Get the Look: Coastal Kitchen

Summer is beginning to turn to fall in the coming weeks and that means that families are returning from their beach vacations in droves. Gone will be the days of sun-kissed skin and relaxing morning mimosas on the veranda or energetic days building sand castles with kiddos. No, it’ll be back to the same old routine day after day. After a vacation like that everyone will be wanting to take a piece of the beach home with them! Bring yours into your home by transforming your cooking space into a coastal kitchen – then your entire family can relive every day as if they were by the sand! Coastal Kitchen: Beadboard Kitchen

Get the Look: Coastal Kitchen

Coastal Colors

The quintessential colors of a coastal kitchen – like any beach themed space – are white, beige and some variation of blue. Darker colors like Navy bring a more refined taste to a room while brighter, saturated colors like aqua are more fun and definitely add personality. Alternatively, a good compromise is to go with a pastel blue which allows for more light and brightness to enter the room but it also feels more delicate. Coastal Kitchen: Facebook & Twitter Image


Cambria has a beautiful selection of quartz countertops that directly reflect the sands of different coasts found from around the world. However any sandy colored countertop will mimic the swirls of an expanse of wet and dry sand on the beach! Alternatively, wood textures work really well in a coastal kitchen. Opt for a butcher-block countertop to add some texture and a unique focal point to your kitchen. Shop Prefab Granite Countertops


Depending on the look and feel that you’re wanting to achieve there are several different cabinet styles that you can choose from to complete your coastal kitchen. Choosing a lightly stained, natural wood like hickory that shows it’s different colored banding creates a more earthy and natural feel. However, the trend in painted cabinets continues to show no signs of abating! Shaker cabinets prove to be a simple and classic addition. Wellborn cabinets has several distinct beadboard styles which are a little more detailed in Harbour, Bridgeport, New Haven, and Nantucket. Shop Now Kitchen Cabinets


Flooring is by far the easiest decision you have to make when you have a coastal kitchen. Wood-look floors – it doesn’t matter if they’re real hardwood, laminate, LVT, or WPC – a textured, weathered wood-look floor brings in that old drift-wood feel that makes the space feel slightly less polished, but definitely more authentic! Coastal Kitchen: Flooring  


This can be a tricky portion to figure out in a kitchen design! There are so many different styles of backsplash that even if someone ordered the same cabinets, countertops and floors, their backsplashes would be completely different! Backsplash tile can dramatically change the mood and personality of your space! Opt for a shimmery blue tile for a more funky oceanic look while a patterned tile that depicts shells or sea life is more traditional! Shop Backsplash Tile Builders Surplus Cincinnati Newport Louisville  
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Beach Themed Bathroom Design

Today, we’ll be covering how to achieve a beach themed bathroom. On Tuesday, I returned from an incredible vacation to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and it has been a tough transition. Going from the Caribbean vibe everywhere I look to a void of ocean style has taken some adjustment. When I’m in a tropical location, my mood is brighter, my laugh is louder, my stress level is non-existant. That’s when I decided that when you can’t be in the tropics, you need to bring the tropics home to you by creating a beach themed bathroom!
There are many ways that you can take island style into your bathroom, a place that is built for relaxation. This room is already full of water & tile, two of the main components of the beach look, so you can create the look you’re going for by making a few smart design decisions.

Beach Themed Bathroom Design: The Top 5 Elements

1. Tropical Tile

The first, and possibly best way to bring the Caribbean feel into your bathroom is by using interesting tile choices. Bathrooms by the beach are usually heavily tiled, to help with the cleanup of sand and water. Tile is a big design element in many other rooms in the tropics as well. Lively patterns or ocean inspired colors or patterns usually work very well to help you achieve the look you’re going for.


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This bathroom just screams beach themed. The blue green is very reminiscent of water, and added with the neutral tile accents, the desired look is achieved.

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This is another great tile choice. The mosaic is often found in beach locations, and the movement in the pattern again reminds you of the feel of water.

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This is my favorite tile choice, which very closely resembles the bathroom in my Jamaican paradise. Who can be sad looking at that pattern and gorgeous tropical blue? The open feel of the shower also gets you in the topical mood, blending outside with inside.

2. Foliage In The Bathroom

Jamaica means “The Land of Wood & Water” for obvious reasons. It is surrounded by water and has heavy forests all through the island. I love the green of the land paired with the blue of the sea. To do this is a non tropical location, you can simply add foliage and plant accents to your bathroom space to bring you back to the place that you call paradise.


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This is one of the best that I’ve seen. The sanded bottom with the tree stump steps is genius. The open top also adds to the outdoor feel, but you can create this by painting your ceiling a bright white or even sky blue and adding faux posts. A simple wooden table acts as the perfect place for products.
This darker blue bathroom still evokes everything that makes me love the ocean. They have a limited amount of foliage in this bathroom, but it definitely does the trick. The taller plant is typical of what you would find in a beach location. The coral on the wall and shells on the sink top it off perfectly.

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This is absolutely amazing and definitely a favorite of mine. The moss wall gives it the truly tropical style. My resort had an enormous wall of moss and several vertical gardens, so this look would be the perfect thing to remind me of the place I love so much. You can find out how to create your own moss wall here.

3. Perfect Paint Palettes

Paint color is another perfect way to create the beach themed bathroom you’ve been dreaming of. The bathrooms below don’t go crazy with tile, just have the right paint colors with a few perfect beach themed accessories to tie it all together. Simple can be just as effective.
The light blues of the water & sky paired with the sandy color of the flooring, vanity and countertop are perfect.
The darker blue with the rope colored decals and shop accents make it the perfect sailors paradise.
These two similarly colored bathrooms add the perfect touch: beachy bead board. This is a simple but elegant touch that reminds us of effortless ocean style. Throw in perfect mirror & you’re all set!

4. Vessel Sinks

As we covered in a recent bathroom design trends blog, the vessel sink is very popular this year. However, even if it goes out for bathrooms of all styles, it will always remain a beach bathroom favorite. Something about this look reminds me of island life.
We carry a very similar bamboo vessel sink that would be the perfect touch to your beach bath design.


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Glass vessel sinks will always remain a popular choice for this look. Porcelain is also another very popular choice.

5. Nautical Neutrals

The sand is what makes the beach, the beach. Feeling it beneath our feet, warm with the sun, is one of those simple joys in life that you just can’t get anywhere else. Taking sandy colors from the beach to your bathroom is a quick way to turn your powder room into paradise. The two below have done a great job of making an understated color the perfect backdrop in their bathroom. Again, adding a few nautical accents makes a big difference in giving you the theme you’re looking for.


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Modern-Bathroom-Decor-Beach Themed Bathroom

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I hope that you’ve picked up some great ideas for your own beach themed bathroom! This is definitely one of my favorite styles that I hope you will enjoy as well.
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Written By: Allie Bloyd