5 Brilliant Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen!

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Storage ideas are necessary for home chefs because they are always busy; they lack time to search for cooking items everywhere in the kitchen. Besides that, a kitchen is supposed to look clean and neat. If the kitchen is dirty food might get contaminated.


If you lack the best storage ideas, you will have a hard time in the kitchen. When you are able to easily and quickly access any item you need at the kitchen, you will save time. Check out the storage ideas described here to help you organize your kitchen well.

Storage ideas for the kitchen

1.      Ingredients

One of the best kitchen storage ideas is to have all your ingredients at a place where they are visible, for instance at the top of a shelf. You should also arrange them according to family. For instance, you can place spices together, soy and kinds of vinegar together, cooking oils together and so forth.

2.      See clearly

This second one among the best storage ideas recommends getting transparent with pantry staples. In restaurants, for instance, they do not use Tupperware. They use plastic deli containers that can be recycled. They do not cost much and they are easy to stack and you can use them more than five times until they start absorbing food smells. If that happens, then you will need to recycle them and start over. This is a great storage idea that minimizes clutter in the kitchen.

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3.      Labeling

This is also one of the main storage ideas. It is recommended to have bulk containers for important ingredients such as rice, grains, flour, and beans. Ensure you label everything just like in a professional kitchen where all items are labeled nicely and they are even dated.

4.      Have pasta

This storage idea recommends using mason jars. You can keep your spices in labeled mason jars. This is a great storage idea which helps in keeping the cupboard neat and easy to move when preparing meals.

You should also ensure that you always have pasta in your pantry since it is a great quick meal to take when in a hurry. One quick recipe is to prepare pasta with virgin olive oil and finish it using red chili flakes and fresh parmesan. We also recommend checking home expert reviews to see other recipes or storage ideas you can try.

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5.      Arrange spices according to flavor

This is also a great storage idea. Organizing the kitchen mostly begins with spices. If you have like thirty spices, consider organizing them in clusters which would be used at the same time. For example, sugary spices for baking can be in one place, those that have an Italian flavor should also be put together on another side and so forth.

Another great storage idea is having similar ingredients in one cabinet. For example, you can keep baked goods on one cabinet and canned goods on a different cabinet and grains and kinds of pasta can be put together on a different cabinet.


We think these are a few of the best kitchen storage ideas. Do you have more storage ideas that you would like to share with others? Write to us and if you have any question, feel free to ask us.

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Things to Consider When Changing Your Kitchen Layout

A kitchen remodel is a big job in itself, but changing your kitchen layout can make it that much more complicated. There are several things you need to consider when you are deciding to change your kitchen layout. We’ve got them covered below!

Kitchen Layout Considerations

If you’re removing walls

If you’re removing walls, you need a licensed professional contractor. The biggest issue is making sure that the wall is not load bearing. If it is, you will need a beam, either exposed or hidden, each with their own cost. You also need to make sure you will have enough wall cabinets for your personal needs if you’re removing a large wall that once held upper cabinets. Open concept is very popular, and for good reason, but some people jump the gun. They decide to remove a wall without thinking about how it will effect their storage space. Lowers are great, but uppers are typically used for your most used items. Don’t forget to evaluate your needs honestly!
load-bearing-walls kitchen layout

Electric Concerns

If you are changing your kitchen layout, you need to make sure that your vision is a possibility from an electric standpoint. While pretty much anything can be done, you need to make sure you have the budget if you are going to need serious changes made. Some things you need to consider is your stove hook up. This is not a regular plug, so you can either make sure it’s long enough to move where you want it to go, or you will have to get it moved. Consider where light switches used to be and where there will need to go now. Also think about the most logical places for wall outlets. Where will your toaster go? Do you used crock pots or blenders regularly? These will effect you later on down the road if you don’t consider them up front when adjusting your kitchen layout.
electric in kitchen layout

Plumbing Concerns

When changing your kitchen layout, you need to consider if plumbing will be moving as well. Is your sink going in your island? If your refrigerator going to need to move? Where will your dishwasher go? All these appliances come with plumbing hookups as well. If you have a slab foundation, moving certain plumbing aspects could be extremely difficult. Sometimes, it’s no big deal. Again, find this out ahead of time so that you can plan your plumbing budget accordingly and make sure that your plan is actually doable before purchasing cabinetry that is built around this idea.
Plumbing - Kitchen Laout

Proper Flow For Appliances

When you plan to redo your kitchen layout, make sure that the flow of your appliances if conducive for easy cooking. This is usually done by triangle placement. Triangle placement in kitchen layouts say that your stove, sink and fridge should be in a sort of triangle if you want the best cooking flow. While not everyone opts for this, it’s definitly something to consider. Also think about if you’re left or right handed, where you should add extra storage for pots and pans, etc.

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