Hardware Resources: Functional Favorites

Hardware Resources: Functional FavoritesI complain all the time about the organization of my kitchen – because, let’s face it, there is none. It’s a discombobulated mess of “Where did I put that?”, “Who’s is this?” and “Why do I have so many tupperware lids and absolutely no bowls?!” It get’s ridiculous, and I’m sure that a few of you reading this can relate! I’ve scoured our shelves at the Builders Surplus Louisville, Kentucky store and I have dug deep into the internet to try and find some hardware resources that can help you and I both to organize our spaces and make them much more functional – especially after a remodel!

11 Minutes or Less Kitchen Organization

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The 11 Minutes or Less line of kitchen organization products are wonderful! We have it in both our Louisville, Kentucky and Newport, Kentucky locations (Newport also serves the Cincinnati area for those of you just over the river!) The products guarantee that you can set up a particular tool in 11 minutes or less! These products really do live up to their name. They’re easy to install and they look really nice!

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan’s are the best because they can go anywhere and be convenient. On the table, in your cabinet; you can use it as a spice rack or to hold other utensils. Because they bring everything right in front of you they’re one of the ultimate space savers and organizational hardware resources.
11 Minutes or Less: Lazy Susan

Trashcan Pullout

This tool is probably less for organization and more appreciated for its aesthetic value. Keep you trash can out of sight and out of mind, hidden nicely under your kitchen sink. Having it pull out just makes it even more convenient.
11 Minutes or Less: Trashcan Pullout

Tray & Cookware Organizer

This little beauty is perfect because instead of just stacking my pots, pans and trays on top of one another for them to just fall out every time I open the cabinet, instead they’re each neatly put away.
11 Minutes or Less: Dishware Organizer Pullout

Cabinet Hardware Resources

Cabinets obviously provide a space to help organize our kitchens – and some of us probably have a much better time of that than others, which is why we need tools like the above. But at times there’s just not enough organizational space within them.

Horizontal Cabinet

Horizontal Cabinets are very much under appreciated. They’re a different option to add to the rest of your kitchen cabinet layout, and while not exactly a hardware resource, horizontal cabinets definitely have their way of helping you to organize things. They’re best suited for plates and dinnerware because they’re shorter and wider.
Hardware Resources: Functional Favorites - Cabinets

Layered Drawer

Also called drawer pullouts, theses are an aftermarket tool that creates movable shelf space in your cabinet drawers for more space and organization. Wellborn cabinets uses Rev A Shelf for their aftermarket drawer pullouts, space savers and organizational hardware resources!
Hardware Resources: Functional Favorites Layered Drawers
Hardware Resources: Functional Favorites Shop Now
Hardware resources and kitchen organization tools and products are great to have after a remodel because they’ll increase the value of your renovation and they’ll make your space easier to keep tidy!

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Written By: Kat Flaherty