Fireplace Remodeling Ideas

Today, we’ll be giving you some amazing fireplace remodeling ideas that you can use to spruce up your home! A fireplace is a focal point in many homes, so it only makes sense that you would want it looking it’s best and reflecting your personality.

Ledge Stone Fireplace Remodeling

ledger panel fireplace remodel

Ledge stone is such a versatile remodeling material, so it only makes sense that it would be perfect for fireplace remodeling! Ledge stone can give a rustic, craftsman or modern look. The color you choose and the décor in your space will determine the style it takes on. Click here to shop ledge stone!

Geometric Tile Fireplace


Click here to shop decorative tile!This modern style fireplace is fun and subdued at the same time. It will work in any space, with almost any décor and with any color palette. The geometric pattern is very in style. I would definitely recommend you consider this style for your fireplace remodeling project.


Fun Patterned Fireplace Remodeling


Click here to shop arabesque tile!This fireplace is one of my favorites! The arabesque pattern is feminine and soft, but in this neutral hue doesn’t look too girlie. The Darker grey wood mantle goes perfectly with this and really makes this fireplace a focal point.

White Brick Tile Fireplace


Click here to shop brick tile!I am a HUGE lover of brick in every color and in any space. This fireplace doesn’t disappoint. You don’t have to have real brick on your fireplace to get the look. If you’re doing any fireplace remodeling, check out brick tile. It looks just like real brick and can go over pretty much any existing material giving your fireplace a whole new look!  Shop brick tile options here!

Red Brick Tile Fireplace


Click here to shop brick tile!

Just like the brick tile above, we also carry this distressed red brick tile. I love the red in contrast with all the white. It’s very shabby chic and gives off the very popular rustic or farmhouse feel. Brick always has a way of warming up the space, so definitely consider this color for your next project.

Large Format Tile Fireplace Remodeling

large-format-fireplace remodeling

Click here to shop large format tile!Fireplace remodeling using large format tile is not the most common, but it sure is stunning! They have really made the fireplace feel large and modern by using such large tile in a beautiful neutral color. It can morph to the style of the room no matter what décor they put in it over the years. Click here to shop large format tile!

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Stone Fireplace: Featured



Marble Fireplace Makeover


Click here to shop marble tile!Marble is a classic material that has been used in remodeling for decades. Using marble tile for your fireplace surround is gives a classic elegant look that should continue to give a look you desire for many more decades to come.

Marble Subway Tile Fireplace


Click here to shop subway tile!Like the larger format marble tile above, this is a more modern version of the classic. The popular subway style tile in the marble material is a big seller and a top choice for fireplace remodeling. This looks so clean, fresh and inviting! Click here to shop subway tile!

Modern Neutral Fireplace Upgrade

Photo: Michael J. LeeThis neutral larger format subway tile is such a beautiful choice for a fireplace. It is a color that will coordinate with anything. This is important to consider as you can change your living room furniture and décor many times before you do another fireplace remodeling project. Pick something that you will be happy with for years and years. This works great for males and females alike and has an understated modern look, which I love. Click here to shop tile!

Interlocking Mesh Back Fireplace


Click here to shop mesh back mosaic tile!This interlocking mesh back mosaic tile on this fireplace surround is understated, yet fun! It gives texture and movement, but keeps the color neutral. It’s a playful modern look. Mesh back mosaics are becoming very popular options for fireplace surrounds, so shop all the options today!

Stone Fireplace

stone-fireplace remodeling

Click here to shop ledge stone!A stone fireplace has been a classic in fireplace remodeling trends. Just because it’s not new, doesn’t mean it’s not great. It’s been so popular all these years for a reason. There are so many styles of stone that you can really make it your own! It can go in modern, rustic, craftsman, or industrial spaces and feel right at home. Don’t discount this classic choice if you’re thinking about fireplace remodeling! Click here to shop ledge stone!


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10 Best Backsplash Tile Choices For Your Home

Backsplash tile is my favorite of all renovation materials! As a renovation lover, that’s saying a lot, but it’s true! Backsplash tile or wall tile is one of those things that can completely transform your space. Switching out a backsplash can change the whole vibe of your room as well, without touching the larger things like cabinets, countertops or bathroom vanities. It’s useful as well as aesthetic, making it a great investment in your home. We’re going to cover our top 10 best backsplash tile choices for the year. Get ready to find a new favorite!

