Corbels & Moulding: The Finishing Touches

Hey everyone, this is LeighAnne and today I’m going to give you some interesting ideas about Corbels and moulding. If you have been looking for a way to add some finishing touches to your beautifully designed kitchen, consider the timeless elegance of decorative corbels & moulding. Corbels and moulding offer many unique ways to put the finishing touches on your custom design with a distinctive flair while bringing architectural style and structure into your kitchen.

Corbels and moulding put the finishing touches on your custom design & bring architectural style and structure into your kitchen.

Corbels and Moulding at Builders Surplus in Louisville & Newport, KY

Corbels & Moulding – Historical Use

Historically, corbels and moulding were used primarily for architectural support. Corbels were well known to provide support weight for heavier pieces in a kitchen, such as cabinets, countertops, oven hoods, shelving and more. Moulding was historically used to solve architectural challenges by adding visual height and providing better proportion to a room overall.  Over time, modern homeowners and interior designers have discovered the aesthetic value and ornamental beauty that corbels and moulding have to offer as finishing touches in home decor.

Corbels and Moulding at Builders Surplus in Louisville & Newport, KY

Corbels & Moulding – Sizing Things Up

In addition to having a very practical function, corbels and moulding can also make a statement of style and importance.. The corbel and moulding size you choose can set the tone for your whole kitchen. You should ensure that the scale of corbels and moulding complement the size of the structure that they are being applied to.

Corbels and Moulding at Builders Surplus in Louisville & Newport, KY

Sometimes designers stray away from using larger corbels because of their size, however, a larger corbel can spice things up up and bring attention to a basic kitchen island or cabinet. On the other hand, choosing a more commonly sized corbel (around 10” – 15”) will convey a message of harmony and oneness. You are the best choice for sizing up what would work best because the right size will be based on the overall style of your home.

Corbels & Moulding – It’s All In the Details

The corbel and moulding sizes that are used can set the tone in your kitchen but the ornamental detail on corbels and moulding can determine the style and design throughout your entire home. Corbels come in a diverse range of designs, ranging from simple elegance to classically inspired offering a true one of a kind finishing touch unique to each home. Corbels and moulding is available completely unadorned and in it’s natural wood state or it can be ornately carved with the most elaborate motifs and designs showing faces and cherubs or fruits and vines. Some of the more popular motifs include acanthus leaves (inspired by the Greek Corinthian columns), seashells and scrolls.

Corbels and Moulding at Builders Surplus in Louisville & Newport, KY

Corbels & Moulding – At Builders Surplus

We have some of the most unique corbels available at Builders Surplus. Recognizing everyone’s need for unique expression, we have carefully selected many of the designer corbels we have available in stock. For instance, this wood corbel features the alluring celtic trinity knot. The celtic trinity knot has a long tradition of representing ancient moon phases, the life cycle of women and the Father, Son & Holy Spirit of the Catholic trinity. My personal favorite is this wood corbel featuring an elegantly carved fleur-de-lis symbol. It is a very popular choice among those who embrace the long and rich history of Louisville, KY. You know your style better than anyone though, so browse through all our unique corbel and moulding pieces by stopping in one of our showrooms in Louisville or Newport. Once you identify your style preferences, these are the kind of choices that will fuel your design process.
Corbels & Moulding at Builders Surplus in Louisville and Newport, Ky

Corbels & Moulding – True Colors

Corbels and moulding can be painted in any color to coordinate with your kitchen’s decor. You can also choose to stain the corbel to match other wood accents and showcase the fine grain pattern of the wood. When selecting a stain or paint color for each corbel, consider selecting a finish similar to your existing kitchen cabinetry for a well coordinated look.


Corbels & Moulding – In The Kitchen

Corbels and moulding find themselves right at home in the kitchen. Since the historical use of corbels was to support the weight of larger objects, think of all of the heavy pieces in your own kitchen. Anywhere that support is needed is an ideal place for a corbel. This not only helps to balance the look but adds a perfect finishing touch.

  • Under counter tops – especially those made from heavy materials such as granite or marble.
  • With islands and counter overhangs where chairs or bar stools provide seating for family members and guests. (Take caution to position the corbel carefully so that it doesn’t get in the way of the seating)
  • As a support for kitchen cabinets.
  • Supporting an open shelf, especially for heavy items. (i.e.cast-iron cookware)

Corbels and Moulding at Builders Surplus in Louisville & Newport, KY
Now that you have an understanding of the myriad of ways that corbels and moulding can provide the perfect finishing touches for a kitchen, consider taking a closer look at your home to determine ways in which you can utilize these architectural embellishments to spice up your home. Call or come in and speak with one of our designers  if  you have any questions about using corbels or moulding in your home design.
Written By: LeighAnne Turner
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