Wilsonart: Laminate Countertops With a High End Look

Laminate Countertops
Some homeowners don’t consider laminate countertops much of an upgrade when redoing their kitchen. At most, they probably think that it’s better than no countertops. But laminate isn’t all bad! In fact, you’re doing yourself a disservice on an affordable, and stylish option by not considering it!
Like all laminate countertops, Wilsonart makes theirs out of a combination of layers of decorative and craft papers that are fused with acrylic, wood fibers and other hardeners in a high pressure press machine. Unlike other brands of laminate countertops, Wilsonart’s holds all sorts of seals for sustainability compliance from several different organizations concerned with the health of us humans and the sustainability of our planet. They’re indoor air certified and a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, just to name a couple.
Other than the fact that Wilsonart is clearly raising the bar on how laminate countertop quality and manufacturing processes are done, here are some other reasons that you should consider a laminate countertop during your next kitchen or bath renovation.

Quick & Lazy Cleanup

I would choose a laminate countertop for this reason alone. I hate cleaning – I mean, who honestly likes to clean? As long as you don’t use any abrasive cleaners on the surface then all you need is a damp rag and a little bit of soap. Wipe up any spots or spills and you’re done!

Minimal Maintenance

With granite, marble or butcher block countertops there can be quite a bit of maintenance. Butcher block needs to be re-oiled, and granite and marble need to be re-sealed. Laminate just needs a trivet to protect it from hot pans and a cutting board to prevent scratching. And unlike other solid surface countertops that chip, you’ve got to replace the whole thing; with laminate countertops if a piece chips off you can typically replace a much smaller area to fix it!
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More Options

Sure, granite and other solid surface countertops have a large color selection to choose from but the printing processes of old have come a long way! Today, laminate countertops can mimic stone, wood, or any other natural material. Not to mention that you can also choose from an array of funky colors and patterns, and that brown line that appears at the edge? Forget about it. Laminate countertops can look as solid as ever, even with specialty edges! Wilsonart, in particular takes everything a step further. With them you can custom design your own laminate countertops! Because it can be cut into just about any shape there’s no limit to what you can have created just for you and your kitchen!

Price on Point

Laminate countertops are probably the least expensive option – you know, aside from having no countertops. The price for laminate can start at about $25 per square foot (including installation). Compare a $1,500 dollar price for laminate countertops to the $5000 dollar price of a marble countertop! That’s money I can spend elsewhere, on me, or the rest of my home.

Down side to Laminate Countertops?

There isn’t much. Laminate doesn’t do as well as raising your ROI (return on investment) in your home, so if you’re selling it might not be for you. As well it can dull and discolor from direct heat (remember when I said to use a trivet?), or abrasive and harsh chemical cleaners. It also scratches easily (I also said something about using a cutting board). No product is perfect but following some simple precautions should keep your laminate countertops looking beautiful for years to come!
Laminate gets a bad wrap for being on the cheap end of the spectrum, whether it be flooring or especially countertops. The thing is, that’s just not the case anymore! Laminate countertops have come a long way in the past several years! They might not be the most popular but with a low price point and thousands of options to choose from that are becoming more and more realistic every day, there is no reason why you shouldn’t at least give it a nod and a wink!
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Written By: Kat Flaherty