Types of Molding and Why You Need Them

You know you’re just about done with a remodel when it’s time to start installing trim/molding. As we like to call it, you have begun the “finishing stages,” which unfortunately are the most tedious, attention-to-detail tasks that usually end up being very time consuming. But, this is for good reason — think of it as a blending process. Today, I’d like to discuss several types of molding and when and where to use them!

Scribe Molding

Scribe is essentially a thin strip of wood that runs along the edges of your cabinet to cover gaps, blemishes, and other inconsistencies where the cabinet meshes against the wall or the ceiling. It’s usually straight on one end and can be curved fit the contour of the cabinet. It’s used as a finishing touch and quite often makes the job look complete when installed correctly. Having gaps or scuff marks here and there may not seem like a biggie to larger remodels, but if they can be prevented or in this case, solved, the product will look near perfect.


Crown Molding

A very popular finishing touch that’s installed at the top edge of cabinets (hence, the name), but unlike scribe, crown moulding has an abundance of decorative options that can cater to any style or design. You could go with something simple, a piece with a few beveled edges, or something a little more gaudy, with elaborate, inlaid designs. Obviously, the the more intricate the design, the more expensive the crown is going to be. As far its importance, it’s mainly to bring a more sophisticated look to your design. And trust me, it works.



Baseboard Molding

Probably the most important piece on this list, base molding is used to hide the gaps between flooring/tile and the walls encasing it. That is its main function, but as you can see, it definitely adds a certain decor and can be seen as a beautiful transition from floor to the wall. It hides the cracks, gaps, and drywall fringes and give a modern touch to the whole look.


Quarter Round Molding

It’s only fitting that this type is mentioned next after baseboards because they compliment each other. Yes, baseboards are seen as the transition, but installing quarter-round — which is almost like scribe, but thicker — is installed at the very bottom of the your baseboards, so it hides that gap AND the possible nail holes. Functional and decorative, quarter round is a must do if you’re looking for that perfect look.

Chair Rail Molding

This piece of molding acts purely as a decorative and is usually accompanied by wainscoting — wooden paneling that lines the lower part of the walls of a room — but that’s not always the case. It’s also used to break up paint colors, if one is going for the two-toned look.



I’ll be honest with you, if your doors or windows don’t have casing on them, it’s going to look weird. Out of place. You might as well take the door off the hinges and use it as a beer pong table. It’d look better. Seriously, though, all jokes aside, casing is a pretty mandatory piece of trim. It doesn’t just enhance the look, it makes it. So, I have to say, if there’s any piece on here that you actually NEED, it’s this one.

There ya go, folks. There’s a few very necessary types of molding that are essential to making your remodel legitimately look complete. I do hope I’ve given you a bit of insight into these finishing touches! And remember if you need a little bit of assistance with planning or want to schedule a free kitchen design consultation, click here! Hope to see you all in the store soon, but until then, be safe and stay blessed!

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Written By: Chris Chamberlain