Bachelor Pad Essentials

When most people think about bachelor pads, we envision 20-somethings living in a crowded, unkempt apartment with hand-me-down furniture and pizza boxes serving as a coffee table.  It is the kind of place mothers dread thinking about and girlfriends pray they don’t have to set foot in.  But there’s nothing a little tough love and brainstorming can’t fix!  So, fellas, I have a list of bachelor pad essentials that will help you have an amazing cool-guy home that isn’t full of feminine design.  Let’s get started.

Table for the Team

Bachelor Pad Dining Room Table
From poker players to tabletop gamers, every bachelor needs a table where he and his buddies can gather around for some fun.  There are so many designs you can go with that aren’t over the top.  Simple is best, yes?  Go for more length than width, with thin planks and legs.  It won’t seem bulky and you can fit a few more chairs around it.  For those of you in a relationship, you can’t go wrong with a dinner that isn’t being served on a coffee table in front of the TV.

Workspace / Fun Place

Bachelor Pad Industrial Desk
Whether you are plugging away on a project, checking social media, or invested in a MMO campaign, you’ll need a place that is multi-functional.  I like the rough, industrial aspect of this workspace design.  It is dark, a little dramatic, and it looks like it was pulled out of a long, lost wartime factory.  You’ll need plenty of drawers to store important documents and it can also serve as an area to display awards and (a few) of your prized possessions.

Centered Entertainment

Bachelor Pad Essential TV Mount
You aren’t in college anymore, so there is no need to display giant speakers and have your TV on a stand your old roommate’s friend’s friend handed down to you.  Make the television a focal point in the room with a mounted stand.  Shelves on either side of it make for more storage space.  You could also invest in a wireless surround system that doesn’t require cords to be strewn all over the floor.

Treat Yo’ Windows

Curtains in Bachelor Pad
Curtains aren’t only for women and serve for purposes other than decoration.  They are important for insulation, reducing noise, and preventing flooring and furniture fading in a bachelor pad.  Depending on your style, you could choose masculine or neutral colors (cobalt, grey, hunter green.)  There is also the trend of geometric, minimalist patterns (pinstripes, honeycombs, plaid.)  Dress up your windows; we promise you won’t regret it when you want to sleep in late.

Eye for Art

Bachelor Pad Unique Art Ideas
For those of you who can’t stand a bare wall, we’ve got creative ideas to display your favorite things.  An architect or designer or could have engineer prints made of his favorite projects; a sports fanatic could have vintage memorabilia displayed in shadow boxes.  You don’t have to purchase new art–use the things you have!  This creative design of tools hanging from the wall is both aesthetically pleasing and you already have everything you need to get handy around the home.  Other ideas include: framing comic books, collaging old nautical maps, and using floating shelves to show of your growing vinyl collection.

For more ideas on how to style your bachelor pad, check out the Pinterest board we have put together.  If you have an amazing design idea in your own home, feel free to tag us on Instagram @builderssurplus and we’ll be sure to re-gram it!