2018 Remodeling Trends To Watch For

With a new year comes new 2018 remodeling trends. Each year we come up with a list of styles to predict, observe, love or hate. Here is what we've found to be at the top of the list for 2018! Let us know what you think in the comments!

1. Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are raining king of countertops. Granite has slowly been losing market share and is not longer in first place on our list of 2018 remodeling trends. Why? Well, quartz countertops offer very little downside. The opening price point of $58/sf FULLY INSTALLED (at Builders Surplus) is comparable to custom granite.

The variety of colors is so much greater than you could get in granite, especially solid white. It's stain proof, scratch resistant and heat resistant. Some brands are also completely antibacterial. Huge benefits, no negatives, at least in my book. We LOVE Quartz Countertops!

Grey Quartz Countertops, 2018 Remodeling Trends


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2. Gold and Brass fixtures

Whether you call it gold, or you call it brass, the fact remains: it’s a 2018 remodeling trend. The contrast of gold against colors like black, grey and navy can provide a stunning statement. You can even mix it up and mix metals, like black finishes! Trust me, you won’t regret it.  


Brass and gold fixtures


3. Effective Storage Solutions

Kitchens are one room that become cluttered and dirty fairly easily. In the last few years we’ve seen an increase in cool storage ideas, but we believe that 2018 is going to be the year that the market really embraces them. There are so many amazing ways to organize your kitchen to free up space, make it more functional, and fit more in your cabinets in a way that you weren’t able to do before! Check out all of our ’11 Minutes or Less’ products and see how you can organize your space!  


Kitchen storage, 2018 remodeling trends  

4. Large format tile

One of my favorite 2018 remodeling trends is large format tile. Large format tile is a tile larger than 15″ on any side. This included wood look tile, which has become a huge trend in the last year. Large format time can make a space look bigger and it can be less expensive and time consuming to install that smaller pieces. When you use one style throughout a room, it can add a nice level of uniformity to the space.

  Large format tile, 2018 remodeling trends


5. Concrete Tile Styles

This year, I predict we’ll see more urban and industrial style spaces using tile that imitates concrete! Concrete can be hard to install if you don’t have it already exposed, so this is the perfect alternative! It gives you an upscale, yet rough around the edges look. Greys go with just about anything, so you can’t go wrong!  


Concrete-tile 2018 remodeling trends


6. Cabinet Colors: White stays, grey grows, taupe is trending, color is coming!

White kitchen cabinets have been the top cabinet color for several years. It’s not going out completely. White cabinets can do a few things. They make a space look bigger, and give a feel of cleanliness to a sometimes cluttered space. It’s a timeless look that probably won’t EVER go out of style. But it is taking a backseat to some of the other hot colors of the moment.

Grey has been growing in popularity for the last 2 years, and we’ll continue to see that with more dove grey colors, a lighter and creamier grey than we’ve seen a lot in the past. Taupe cabinets are one of my favorite trends of 2018!

Stained wood cabinets have not been on trend in quite a few years, but this gives that natural wood feel, while still being a painted cabinet. You’ll see light taupe as shown below, but there are darker wood stains that are mixed with taupe that bring an elegance back to stained wood that we haven’t seen for a while.


Taupe cabinets, 2018 remodeling trends


Color is coming, people! Bold is no longer just for the brave. Well, you probably need to have a slightly daring style, but it’s becoming more commonplace to see brightly or boldly colored cabinets. Blues, such as navy, robins egg blue, and cerulean are all colors I’m loving on cabinets at the moment!  


Kitchen storage, 2018 remodeling trends


7. Dark Flooring

Dark flooring is making a come back in 2018! The rich dark stains contrasted against walls, window frames and furniture give a crisp and elegant style to any room. It feels upscale and sophisticated. While lighter floors still look great, we expect to sell a lot of dark wood this year!  




8. Patterned Tile

Patterned tile is one of my favorite 2018 remodeling trends. I love is so much that I’m about to do my master bathroom floor in the tile top right :)! It’s fun, funky, and elegant all at the same time. It adds visual interest, movement and true style! This can go on floors, backsplashes, fireplaces or accent walls! It’s a great way to add pizzaz to any space!

  patterned tile 2018 remodeling trends


9. Black framed windows

Black framed windows were very common decades ago, but they’re starting to make a comeback, and look darn good while doing it! This gives a more modern vide but can be used on any style home to give an updated feel. Love them!

  black framed windows, 2018 remodeling trends


10. Bold Interior Doors

Interior doors are no longer the boring, standard, 6 panel white doors you’re used to seeing. They’re colorful, they have unique patterns, designs, and materials used on them. Barn doors are used on any doorway and we’re absolutely loving it! It takes a boring necessity and turns it into a focal point in your home.  


bold doors, 2018 remodeling trends


There you have it, my predictions for 2018 remodeling trends. Let me know which ones you love or those that you don’t in the comments below! We’ll see what happens as the year goes on!


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Written By: Allie Bloyd