Homearama 2015: Modern Rustic Design

In visiting Homearama 2015 in Louisville, we took note of a huge trend – modern rustic decor & materials. Whether it’s the shaky economy or a ‘waste not want not’ mentality, there is a surge in the simplicity of naturally exposed architectural elements and modern rustic decor in today’s home design. It didn’t take very long to observe this trend within the eleven homes featured at Homearama 2015, which took place at Spring Lake Farm subdivision, located off Wolf Pen Branch Road in northeastern Louisville. This year’s showcase of homes revealed an ambience of reclaimed and restored elements that gave a sense of connection to the past, yet in combination with modern furniture and decor, offered an element of comfort that we all seek within our home. For some, the modern aesthetic is too cold and uninviting. For many, the rustic style is not refined. But when you mix the two, I think there are many people who can appreciate this incredible style.


Modern Rustic Wood Shelves

Many of the home design and decor ideas featured at Homearama 2015 were defined by a contrasting blend of elements that seem to oppose one another but actually offered a cozy sense of comfort and relaxation. By pairing two aspects of design that don’t seem to really go together, it emphasized the best qualities of both.
Below you’ll find some of our favorite rustic pieces with a modern spin. Starting from the left, the heavily distressed furniture piece is paired with a modern work of art. The light fixture is slightly industrial, yet modern & simplistic. The distressing technique is very popular right now and is something you can easily do yourself. Next, the rustic wooden table is defiantly the focal point of the room. The material gives it the rustic feel, but the shape is extremely modern. It’s all about clean lines. The shape of the chairs, burlap inspired rug, and wooden beams also play heavily into the farmhouse chic movement.
Homearama 2015 Modern RusticNext you’ll find another distressed piece with an interesting choice of colors! The color palette screams modern, while the shape of the piece and the distressing techniques are very rustic. All you need is some chalk paint, antiquing wax & a sander if you’re feeling up for it, and you can take a $20 flea market find & turn it into this high class creation. Lastly, the sliding barn door. While the door itself is very rustic, the sliding hardware is definitely a modern element. These doors give whatever space you put them in a little bit of oomph! Learn how to make them from our Knotted Pine Rustic Doors here.Homearama Modern RusticBelow are two more decor finds that we love. The shabby chic dining room was one of my favorites, as teal and coral paired with wood is such a perfect combination. The cabinetry in the room is a modern piece, but the glass faces bring out the old school charm. You can find custom cabinetry like this through our Wellborn Cabinets line. To the right, you’ll find a modern soaker tub, similar to our Bliss Modern Soaking Tub. This is obvioulsy a modern piece, but the wood stump table gives it the rustic charm we all love. It makes modern approachable, and somehow warmer, which is exactly what you need in your master bath retreat.





The largest feature in most rooms is the flooring, as it’s an important backdrop to any home design. These floors at Homearama made a statement while providing a strong, rustic finish with a weathered style and bold character. It’s a trend in home decorating that’s adaptable and functional yet demonstrates boldness, creativity and originality. Starting at the bottom left, you’ll see the variations in the wood with extreme lights and darks, swirled together to create one beautiful floor. This hardwood definitely makes you feel nostalgic. Then, you’ll find one of our favorite pieces. This old wooden barrel, combined with a video game, is probably the best mix of old and new that we’ve seen! Not to mention those floors, which are incredible!
Below, you’ll find a light wood look tile. Wood look tile is extremely popular this year, and I don’t see the popularity dwindling any time soon. Wood look tile offers you the beauty of wood combined with the durability of tile. You can use this in bathrooms, basements and laundry rooms, areas that previously weren’t the best for hardwood because of the possible water exposure. Now, you don’t have to choose between beauty and functionality! It’s a beautiful thing.

Homearama Modern Rustic

Homearama Modern Rustic


A few more of our favorite rustic flooring choices are below. The carpet to the left has a burlap feel, and for a game room, it sends just the right vibe. Rustic, but with the comforts of a modern home. The two wood look tiles to the right are incredible. The are super distressed and the orange and blue tones give it something special that I’ve never seen before. The wall art fits perfectly & the designer definitely achieved the look they were hoping to pull off.



One of the primary trends we spotted at Homearama 2015 in Louisville is the rustic, grey/brown kitchen cabinet color. Grey has been one of the top cabinet paint colors of the season, and while it’s still very popular, it’s “cousin” is rising in popularity as well. This grey toned brown stays in line with the modern rustic theme. It looks elegant & classy, but slightly farmhouse. I personally love it! We have several kitchen & bath cabinets options to choose from in this popular color, such as the Wellborn Davenport Square, the Hanover, or the Monterey. One of the things I like best is the wood grain which shows through, unlike in a standard grey or white painted kitchen cabinet. This is done using a mix of paint & glaze.
modern rustic homearama cabinets
Homearama Cabinets

 For the look of reclaimed wood without spending a fortune, our unfinished alder shaker kitchen and bath cabinets are the perfect place to start in crafting your own authentic style. You can varnish the wood for a natural, bare look or glaze the surface with a preferred paint color. The technique of mixing the glaze with paint provides a translucent color to the cabinet and will highlight the natural grain. This is one of the primary ways that you can take your cabinets from traditional to rustic in a flash.

Painting glaze on unfinished wood
Once your painting, staining, or glazing is complete, look for knobs, pulls or unique handles to embellish your kitchen or bath cabinet and complete your own modern rustic design. Take a look at our knob & pull selection here.
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