Frightening Halloween Decoration Ideas for Spooktacular Fun

The time is upon us when we begin to think about pumpkins, apple cider and halloween decoration ideas. Halloween is one of many festivities that come with the enchantment of the fall season. I have often found myself looking at the final weeks of October with a gusty reminder that Halloween is immediately around the corner. We go at such a fast pace between back-to-school activities, gatherings with friends and family and those final attempts to enjoy the crisp air before we lose daylight hours. What a better way to greet fall than to transform your home with halloween decor that creates a magical ambiance for ghouls and goblins coming to visit. Here are some of our favorite halloween decoration ideas to inspire your creative process and help put a spook in the air.


Halloween Door Decorations Builders Surplus


Your entry way door is essentially the gateway to halloween fun and candy bliss.  Give candy collectors and little monsters a wicked welcome by making your front door one all the kids want to knock on. It doesn’t take much to transform a basic exterior door with the illusion of a cryptic and haunted setting. A  skeleton and a few black crows mixed with pumpkins and cobwebs are just a few of the halloween decoration ideas possible.
Halloween Decoration Ideas Builders Surplus
Go for something creepy and crawly by mixing up the cobwebs and skeletons with a big hairy spider sporting gleaming red eyes.

Halloween Decoration Ideas Builders Surplus

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Families with smaller children probably prefer to tone down down the spookiness and go for something much tamer.  Nothing screams “candy” louder than a giant mummy with googly eyes staring down at you from above. These mummy doors are just short of cute and they are simple and affordable to make on your own.

Halloween Decoration Ideas Builders Surplus

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Illuminate the windows in your home by creating shadows that suggests something eerie exists just on the other side. Window silhouettes will add a dramatic and impressive touch to your list of halloween decoration ideas and are incredibly easy to make. Precision is not required since the silhouettes are supposed to appear as shadows and are expected to be slightly abstract and distorted. Exercise your creative freedom by drawing your own design and once you cut them out, apply them to the window using transparent tape. Don’t worry, if drawing isn’t your forte’ because you can alternatively download one of the many free templates found online.


It doesn’t matter how elaborate your decorations are inside your home, it is the front porch and entry way that makes the most impact.  Fall decorations can easily be transformed into halloween themed decor so your investment will last longer. Here are few inspirations to spice up your list of halloween decoration ideas. Add your own personal style and turn your porch into one that comes alive on halloween night.
Halloween Decoration Ideas Builders Surplus


You don’t have to go over the top with sound to in order to accomplish spooky sounds. The eerie chill in the air can be reinforced by sound and will give your visitors the feeling that they have stumbled upon a supernatural encounter. Computer speakers or a jambox placed in an elusive spot combined with a great YouTube soundtrack make sound effects a minimal and affordable way to add to your halloween decor.


Sounds and lighting are an important aspect for creating the illusion of a haunted abode. Add a vibrant touch using LED rope lights, orange christmas strands and colored incandescent or CFL bulbs.  Candles are another way to give a rustic country look while creating a magical and enchanted mood. Mason jars and milk jugs are a favorite for many folks and you can decorate them to fit right into the rest of your halloween decoration ideas.
Halloween Decoration Ideas Builders Surplus
You don’t have to go all out by spending a lot of money to accomplish your halloween decoration ideas. Turning your home or property into a haunted setting will be even more fun if you make it family and friends oriented. The best part will be sitting back and watching the imaginations and reactions of your guests as they arrive. Be sure to take lots of photos so you have a frame of reference to use this time next year. We would love to see pictures of your halloween decoration ideas so please consider dropping us an email to share.

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Written By: LeighAnne Turner