Keeping Original Charm in Historic Bathroom Remodel

Today we’ll cover doing a bathroom remodel in an old or historic home. Moving into an old house can be exciting and scary at the same time. Old homes have some unforeseen issues, yes, but they come with so much more that you can’t get in new construction. Things were built differently. They are very sturdy and have so much craftsmanship and detail. Doing a remodel in an old home can pose it’s own set of challenges, and some of those include how to get a “new” space without loosing that old feel that made you decide to move in. Here’s how you can keep your bathroom remodel in line with the era of your home, and still be up to date!

Giving your new bathroom remodel original charm

1. Research the era

First of all, each era has specific characteristics that make it special. Do your research on the particular time period your home was built in. Find out what the styles were and let that guide you!

2. Pennies and hexagons

Hexagon tile and penny tile are two styles that are popular now that were very popular back in the day. They are classic styles that will not be out with the start of a new year and give you that nostalgic feel.

3. Subway Tile

Subway tile is another style that won’t soon fade in popularity. It has remained a tile staple for decades. This classy and clean look can be done on walls or showers, in different colors, different finishes and with different grout colors to take this simple style and punch it up. However simple white subway tile might be, it is still one of our favorite looks.

4. Bead board

Bead board on the walls is a great alternative for wall tile. It’s fairly inexpensive, easy to install and looks great. It also gives your bathroom remodel the old school look you’re going for.
Beadboard old bathroom remodel

5. Antique style faucets

Nothing adds that antique touch like a decorative faucet. These have gained in popularity recently so they should be fairly easy to find and are truly a sculpture for your bathroom remodel.
Faucet old bathroom remodel

6. Pedestal & Vessel Sinks

Pedestal and vessel sink styles have been around since the 1800’s, so you don’t get much more vintage than this. You can find old style sinks, but with the proper drainage functions of new sinks. They add the look you want with the comfort that you need.

7. Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot tubs are my hands down favorite addition to any bathroom remodel, not just those in old homes. Clawfoot tubs are super comfortable, extremely beautiful, and can be placed in spaces regular tubs just can’t go. This style has never really lost it’s touch but has made a comeback in recent years. Check out our selection in store and save up to 70%!
clawfoot old bathroom remodel

8. The right light

The right lighting can make a big difference in your space. Go with styles that, like mentioned in the first point, fit the time period of your space. Maybe a very decorative chandeliers will work perfectly. Maybe it’s an oil rubbed bronze fixture with Edison bulbs. The choices are endless!

9. Brick Tile

Brick tile is another one of my favorite design elements for a bathroom remodel as well as any other space in the home. The exposed brick look always makes me think of the industrial revolution and most older homes had brick behind their walls, so it would be common for some to become exposed over years of wear and tear.
brick-tile old bathroom remodel

10. Keep it neutral

Older style bathrooms were not vibrant with bright pops of color. They were typically more muted with neutral palettes. Not that you can’t add color in your new bathroom remodel, but don’t go for bold hues. Light blue or green is always a good choice, but you can’t go wrong with white, grey, beige or tan.
trim old bathroom remodel
I hope you found this helpful for your old home bathroom remodel! Ask any additional questions in the comments below!

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Written By: Allie Bloyd