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Mesh-Back-Tile-FeaturedBacksplash-Tile-Featured-ImageTop 10 Backsplash Tile For 2017


1. Brick Tile


Click to see Brick Tile Options!

Brick backsplash tile and wall tile has been on the rise since early 2016, but it’s only growing in popularity. This is hands down my favorite new backsplash tile. In the past, it was hard to get this product as a tile. Now, this high quality porcelain comes in a white, taupe, and red brick. It can work with a modern, rustic, industrial, farmhouse or cottage style space with ease!

Shop Backsplash Tile Louisville Cincinnati Builders Surplus

2. Wood Look Tile


Click to see more wood look tile options!

Wood look tile is not always something that people think of when deciding on a backsplash tile. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an awesome choice! This large format tile gives a very rustic look and adds something really special to your home. It also looks great in bathrooms or as a shower surround!

3. Herringbone

Herringbone backsplash tile

Click to see herringbone tile options!

Herringbone is one of the hottest patterns out right now. You can do a herringbone with brick, subway tile or you can buy a mesh back tile that already has the herringbone pattern like this one above!

4. Pennies

Click to see Penny Backsplash Options!

Pennies are a great backsplash tile choice for your kitchen or bathroom. It is very simple but can add an understated elegance that will give your space a subtle pop. We carry bright white with a glossy finish, a black glossy, or a matte white. Pennies can look vintage or modern depending on the other pieces in the room.

shop bathroom tile cincinnati louisville builders surplus

5. Hexagon

New Hexagon backsplash tile

Click to see more hexagon tile options!

Hexagon tile is one of my favorite tile options! This shape is very very popular, not only for backsplash tile, but for flooring as well. There are so many different materials, such as a simple white ceramic or marble hexagon tile, or this tile above with multiple finishes and colors. It’s always a stunning choice that won’t soon go out of style.

6. Colored Subway Tile

arctic ice subway backsplash tile

Click to see more subway tile options!

Colored subway tile is a great twist on a classic backsplash tile. The arctic ice above is a lovely choice, as well as the morning fog or charcoal glass. It adds a great pop of color and freshness to your space without being too overpowering.

7. Arabesque Tile

Arabesque backsplash tile

Click to see arabesque tile!

Arabesque tile is still on the rise, and I am thrilled! I love this tile and it’s beautiful shape. It adds a very feminine and elegant feel to your kitchen or bathroom. However, you may want to work with a professional on the installation, because it’s not so easy for a beginner to DIY.

8. 1×1 Glass Mosaic

1x1-mosaic backsplash tile

Click to see more mesh back tile options!

Glass mosaics have been popular for a while, but the 1×1 is really on the top of the list this year. It adds so much visual interest and variation. It’s pretty easy to install and it comes in so many different color combinations and finishes that you’re sure to find the right one for your home.

Shop Backsplash Tile Louisville Cincinnati Builders Surplus

9. White Subway Tile with Dark Grout


Click to see more subway tile options!

White subway tile has never really gone out of style. It always has been, and always will be, a classic design staple. My favorite variation on this look is to add a dark grout instead of the traditional white. While it doesn’t quite cover all the little imperfections that a white grout would, it makes the backsplash tile really pop and gives it a very vintage and nostalgic look. This can also work in a modern space.

10. Ledger Panels

Ledge-stone backsplash tile

Click here to see all the ledge stone options!

Ledger panels, or ledge stone, is another tile choice that is not always the first thing you might think of for your kitchen. I really love ledge stone because it gives it a very craftsman or rustic look, while still remaining classy and elegant. It comes in so many different colors that you can easily match your cabinets no matter what their finish might be.

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Mesh-Back-Tile-FeaturedBacksplash-Tile-Featured-ImageWhile there are soooo many more backsplash tile options, these 10 sure steal the show for me this year! What’s your favorite look for backsplash tile? Let us know in the comments below!

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