhere in the home. We recommend choosing your bathroom lighting elements as one of your first steps when planning a small bathroom remodel.
Small Bathroom Remodel Solutions at Builders Surplus in Louisville and Newport, Kentucky
Task lights may be all you need in a small bathroom remodel but it’s not recommended to be your only lighting source. Task lights are usually used for grooming and maintaining personal care. Accent lights are meant to illuminate the bathroom space or highlight a specific piece of decor, such as a tub or mirror. Try employing both direct and indirect lighting to shift the focus to a softer glow that can blur the boundaries of your bathroom while causing your small bathroom space to appear bigger than it’s actual size.



Design trends for small areas tend to be driven through the use of one main color in a variety of shades. Whether white, black or a much brighter color, interior designers have often used color to alter the perception of a room’s size. Consider making a dramatic impression through the use of one dominant color. And who says small bathrooms have to be dull or boring?
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One of the best ways to open up space in a small bathroom remodel is to eliminate the bathtub and replace it with a standing or walk-in shower. There are many variations you can choose when it comes to designing a shower for your small bathroom. These days you can choose from things like multiple shower heads and bench seating, however, the REAL fun comes in when you start looking at all of the different bathroom tile and backsplash options. Taking bathroom tile all the way up the wall will maximize visual space, not to mention become a focal point if you choose something elaborate.
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Those are just five of many different bathroom design ideas but the list doesn’t end there. There are literally a dozen or more suggestions we can make to help you maximize your small bathroom remodel and get the most out of your space. We hope to feature more suggestions in the coming weeks. If you have personally encountered the transformation of a small bathroom remodel,  we would love to see any photos you have.  Also, if you have any suggestions on ways to maximize space, especially for small bathrooms and kitchens, we would love to hear them. Be sure to drop us a line or comment below. We are all in this together so helping to make the most of our homes and businesses is encouraged. By the way, if you have NOT seen the movie, “Elf” featuring Will Ferrell, please add that to the top of your “Holiday Must Do” list. You won’t regret it!

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Written By: LeighAnne Turner