5 Renovation Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make

Anyone who has watched HGTV has seen plenty of renovation mistakes. Any renovation is an undertaking–ask every contractor and every homeowner that has been part of a remodel.  From the accidents that can occur to the ever-growing budget, taking on a reno project requires time, dedication, sweat, and patience.  From our experts to you, we have come up with the list of five renovation mistakes you cannot afford to make!
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Low-Balling the Budget

Drywall Renovation Mistakes
Surprises are going to happen. Sometimes they are good: like finding original hardwood floors underneath the carpet in pristine condition. Sometimes they are horrifying: like finding asbestos in your home’s walls. While installing backsplash, you might damage the wall and have to replace some of the drywall. Peeking inside the drywall, you could find electrical issues. Then, the next thing you know, you’re dealing with more than just installing backsplash. We suggest setting aside 15% of the total project cost (potentially more for older homes) for unexpected expenses. This is your safety net in the event that unforeseen issues occur. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you won’t break the bank at the first sign of the unexpected.

Floor Drains: the Laundry Room Essential

Laundry Room Drain Mistake
This is one of the renovation mistakes that you may not consider. A laundry room drain is required by code in most areas, but some people still omit it. If there is ever a break in your washing machine hose, you’ll flood your house. A floor drain directs the water into your home’s main drain system. And please, do not try a DIY installation. This can turn into another one of our renovation mistakes.  You will absolutely need a professional plumber, but again, you’ll have peace of mind, as flood insurance is not covered by most basic homeowner’s insurance plans.

Granite, Granite, Granite

Kitchen Design Trends
Of course, it is popular, but granite isn’t the only option for the kitchen.  Renovators could choose a different material for the countertops that can save tons of money in the kitchen!  Our non-granite picks: butcher block, plate steel, or a nice laminate for those who don’t necessarily have the budget for premium marble or granite. Explore the options that will work best for your family to avoid regret down the road. Don’t break your budget trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Hidden Gems

Tile Floor Remodel
Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t useful.  A bathroom membrane system (which goes under tile) prevents popping and cracking, and keeps water from getting into the substructure. Think about it: If you’re spending $15,000 on a bathroom, spend an extra $1,000 to ensure you’ll never have a mold problem. This is one of those renovation mistakes that could end up costing big bucks down the line.

Floored: Ultimate Renovation Mistakes

Beautiful Hallway
Most contractors typically buy 20% extra flooring since it is prone to cuts and breakage during installation. There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find an exact match if you need to order more during a long remodeling project.  Most retailers often let you return unopened boxes for a refund, so you shouldn’t get stuck with too much material.  It’s also nice to have extra in case of damage down the road. If you suffer and water damage (especially in the kitchen) or a pet scratches deeply or has an accident that stains, you’ll be glad you did.
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