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6 Amazing Stain Colors For Your Kitchen Cabinets!

When it comes to kitchen cabinets — beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder! Painted cabinets have long been the norm & are still preferred by many homeowners. Most of us have never given much thought to stained cabinets and keeping it real! Meaning simply allowing the beauty of the wood, with all of its natural character, to shine thru.

This year we are seeing an emerging trend of uniquely stained kitchen cabinets. Companies like Wellborn or Waypoint have recently introduced their own personal lines of stain cabinets. Each with very unique undertones. This is a great option for homeowners who want to be able to see the grain and texture of the beautiful wood.

If your budget is tight, you might consider unfinished cabinets. You could stain them yourself or even refinish existing wood cabinetry. But if you have any doubts about your stripping and staining skills, it’s definitely worth hiring a professional. Things could go from good to bad quickly if you’re not prepared!

Here are 6 favorite kitchens with stained cabinetry. It’s amazing, depending on the wood and stain, how each collection is uniquely different.

Wellborn Drift

Wellborn Drift is a new stained cabinet in their extensive line of more than 30,000 finishes.

Wellborn DriftWellborn Drift

Waypoint Textured Stains

Waypoint offers three uniquely different stains this year that work well with a variety of finishes.

Waypoint Textured DriftWaypoint Duraform Textured DriftWaypoint Duraform Textured BreezeWaypoint_Duraform_CascadeWaypoint Duraform Textured Cascade

Builders Surplus

Builders Surplus has added 2 stained cabinetry lines this year. Ginger Creek Cinder Shaker & In-stock Maple Stone Shaker.

Builders Surplus Ginger Creek Cinder ShakerMaple StoneBuilders Surplus Maple Stone Shaker

Hopefully, you have fallen in love with these beautiful stained cabinets as much as we have!

We would love for you to come in and explore all of these new cabinet lines.

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Greige Anatomy: The Hottest Color in Home Design

Today I'd like to dive into a trend that has swept across the home design in rapid fashion: The Wave of Greige. 

Yes, that wondrous combination of gray & beige has captivated the eyes of our fellow homeowners and renovators for, quite honestly, the past few years. Its gentle, neutral tones make it a perfect option for any space or room. It's an enhancement to any look and appealing to the eye. Let's check out a few of our Greige products.

Greige in Flooring

If you haven't heard of Luxury Vinyl Tile, otherwise known as waterproof flooring, then I encourage you to check it out. I won't go into incredible detail about -- that' s a separate blog post, previously written, but it's essentially cutting-edge technology that provides a great many benefits. And it also comes in a couple of colors & variations that have ridden this greige wave, so to speak.

CoreTEC Blackstone Oak LVT - Click to shop LVT Flooring

Featherweight Stone Oak- Click to shop

CoreTEC Blackstone Oak - Click to shop 

One can definitely understand the appeal of this trend. Gray has by-and-large been a go-to color in the industry. The color, with its neutral tones, sits beautifully within the confines of any space. Combine it along with beige, another neutral tone, and you're left with a brilliant combination. 

Picture Blackstone Oak in a White Shaker kitchen with a pewter countertop, and you've got a masterpiece. Stone Oak would look absolutely riveting in a large space, say, a living room equipped with dark furniture, with natural light pouring in from the windows. Again, the versatility of this color is an ideal benefit.

Greige in Tile

Tile colors have also taken a liking to this stunning trend. I really wasn't kidding when I said it's taken the industry by storm, and not just flooring options as you'll soon see. The material, as well as the actual color, point out the finer details of greige. With gentle swirls and premium patterns, greige is not lost on this counterpart. 

Carolina Timber Saddle - Click to shop tile

Imperial Rome - Click to Shop Tile

Carolina Timber Saddle - Click to Shop Tile

8x8 Kenzzi La Fleur Patterned Tile  at Builders Surplus in Louisville Kentucky

Kenzzi La Fleur - Click to Shop Tile

See what I mean about these colors exhibiting everything that's so fantastic about greige. We'll start with the first, and first of all, isn't that tile piece so appropriately named, Imperial Rome. Legitimately reminds me of a cathedral in Rome circa 5 B.C.

The second is a wood-look tile, another trendy material that's well worth the hype. Timber Saddle is a top-pick for those who want to create that highly sought after rustic vibe. The last but certainly not least is Kenzzi La Fleur Patterned Tile. I've seen these pieces on backsplashes, which I personally think is the best place for them, but also on floors. 

Greige in Cabinets

I stressed it in the beginning of this post, Greige's claim to fame resides heavily in its neutrality. Flooring and tile are one thing, but when it comes to a design element that's eye level, the stakes are considerably higher aesthetically. I think we can agree that kitchen cabinets are a monstrous component to the overall kitchen design, yeah?

Wellborn Pebble Cabinets - Click to shop Cabinets



Now, I put Wellborn's Drift next to Pebble, so I could show you the variants of Greige. Obviously, Drift is darker than Pebble, it still has those gray and beige tones. Two gorgeous cabinets, nevertheless. 

I hope you learned a bit about this hot new trend! For any greige home products, visit Builders Surplus today! We carry everything show in this blog, and so much more, for incredible prices! Our design services are always free, so schedule your design appointment below!

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