Our Favorite New Emtek Hardware Pieces

What is Emtek Hardware?

Good question. Emteck Hardware is a manufacturer of door handles, locks, cabinet hardware, door hinges, cabinet hinges, and other related products. Emtek Hardware is a part of ASSA ABLOY, the largest lock manufacturing company in the entire world, and they have a lifetime of experience crafting incredibly beautiful pieces for your home. Emtek is one of the leaders in design and is always on the cutting edge. Their finger is on the pulse of interior trends and it shows in their latest works!
When you are doing a remodel, a new construction home, or simply a design refresh, cabinet and door hardware always hits close to home. It is something that you see and touch every day. The feel is just as important as the look, and you could be reminded of a good or bad choice in hardware every time you walk in the door. Cabinet hardware and door hardware are simple to switch out, are affordable, and can really switch up the look of your space, going from one design style to another.
Emtek Hardware has recently released many new designs and products, but today we’re going to be covering out favorite! If you’re looking for cabinet hardware, door hinges or door hardware in Louisville, Newport, or Cincinnati, look no further than our special order selection of Emtek Hardware.

Top Emtek Hardware Designs of 2016

Colored Crystal Knobs

First on my list may be predictable for those who know me. I am a sucker for color and crystals! No matter what your style is, color and crystal can add a down to earth, lively and free vibe to your space. Emtek’s color crystal cabinet knobs are to die for, and I know you’ll love them just as much as I do. Their Lido KnobBristol Knob, and Brookmont Knobs are as free and fun as you can get – but still feel elegant, classic and grown up.
Emtek Hardware Lido-Crystal-Knobs
Emtek Hardware Colored Crystal Cabinet Knobs

Satin Brass Handles

Satin Brass handles from Emtek Hardware are so stunning. They are modern, contemporary and chic. They can elevate any space easily. Brass is making a come back in the design world and I am personally thrilled. This satin brass is not your Grandmother’s brass from the 70’s. This is elegant and striking. The contrast it creates is beautiful in kitchens, bathrooms, or living rooms.
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Urban Modern Cabinet Hardware

Speaking of brass, Emtek Hardware’s Urban Modern Collection is nothing short of amazing. Long bar pulls are definitely in style right now and brass just spices them up even more. Brass bar pulls or octagon pulls work great with almost any color of cabinetry in my opinion. Grey, black, white, blue, green, or even aqua. Take your kitchen or bath to city life in a flash with these gorgeous pieces of hardware,
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Tumbled White Bronze Door and Cabinet Hardware

Tumbled white bronze is a new trend that we’re seeing in hardware metals. It is light and airy, fresh and clean. The look lends itself to the rustic or farmhouse styles very well. The muted tones pair great with natural woods, neutral colors and outdoor backdrops. With stores in Louisville and Newport, Kentucky, which also serves Cincinnati, Ohio, the rustic style is prevalent. Natural design can stand the test of time, as nature never goes out of style.  This hardware gives off a serene feeling that will flow throughout the rest of your space. Check out the tumbled white bronze door and cabinet hardware from Emtek hardware below!
tumbled-white-bronze hardware
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What’s your favorite of the new Emtek Hardware collections? If you want information on any of the pieces you see here or any that you don’t, please contact us. We would love to help you out!

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Written By: Allie Bloyd

Choosing the right cabinet hardware

We all know that your kitchen or bathroom remodel is full of decisions, both big and small. Choosing your cabinet hardware may SEEM like one of the small ones, but stature does not equal importance. Your hardware is going to be an important factor in the overall look of your space, and given the fact that you’ll be touching it and looking at it every single day, it’s one that you should give some real consideration to, and not just make a split second decision.
However, it can be overwhelming, as are many of the product options out there. There are hundreds of styles, tons of materials and a number of finishes. The combination are endless. Because of this, you really need to narrow down your choices to a more manageable number. That’s what we’ll help you do today by highlighting some of the most popular styles, finishes and materials.

A few things to consider when selecting cabinet hardware:

  • If you’re making considerations based on resale, the top-selling finishes today are satin nickel, chrome and bronze.
  • Base your selections on your kitchen faucet finish and style (suggested, but you can mix match, depending on your style and taste.)
  • Specialty stores might be a tad more expensive than your typical hardware store, but the options are substantially greater, typically with a higher level of creativity and workmanship in the designs.

