DIY Stone Tile Fireplace Makeover

Stone Tile Fireplace: Featured

DIY Stone Tile Fireplace Makeover

The halls are decked with boughs of holly and the stockings have been hung by the chimney with care – but maybe the room doesn’t look quite as comfy-cozy as can be. An easy and simple way to improve your space could be to update your outdated fireplace.
Wall tile is easily becoming one of the biggest and most popular trends on the market. With it you can give any space a rustic, old-world feel that is both natural feeling and inviting! Not to mention that it’s super versatile! A fun home improvement and interior design project that you can find everywhere one the web is a DIY Stone Tile Fireplace Makeover that will turn any fireplace into the centerpiece for the room!

What is Stone Tile?

Wall tile, sometimes also called ledger stone, is an easy alternative to laying stone or brick piece by piece. It’s an easy to install large-format, mesh-back or individual lay tile and is generally interlocking to give you a more natural look, instead of an even grid. Wall tile can mimic wood, stone, and even brick. Alternatively wall tile can also be used as a backsplash instead of an entire wall covering – which is good for doing small portions instead of covering your entire fireplace or other space.
There are tons of looks to choose from when selecting wall tile and ledger stone – and the same can be said for price ranges. So, the decision making will have to come on your part based on your budget and the style that you’re going for.
Here at Builders Surplus we carry 8 different in-stock ledger stone colors and can order 28 more for you as a custom order that generally arrives in less than 2 weeks!

Keep in Mind…

If you’re going to create a stone tile fireplace with any kind of wall tile keep in mind that you are putting this around, well, fire. While no tile is going to be completely fire proof or flame retardant you should still do your research. Also, do not cover the inside of your fireplace – that portion must be constructed from a fire-safe material.

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Creating a Stone Tile Fireplace

There are many ways that you can install your own wall tile and that will mostly depend on the kind of tile that you get and the kind of job that you’re doing.
With most wall tile, it’s going to be heavy, and you’ll need to do some pre-work before you can install it, like taking off the existing tile and even the drywall to install a product called backer-board. Backer-board is a stiff product that keeps the tile and the base of the tile structurally sound. There are several different types of backer-board and each brand also carries it’s own specifications. Some are lighter than others and some are waterproof (in case you might be interested in doing the same with your bathtub).
Once all that is done and your backer board is secured you can start laying down your tile of choice. A stone tile fireplace makeover is really trendy right now because stone is so versatile and the decorating ideas so imaginative! Some styles will look extremely modern, and others will look more natural and old-world.
Stone Tile Fireplace: Modern & Traditional

Stone Tile Fireplace Style

There’s really no limit to how you can style your new stone tile fireplace! You can use a mix of individual lay tiles to jumble up the colors and make your own patterns and textures, or you can go for a very solid look. As well there is the option to cover every inch of the space like a stone accent wall or to just tile a small portion of the fireplace itself and have a smaller focal point that adds interest to the space. We even did a blog on how to use wall tile elsewhere in your home!
Installing your ledger stone tile can be a little tedious, but the looks is well worth the work in the end!
Stone Tile Fireplace: Christmas
Stone tile and faux stone give that beautiful stone tile fireplace look without the hassle or the price! Let your imagination run wild with the home design ideas you get, then when all the work is done cozy up next to your new stone tile fireplace with a hot mug of hot coco!

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Written By: Kat Flaherty