It's Natural: Color Inspiration from Nature

I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to natural textures and scenes, of old architecture and macro imagery, of my favorite color palettes.  Some of the most gorgeous color palettes can be found outdoors and with a little help, you can come up with an entire scheme for a room.  You’ve dreamed, you’ve built, you’ve remodeled.  The walls are up and the floor is done, so what’s next?  The room’s design!  But where is a good starting point?  I am into design that is centered around color palettes and I use color theory to aid in setting the mood for a room.  Do I want it dark and calming, warm and cozy, trendy and fresh?  There are so many different avenues you could choose, but I think the best way is by taking inspiration from nature.
Today, I have put together four color palettes that utilize the great outdoors as interior inspiration.

In Hot Lava Color Palette

Color Palette Inspiration Red Navy Grey

The Great Outdoors Color Palette

Color Palette Inspiration Purple Yellow Neutral

Pink Oasis Color Palette

Color Palette Inspiration Pink Rose Lavender

Into the Wild Color Palette

Color Palette Inspiration Green Grey Brown

It is easy to draw ideas from our surroundings.  We encourage every to take a step outside and snap shots of what you are inspired by.  Tag your photos on Instagram with #builderssurplus and tell us how you’ll incorporate it in your design!

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets With Chalkboard Paint

chalkboard memo board

Are you aware that the cabinet doors in your kitchen can be used for more than just hiding stacks of dishes or food? Since the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, it’s an ideal place to leave messages and reminders. Instead of plastering the walls with sticky notes, paint your kitchen cabinets with chalkboard paint and make them a functional part of your kitchen by turning them into a reliable and reusable message center. Transforming an old cabinet door into a chalkboard offers a creative way for families to collaborate on grocery lists, dinner menus and other tasks that get lost in the weekly shuffle. I have seen some of the cutest kitchens utilize chalkboard paint, not only on cabinet doors but on refrigerator doors and walls in the kitchen as well.


To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets, You Will Need :
  • Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets
  • primer and/or trim paint
  • chalkboard paint (I used Rustoleum’s brand, found here)
  • small paint rollers and paintbrushes
  • sandpaper
  • painter’s tape
  • spray adhesive, found here (or foam double-sided sticky tape)
  • chalk and eraser
painting cabinets chalkboard

Wipe down the inside and outside of your cabinet doors with some soap and water and allow to dry. Make sure your cupboard door is clean and smooth. If your cabinet door has knobs, be sure to  remove them. If you cannot remove the knobs, cover them completely with masking tape. Use some sandpaper to smooth it out if necessary. Lay down newspaper to protect the area around where you will be working and make sure you work in a well ventilated area.

Use thin layers of the primer to paint the front of the cupboard door. Wait until one layer is dry to the touch before adding another. When you are done with the primer, let it set to completely dry. Use as many layers of paint as you need to get the shade you want. Like with the primer, when you are done painting the border, let it set to completely dry.
Why stop at cabinets when you can explore resurfacing so many other elements in your home that otherwise might never receive a second chance? One popular DIY project is turning wooden doors into functional chalk boards. Since older kids and teens seem to spend more time in their room, transforming the back of their bedroom door is a great way to help them keep track of chores and prioritize homework and projects.
 Door painted with chalkboard paint
For more creative freedom, consider purchasing an unfinished wooden door allowing you to select the exact style for your room and budget. It never ceases to amaze me how many options exist when I walk through the door aisle in our store. In addition to what you will find on our website, we literally have hundreds of options in stock at both our Louisville and Newport locations.

Painted Chalkboard Door
Whether you end up painting your cabinets, doors or other elements in your home, chalk paint goes much further than painting with regular latex paint. Try to avoid making a lot of short back and forth strokes like you would normally would and you might be able to use the paint for another project. Apply a few coats of chalk paint, allowing each one to dry before you add the next. Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours before applying a second coat. Once the chalk paint is dry, condition it by rubbing it with the side of a piece of chalk and wiping it off to break it in. Now you can now enjoy using your new cabinet door as a chalk board!
Don’t forget to show us your finished chalkboard kitchen when you’re finished!


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Written By: LeighAnne Turner

Top 10 Gray Cabinet Paint Colors

You've probably seen the enormous resurgence of gray in home decor lately, and you might be looking for the best gray cabinet paint colors to hop on board with this trend. If so, you're in the right place. While we do offer gray cabinets by Ginger Creek Cabinets and Wellborn Cabinets, our best selling in stock cabinet is unfinished, meaning that it's ready for paint. Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to do a kitchen remodel on a budget. This is a perfect style for DIY'ers or those looking for a more unique cabinet color. We have compiled our list of the top 10 gray cabinet paint colors from Benjamin Moore. While there are other paint companies that have gorgeous grays, we have always had success in cabinet painting with Benjamin Moore. It's also easy to find the exact color match in case you need to purchase more, which is almost impossible at big box store. So here we go!

Our Favorite Benjamin Moore Gray Cabinet Paint Colors

1. Benjamin Moore Nimbus

This gorgeous, light gray blends almost seamlessly with white, which makes it a great accent color. The dark hardwood looks great, but a light tile would also add to the serenity of the room.  

I absolutely love Deep Space! It is the perfect combination of navy and gray, two amazing colors to decorate with. The lemons add just the right touch of yellow, which works perfectly with blues and grays.  

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3. Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray

As always, the swatches look different than the painted cabinets, which is why it is SO important to do test strips on whatever you’re painting. The species of wood could change it, the lighting in the room, and the materials sitting right next to them. Make sure to do your test strips in the room that the painted piece will be living in!  

4. Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

I love Kendall Charcoal because of the richness of the color. It’s dark, but not dreary. It works perfectly next to the white subway tile & chrome hardware (Although Brass hardware would look incredible)!  

5. Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

Edgecomb Gray is unique because it is as close to a tan as you can get while still being in the gray family. Tan works with virtually every color or finish, so it’s extremely versatile. Get the coordination of tan with the fashion statement that gray creates!  

6. Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray

You may recall this from our “Celebrity Gray Kitchens” blog. This is Jennifer Lopez’ kitchen/dining room, and I fell in love with the color the first time I saw it! In this lighting, it looks much more blue, but again, this is why it is so important to test your paint. What looks blue in this space (Maybe by the ocean?) may take on more of a brownish gray tone in a different setting.    

7. Benjamin Moore Fieldstone

This is another one of my favorites, that has a tint of tan, similar to Edgecomb Gray. I think this makes the space look very natural and earthy, even with all that marble! It gives the space a ‘down to earth’ look, in my opinion. It also looks amazing with those live flowers! 

8. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

Gray Owl is a fairly standard light gray with a  slight touch of brown undertones. It is a very versatile color that can match anything from black quartz countertops, to brown and gold speckled granite. 

9. Benjamin Moore Galveston Gray

Gavelston Gray is an amazing medium toned gray. In the image above it has more of a craftsman feel, but would easily work in a costal kitchen, as well as with traditional, contemporary, or farmhouse style!  

10. Benjamin Moore Pigeon Gray

Last but definitely not least is Pigeon Gray. This is one of the most elegant gray cabinet paint colors that we’ve featured. It has a warmth to it, without being too light. It is a true gray that you can use to spice up your kitchen cabinets or bath cabinets, as seen here.   

Happy Remodeling!

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