Most popular cabinet hardware styles:

Kitchen Cabinet Knob - Glass Knob - Hardware
The Simple Knob – This is a cabinet hardware staple. It comes in a variety of finishes and many variations on the style. While these are often used for drawers, they can also be used for cabinets. On the flip side, you do not have to use knobs for your drawers, and many pulls will work well. Again, this will depend on your style and taste.
Kitchen Cabinet Bar Pulls - Cabinet Hardware - Bar Pulls Louisville Kentucky, Newport Kentucky, Cincinnati Ohio
The Bar Pull – The bar pull has been a top seller for many years, and will most likely always be a contender. This style is sleek and can be found in short styles, long styles, thick and thin, in any finish you can imagine. It will fit in with modern or contemporary styles, but can be used in traditional, coastal, or transitional spaces as well.
Cup Pulls - Kitchen Cabinet Hardware - Cabinet Hardware Louisville Kentucky, Newport Kentucky, Cincinnati Ohio
The Cup Pull – This is one of my personal favorites. This can have a very modern look, especially in stainless steel, but also sits right at home in a farmhouse style or vintage space. These are more noticeable than other options, so make sure the finish is something that coordinates well with your other finishes and colors.
Window Sash Pulls – These pulls are made to look like the window handles of the early 1900’s. They are sturdy and the design WindowSashPullscreams nostalgia. They’re smooth and simple, with softly rounded handles. Black is a popular finish for the window sash style, but other finishes are available. Don’t pigeonhole yourself to just one specific finish, though. Feel free to mix it up. Just make sure your door knobs/pulls and hinges all match. That’s the most important thing. This style is lovely, but it won’t work for everyone. It needs to be in a space that feels colonial, vintage or farmhousy.
Drop Knob - Drop Pull - Bale Pull - Cabinet Hardware - Kitchen Cabinet Knobs and Pulls - Louisville Ky Newport Ky Cincinnati Ohio
Drop Handles & Bail Pulls – While drop handles and bail pulls are different, they definitely are in the same class. Drop handles are pull sized, but with a “drop” of metal, which you grab to open. Bail pulls are similar in that they also have a drop handle, but they are in the long pull style with two screws connecting it as opposed to one with the drop handles.  There are so many variations of this style that it can fit into any decor. There are modern, industrial, vintage, retro, eclectic, and traditional. Finding the right one for you is the only thing you can do to really make up your mind. These give a very furniture like feel or decorative vibe to your cabinetry, and can be ideal if you have small children in the house, as it is difficult for small hands to open.


Top finishes & materials for your cabinet hardware:

The top finishes are stainless steel, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and antique brass. Many finishes work for all design styles, while some work best with just one or two.
Stainless Steel Cabinet Hardware Louisville Ky Newport Ky Cincinnati Ohio
Stainless Steel / Chrome – Best for modern, industrial, contemporary, or even vintage, depending on the style. Solid metal is going to be the most durable, but unless it has a brushed finish, it will show scratches and fingerprints more than the other options. It is important to clean them regularly. If you take a magnet to them, and it is magnetic, it will have the potential to rust. But the real upside is the sleek look it lends to your home.
Brushed Nickel Finishes - Brushed Nickel Hardware Cabinets - Louisville Ky Newport Ky CIncinnati Ohio
Brushed Nickel – This is one of the most popular options right now. It can look great in virtually every style room. The top benefit is that it does not show thumb prints or scratches and is very versatile. This is a timeless look that you can enjoy for years and years to come and that will still work should you decide to change your cabinets, cabinet color, or kitchen aesthetics as a whole.
Antique Brass Finishes, Antique Brass Cabinet Hardware Louisville Ky Newport Ky Cincinnati Ohio
Antique Brass – Antique brass cabinet hardware has been a time honored style.  The quality of this cabinet hardware is higher when compared to other materials and gives your space a very lived in, warm and cozy feel. You will find a wide range of beautiful and delicate designs, custom made and in various colors. I feel that antique brass goes best with vintage, farm house, or shabby chic design style, but has also been used successfully in transitional or traditional areas. Sometimes it can be overdoing if not planned properly. Many people believe it’s hard to maintain this antique brass cabinet hardware as it’s prone to dust and to lose its glow. Maintaining it on a consistent basis by wiping and polishing the metal exterior will make it brand spanking new for a very long time.
Oil Rubbed Bronze – A great alternative to standard chrome and brushed nickel hardware, oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardwareoil-rubbed bronze gives the bathroom or kitchen a more traditional feel. If you’re working on a budget, but want to match existing hardware, you can use a brass darkening solution to make all the hardware match. The advantages? Oil rubbed bronze hardware is durable, easy to clean and easy to find. It’s also easy to match oil-rubbed bronze with accessories and other fixtures. It won’t show water spots or fingerprints. The only disadvantage is that it can be more expensive than other finishes, but great deals are always out there! Oil-rubbed bronze works very well with traditional and Tuscan or Mediterranean settings, as well as french country or farmhouse styles.
I hope this list has helped you narrow down your search (at least slightly)! Good luck hardware shopping, and feel free to ask us any questions you might have! We have a surplus, in stock and custom order selection available in store, so to see all the styles you can choose from, visit us today!