Contemporary Window Styles For Your Modern Home

With every design style comes a set of appropriate window styles. Contemporary homes are beautiful. They are elegant, with clean lines and uninterrupted spaces. Modern and contemporary homes have a very unique aesthetic. Because of that, you can’t just throw in any old window and expect it to coordinate perfectly. The style of window you choose should not only blend in to the modern or contemporary home style you’ve chosen, but it should enhance the look. How do you achieve the best possible look using contemporary window styles? You’ll need to consider the following characteristics of a window; Frame, grids, casing, color and type. We’ll show you below how to use each one to create the perfect modern or contemporary window!

Contemporary Window Type:

For Modern or Contemporary window styles, you’ll find minimal ornamentation. The main focus is on lots of natural lights, crips lines and welcoming the outdoor space. Because of this, large windows are key. You can do this in a variety of ways. Sliding horizontal windows are always a great option. They have narrow frames and slim profiles, which creates a very sleek and refined look. Patio doors are a great choice as they bring in more light, as well as add functionality. Moving glass wall systems are another awesome idea for contemporary style windows that can really transform your home into a true indoor-outdoor space.
contemporary window styles sliding glass wall
Windows are not limited to the outside of your home only. You can use windows or full glass doors as room dividers that allow more of that light in, and gives the illusion of more space in your home.
Indoor contemporary window styles

Contemporary Window Frame:

We typically recommend aluminum frames when looking for contemporary window styles. This again lends to the industrial style of most contemporary or modern windows. Vinyl or fiberglass frames could be accepted, but you should typically stay away from wood frames unless your home is full of wood accents. Otherwise, they will just seem out of place.

Modern Window Grids:

Grids on the window glass are not suggested for contemporary window styles. It interrupts the flow of the eye and breaks up the outside space. If you are going to do some type of grid, a valence grid or very large grid, would be suggested. Also choose a metal grid as opposed to wood.
Modern Window Styles Without Grids

Modern Window Casing:

As the name would suggest, you should opt for a modern casing. Minimal and clean lined, modern casings often match the color of the wood or material of the rest of the window, blending in rather than standing out. On modern homes, the glass takes center stage in the design of the windows rather than the moldings. The cost for modern casing for contemporary window styles run from about $1 to $5 per foot.

Color for Contemporary Window Styles:

Most of my favorite contemporary windows are a dark grey or black. This gives your window the industrial look that is common in modern homes. If you opt out of the dark window frame, then you should look into a color that blends seamlessly with the rest of your home. Keep the trend of uninterrupted visual lines going, so that your eye flows right from the wall to the window.
dark industrial modern window styles
We hope that you’ll find this helpful when replacing windows or getting new windows to create your modern dream home! For more information on window costs, styles, or options, feel free to contact us today! As a proud supplier of Silverline by Andersen windows, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, at an amazing price!
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Written By: Allie Bloyd