Choosing Kitchen Cabinets For Your Style

Choosing kitchen cabinets for your style can be tough, especially considering that there are too many styles to count. So how can you have any idea which cabinets will work with the look that you’re trying to achieve in your kitchen? Worry no more! Let us guide you through the world of cabinet doors, materials and colors to help you arrive in a place where your personal design style meets the right choice for your lifestyle. First things first. When choosing kitchen cabinets, you need to pinpoint the style that you are trying to achieve. If you don’t, no designer or remodeler will be able to help you appropriately (or without a lot of frustration). Some popular styles include:


Choosing kitchen cabinets in the farmhouse style will give you a simple, cozy, and nostalgic feel. Some cabinets that go well with this style include recessed beaded-board panel cabinets, such as Wellborn’s Harbor style.  You can also use a simple, yet elegant, shaker style cabinet to achieve this look. We offer unfinished shaker cabinets in store that are ready to be painted or stained to the color of your choice, seen here. Choosing Kitchen Cabinets in Farmhouse Style  


Choosing kitchen cabinets with a traditional feel has a lot to do with finding a high end, customized look. Find a style that resembles crown molding and has a furniture-like detail in the panels. Whether you opt for painted cabinets, stained or natural wood, the shape will lend an elegance to your space. The creamy look of Ginger Creek Cabinets’ Summit Antique White is the perfect blend of high end, without the stuffiness. Wellborn’s Hawthorn Cabinet is a great door to use in your entire kitchen, or simply as an accent. The “bling” does not look overdone and contributes to the elegant  look. Choosing kitchen cabinets with traditional or elegant style  


Choosing kitchen cabinets for the modern style is all about finding clean lines and minimalism. While there are occasionally pops of color, the tones of a modern room are typically more muted or neutral. You will see in the majority of modern kitchens a completely flat panel cabinet, like the Waypoint 730 Cherry Spice, once again emphasizing the seamless flow of the lines. Shaker cabinets are also seen in this style, but usually in darker colors, such as our Ginger Creek Java Shaker. Choosing kitchen cabinets in the modern style  


Choosing kitchen cabinets in the craftsman style is all about hand carved detail, warm wood tones, and natural finishes. This style is reminiscent of the early 1900’s, when homes were always made with this level of care, and held up incredibly well because of it. While natural wood tones are often found in craftsman style cabinets, color is also acceptable, but aim at using hues found in nature, bringing the beauty of the outside, in. The Sevill Square Cabinets have a beautiful greenish brown tone that make you feel as though your standing in the middle of a forest. The Waypoint 613 Natural Hickory are craftsman mixed with rustic, with an obvious grain in the natural wood acting as your biggest accent in the room. How cozy! Choosing Kitchen cabinets in the craftsman style   While there are many more styles out there, these are just a few to help you begin choosing kitchen cabinets that reflect your style. If you’re unsure about a style that you can live with for 20 or 30 years, I would suggest looking into a style that can cross the borders of many different categories. The shaker style is a very great option, as I have seen these in farmhouse, traditional, craftsman, contemporary, modern, costal, and the list goes on. A traditional raised panel is another to consider. If you have questions about cabinetry or door styles, feel free to contact us any time and we would be happy to help! **Every kitchen cabinet door style in this article is available for purchase at our Louisville or Newport, Kentucky locations. 

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