Top 10 Interior Design Trends Spotted At KBIS

Week before last, while visiting the Kitchen & Bath International Showcase in Las Vegas, we spotted 10 new interior design trends worth noting. KBIS, along with the National Kitchen and Bath Association is an inspiring showcase that highlights the latest products, trends and technologies in the remodeling industry. KBIS can be a great way to see what is up in coming in the design world, then taking those products to our customers to enjoy! This is an industry only event that we are happy to share with you by highlighting the top 10 trends that we spotted this year.

Our favorite Interior Design Trends For 2016

1. Arabesque  Patterns

Arabesque tile is one of my absolute favorites. It has such a unique shape that can look modern, french country, vintage, eclectic, or traditional depending on the material, color and finish. This is a real eye catcher in an kitchen or bathroom and will make your space stand out from the rest. We will be expanding our selection of arabesque backsplash tile options shortly, so don’t forget to check back to see the new sections!

Click here to view our favorite arabesque tile!

2. Colorful and Unique Appliances

Colorful Appliances - Interior Design Trends

Colorful appliances were everywhere at KBIS! The Suzanne Kasler stove to the upper left is a true show piece. This would be the highlight of your kitchen without a doubt. The colors available are bottom left of this paragraph. The retro aqua appliances are amazing and you can really freshen up a drab space quickly with these pieces!

3. Hexagon Patterns

Hexagon is definitely rising to the top in terms of favorites, as the selection available has expanded greatly in the last year. No matter what your color scheme or style, you can most likely find a hexagon to match. The geometric feel usually works best in a contemporary space, in my opinion, but don’t let that stop you – the sky is the limit!

interior design trends of colorful appliances

Click here to view our favorite hexagon backsplash!

4. Reclaimed Wood

This is my favorite trend, hands down. I absolutely adore the rustic, farmhouse feel, where you mix new pieces with old to give it a nostalgic feel without being outdated. You can use reclaimed wood in a variety of spaces: Light fixtures, open shelves, on your walls, and on a vanity front! the image to the bottom right is an amazing new piece called Stik Wood! It is thinly sliced completely real reclaimed wood, with a sticky back attached to it. It is designed to easily be applied to walls, ceilings, kitchen islands & more! We can’t wait to start carrying Stik Wood Designs in store!


5. Taking On Technology

Technology has grown immensely in the kitchen & bathroom space. The video below shows an island that can raise and lower at the push of a button. The image below it are cabinets that drop down from the bottom, allowing for easy wheelchair accessibility. There are so many cool options that serve a purpose and will impress your friends all at the same time!


6. Playful Patterns

I love this trend, as life is too short to take it too seriously! These playful, fun patterns just bring a smile to my face whenever I see them. Adding something colorful or unique to an otherwise calm space is a great way to add character and charm without going overboard!


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7. Natural Stone

Natural stone is on the rise and the reason is simple – it looks great, it’s durable, and you can use it in virtually any space, with any style. There is a color or shape for modern looks, rustic looks, or traditional looks. Use the pebble style stone on your shower floor, the ledge stone on your home’s exterior, the larger stone on your fireplace and you’ve built a cozy home with natural style!

Natural-Stone-Tile Interior Design Trends

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8. Colorful Cabinets

As a lover of color, this is another one of my favorites. The kelley green cabinets to the left are part of Wellborn Cabinets’ Color Inspire collection. This allows you to take any color from Sherwin Williams, and have them transform your cabinets with it! This is a very unique option that allows you to have a truly one of a kind kitchen or bathroom.

Colorful Cabinets

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9. Cabinet Illumination

Under-cabinet illumination is that little something extra that makes a big difference. Not only for looks, this trend is also for function. It really makes your kitchen look like something you would see in a magazine, with little expense, depending on the style of lighting that you choose. It is easy to have this installed with virtually any cabinet line.

Under Cabinet-Lighting Interior Design Trends

10. Large Format Tile

Large format tile is one of the biggest trends in tile today. Large format tile is considered anything that is 15″ longer on any side, however, some consider 12″ or more to begin to get into the large format category. Below are two really fun options, but large format tile is becoming available in anything you can image, from polished marble, travertine, and wood look tile, to some of the more “out there options” similar to what is shown below. Make sure to have a professional install your large format tile, as it is much different, and much more difficult, than traditional tile.

Large Format Tile

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There you have it! Our top 10 interior design trends from KBIS 2016! We hope you learned a lot and got some great new ideas for the future!

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Written By: Allie Bloyd