Top Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re here, odds are you’re thinking of remodeling a kitchen, and you’re looking for the top kitchen remodeling mistakes to avoid. There are plenty of mistakes that can be avoided when it comes to kitchen remodeling in stages. Why use a kitchen designer, when you can find all the information here, so let’s get into it straight.

Don’t Dismiss the Details

When you’re planning your remodel, try to think ahead. How can you make your kitchen look great, but function just as well? Upon entrance, you’ll see a fabulous layout, a brilliant design, but does it comply with your daily routine?

A good place to start in terms of details is storage space. Don’t glance over this opportunity to start anew with your remodel. Include pantry pullouts if you can, contemplate that Lazy Susan in the corner.

Taking the time to go over how best to increase your kitchen storage efficiency will help you out in the long run. It may seem like an expensive addition, but if you put this off and then regret it later, you’re in for a much grander cost than you would initially.

Looking Over the Layout

There’s a common phrase spoken throughout the remodeling industry called, “the work triangle.” It’s the shape of your kitchen’s busiest zones: the sink, the stove, and the fridge. It’s commonly referred to as such because usual, efficient designs have these aspects placed in triangular form.

Why? It’s just easier that way. If you have to walk around an island to get something out of the fridge, it can get annoying really quick. Remember, appearance is a huge part of design honestly, but you want to be able to move & work in there, too.

Go It Alone

Listen, I know all too well how pricey a remodel can be. So much so that doing this remodel by yourself seems awfully appealing. You may already have it in your head that this is what you’re going to do. That’s fine. I get it and all, but before you make this decision I beg you to consult with a professional kitchen or bath designer.

Schedule Your FREE Kitchen & Bath Design Appointment!

In fact, I’ll make it easy for you. Here in store, at Builders Surplus, we offer FREE kitchen/bath design consultations. Fact is, this is no small feat. A full remodel encompasses an abundance of tasks, all broken down into steps and processes. Go it alone, it’ll seem overwhelming, and fast. The purpose of these consultations is to get everything in order, to extend a hand and lead the way during the entire project.

You and the designer will discuss budget, installation, designs, styles, and pretty much every component within your remodel. They’ll give estimates, and you’ll even be able to see your design onscreen using the latest design programs. It’s pretty legit. Interested? Sign up for a free consultation right here.

Bailing on Budget

When planning your remodel, there’s a variety to choose from. Type, style, color, design, all of the components of a specific product. With that said, it’s easy to get carried away on certain things. This is why it’s important to keep your budget in mind. Yes, a cabinet line might be a more high-end, but so is the price.

During the beginning stages, when you’ve set the budget, try to work around it. Meaning, prioritize your kitchen’s features and allocate your finances accordingly. You want more countertop space? Allocate more money into the countertop expense. Want waterproof flooring? Raise the budget up a notch. But it’s easy to want the best of everything and blow the budget out of the water.

You want a new remodel, yes, but you’d probably rather not break the bank for it. May not seem like it at first, but it’s kind of life-changing, a new kitchen remodel. It also increases your home value. These are good things to be sure, but if you’re overspending on things you don’t need, then it’s not cost-effective. Just a little, ya know, food for thought.

Alright, everyone, there you have it. Just a few things to think about before you tackle this thing on. Remember to plan, plan, plan. The more you prepare, the less you’ll stress or worry about things during.

Now, let’s go ahead and get you set up for your FREE Kitchen Design Appointment so you can avoid ALL of these!

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2016's Top Three Kitchen Faucet Trends

Kitchen Faucet
Not many people give much thought into their kitchen faucet as they do the rest of their cooking space! However, we have some ideas for you to consider when looking at your next kitchen remodel or if you just need to update or replace your existing kitchen faucet!
Kitchen Faucet - Shop Now

Metal Kitchen Faucets

“In 2016, metal will assume a more dominant role in kitchen aesthetics…” – Sam Ferris, Houzz Contributor

Kitchen Faucet
Metal is one of the biggest trends that is up and coming in kitchen design. Industrial style is moving in with the rustic and more and more people are fusing the two styles together. However, some homeowners will go with small helpings of metal, like kitchen faucets to gently bring in this new aesthetic. Replacing your kitchen faucet could be just what you need and one of the more simple steps to updating your kitchen!

Bold Fixtures

With more and more design trends moving towards a more streamlined, scandanavian look people are still wanting to have that piece that makes people say “Wow!” More homeowners are going towards using bold fixtures.
Some people think of ever faucet as being the same. Which if you really take a look down the plumbing aisle, you’ll notice that faucets have styles all their own as well. Some are tall, some are short, some are simple, some are ornate. Kitchen Faucets can have cool and unique features, one or two handles and they can come in all sorts of colors and finishes!
Choose a faucet that compliments or stands out from the rest of your kitchen scheme, without overpowering it! There’s no reason the faucet couldn’t be eye-candy as well!

Bold Features

Now that you’ve probably noticed that not all faucets look the same, you’ll also see that they don’t all do the same thing either! The biggest feature that we’re seeing more and more with kitchen faucets is the added benefit of automation!
Automated Kitchen Faucet
With automated faucets there won’t be any worry about your toddler griming up the handles or spout when they decide that they want to help you in the kitchen!
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Builders Surplus offers faucets in any style or color to fit your budget! We even carry new, unused special buy and surplus faucets to really help you save and find that unique piece that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else!

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