DIY Christmas Decorations: 5 Easy DIY’s for your Home

Today, we’ll show you 5 easy DIY Christmas Decorations to spruce up your kitchen, bathroom, windows, doors, and floors!

The holidays are a time to spread happiness and cheer, and that includes your home!

One of my favorite parts of the season is making fun DIY decorations with my family. I hope you enjoy them!

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DIY Christmas Decorations

Front Door Fabulous: Snowman Wreath

This is the cutest little snowman wreath that will add a ton of holiday spirit to your home! Your front door is the first impression of your home, so it’s a great idea to have something warm and cheery to greet your guests as they come in.

This tutorial from is so easy, and she’ll show you just how to make it yourself!

snowman wreath DIY Christmas Decorations

Click to view tutorial!

Kick up the Kitchen: Table Luminaries

Setting the table for holiday meals is a great opportunity to add a special Christmas touch to your home. Give your table and intimate feel with one of my favorite DIY Christmas Decorations, a simple, gorgeous luminary for your table! Learn to make it in 5 minutes by clicking this link or on the photo below!

Christmas Luminary - DIY Christmas Decorations

Click to visit the tutorial!

Brighten up your Bathroom: Snow Globe Soap Dispenser

This is one of the best DIY Christmas decorations I’ve seen for bathrooms! It’s cheerful, festive and actually useable! I will definitely be making these for myself and my family this year. It’s inexpensive and will definitely get lots of compliments this holiday season! Click this link or the image below to view the tutorial!

DIY christmas decorations - snow globe soap dispenser

Click to view the tutorial!

Fun on the Floor: Lighted Burlap Garland

This lighted burlap garland lets you light the way for your guests this holiday season! It adds a bit of sparkle and fun to the room and sets the mood as well! has done a great job laying out how to make this special piece, so click this link or the image below to learn how to make it yourself!

Diy Christmas Decorations - Lighted burlap Garland

Click to view the tutorial!

Window Winter land: Snowflake Window Hangings

Let it snow, let it snow! We all want a white Christmas. Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t. But that doesn’t have to get you down! You can create your own white winter wonderland right in your window this holiday season! It will be festive, inviting and just adorable. You can make them yourself, of you can have your kids help you! Click on the link and get the step by step guide on making these yourself!

DIY Christmas Decorations - Window Snowflakes

Click here to view the tutorial!

We hope you enjoy the holidays and that your DIY Christmas decorations turn out wonderfully!

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