Designing for Derby: Party Preparations

The Kentucky Derby is quite possibly the highlight of the year for most of us born in bourbon country, although I’m sure they are just as excited as we are everywhere else in the world. The “fastest 2 minutes in sports” happens quickly, but that doesn’t mean the preparation is done at quite the same speed. If you’re planning on having a derby party, keep these tips in mind for preparing the perfect place for friends and family!

Better Have Bourbon

As we all know, bourbon is a rite of passage in Kentucky. Not only that, but the signature Derby Drink is the Mint Julep, a bourbon based beverage that the derby crowd goes crazy for. Make sure you have bourbon on hand for your party guests. Nothing says derby like a few drink with friends!

Focus on the Finger Foods

After all those Mint Julips, your guests are going to be hungry. Finger foods are the best way to feed everyone, but still keep it social. Most Derby parties won’t have a sit down dinner because the crowd is all riled up waiting for the big race. Mini Hot Browns, shrimp cocktails, cucumber sandwiches, and hot wings are always a few crowd pleasers.
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Gathering Places For The Races

We all know that at a Kentucky Derby Viewing party, the TV gets a lot of love. Everyone wants to know how much they’ve won, how much they’ve lost, and who’s the top contender for the big race. Make sure your couches are comfy, the coasters are ready and the TV is in plain sight for everyone around. The living room is a great gathering place for all your guests to interact.

Festively Floral

The Kentucky Derby is the ‘Run for the Roses’, so it’s only appropriate that you decorate with fresh flowers! Roses are perfect for your centerpieces, accents and even in your hats! Keep it spring time fresh with some sweet stems and remind your guests of the beautiful season to come!

Get Your Game On

Derby is known for gambling, but that’s not the only tope of gaming you can be doing! Horseshoe, betting on the races, croquet, corn hole and card games are just a few of the options you have for entertaining your party guests. Make sure you have an outdoor space (weather permitting) for fun and fresh air, a game table, and a betting area for the races!
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Follow these tips and i’m sure that you’re Derby party will be full of delight! Start preparing now and your stress will be low, while the fun will definitely be high. Happy Derby Season!

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Written By: Allie Bloyd