Man Cave Ideas: Super Bowl Style

With Super Bowl 50 approaching, we share the 6 top things to remember when designing a man cave fit for Super Bowl splendor! We hope you can root for your team (or against one) in the ultimate comfort.

Man Cave Ideas Wet Bar

Six Must-Have Man Cave Ideas

Short on man cave ideas? Whether you want to watch the big game in a traditional, rustic room or entertain the whole crew in a sleek, modern space, we’ve got you covered with these six must-have man cave ideas.

Man Cave Ideas Wet Bar 2

#1 Man Cave Ideas: The Wet Bar

Every man cave needs a convenient spot to make your favorite adult beverages with style. From the perfect cabinets to the perfect bar top, a well-designed wet bar serves as the central location in your man cave to entertain guests. But don’t forget the storage! It doesn’t matter if you’re rocking a kegerator or a wine rack, you’ll need to keep your favorite drinks cool, out of the way, and ready for any impromptu party. And the best part of a wet bar? Since it is fully plumbed, clean up is a breeze!

Man Cave Ideas Seating1

#2 Man Cave Ideas: Killer Seating

Comfortable couches. Relaxing recliners. Or giant piles of… pillows? Your seating sets the tone for your personal style. Do you love leather? Or are you just looking for a huge, over-sized couch? There isn’t a right answer to these questions so you have to ask yourself what fits your own style. But remember, a modern couch will always look out of place in your rustic rec room and vice versa.

Man Cave Ideas Seating1

#3 Man Cave Ideas: (Fun)ctional Lighting

You can’t read your favorite book or see how many poker chips you’ve won if you are sitting in the dark. And as the saying goes, this is great place to put the “fun in functional.” Do you want a leg lamp, or do you want a chandelier made out of re-purposed beer bottles? Inject your own style into your lighting choices and you will have more than bright light, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind conversation piece.


#4 Man Cave Ideas: The Gaming Table

If you love poker or board games, then the gaming table is the perfect centerpiece for your man cave! Gaming tables are one of men’s favorite DIY projects and styles vary wildly. Most gaming tables come in the traditional octagon shape, but their shapes, sizes and styles are only limited by your imagination. The best tables, however, always come with lots of felt, plenty of cup holders, and enough storage to keep all of your favorite games and accessories out of sight.


#5 Man Cave Ideas: Real Foot Appeal

Do you love the timeless look of hardwood floors? Or do you love the feel of plush carpet between your toes? Everyone has a personal preference, but always remember howw you want to use your man cave. Hardwood floors are the most durable and spill-resistant solution for entertaining lots of guests. But if you want the foot-friendly feel of carpet, there are tons of high-quality and long-lasting carpets that will look great even in high-traffic areas.


#6 Man Cave Ideas: Exceptional Accessories

A man cave just isn’t a man cave without your favorite accessories. From books to sports memorabilia, you will need plenty of shelving to display what makes you… you! Built-in cabinets are a great idea, but traditional shelving can work just as well. Find what works best for your personal style, but don’t forget the walls. Keep the room light and fun with your favorite team’s logos or with framed comic books on the walls. Your accessories and accent pieces will make your room truly a place to relax and enjoy what you love.


From the floor to the ceiling, a man cave should be your favorite room in the house. But don’t let your own man cave ideas stay ideas. At Builders Surplus, our team of expert designers can turn your dream into reality in the blink of an eye. Call 502.968.8858 and schedule your 100% free design consultation today.

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This Guest Blog Was Written By: Christopher Lush