Pet Friendly Spaces For Your Home

Today, we’ll be covering some amazing pet friendly spaces to add in your next remodel! To me, my pets are just as much part of my family as any human being. Because of that, their needs need to be taken into account when doing any renovation or home refresh. Pets present certain challenges that can be overcome with specific design choices, and today, we’ll show you several that will not only make your pets smile, but will make life easier for you as well. Let’s check them out!

Pet Friendly Washing Station:

This is by far my favorite pet friendly space and one that is on my list of projects to do in my own home. Bath time for my pitbull and retriever/shepherd mix is difficult, wet, and hairy to say the least. We wash them in our bath tub which makes cleaning it after a real mess. No matter how well you dry them off when they get out, they will always shake themselves off and get more water and hair all over the bathroom. This makes us want to bathe them less, but when we don’t, we risk hair and the scent of stinky dog throughout the rest of our house. It can feel like a lose-lose sometimes. This dog washing station eliminates so much of that pain.

Photo Credit to SJ Janis Company

The steps up can be built into a cabinet, which is a great idea for pets of all sizes. Knowing that there is no climbing or jumping involved can make it more appealing for a pet to get up and will definitely make it easier for the pet parent as well. This keeps water and hair in a very specific area, and one in which you don’t also clean yourself.

Built in Food & Water Bowl:

I’m sure I’m not the only pet parent who has the never ending task of cleaning up water off of the floor. Depending on the type of flooring that you have, it’s probably not pet friendly, and this could be a serious issue. I myself have a water resistant laminate flooring, but if water gets into the cracks it can still damage it, so making sure that I clean it up immediately is a big deal. The times when I’m not home to do that really make me worry. This is a great soltuion to avoid messes! The added spigot is another great idea to avoid spills to and from the water bowl. This will not only save you trouble, time and hassle, but your floor as well.

Photo Credit SJ Janis Company

Tucked Away Water & Food Bowls

Similar to the idea above, you can create a tucked away space for your pets nourishment. Many people see food and water bowls as an eye sore, and I can’t say I disagree. This look is classy and gives your pet it’s own space without you having to worry about stepping over anything. The kitchen island is a great place to do this, but you could find other nooks in the kitchen or other rooms of the house to make this look work.

Photo Credit: The Creativity Exchange

The “Mutt” Room

This is a fresh twist on a Mud Room that focuses on pets! If you have a decent sized mud room, you could still have an area for your shoes and jackets as well as your pet supplies! Depending on how many pets you have or how often you use your mudroom, dedicating the whole space to your furry friends could be a great option as well. This keeps toys and grooming supplies in an easy to reach area on the way out the door, or in a space that is easy to clean.

Photo Credit SJ Janis Company

There you have it! Our favorite pet friendly spaces for your next remodel. Which space is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written By: Allie Bloyd

The Most Pet Friendly Types Of Flooring For Your Home

The types of flooring you choose when building or remodeling your home can be a challenging decision. It can become even more of a challenge if you have pets living in your home. We are frequently asked what types of flooring are best for pet owners, especially those living with man’s best friend.

Dogs may be man’s best friend but they can be your floor’s worst nightmare if you don’t first consider the pros and cons for the types of flooring you may be considering. Innovation has changed the way that flooring is manufactured and recycled, creating several options that can withstand anything your pet dishes out. Check out some of the pet-friendly types of flooring we have sniffed out for you. 


1. Hardwood VS. Wood-Look

We’ll tackle hardwood flooring first since this is one of the most desired types of flooring.

The bottom line is the best wood floor for your dog isn’t a wood floor.

Choosing hardwood flooring when you have a dog in the home is tricky unless your dog is well-trained.  Otherwise, hardwood floors require a tremendous amount of attention and maintenance. Dog or cat urine can stain the hardwood and leave an undesired smell.

Even if you clean it up right away, there’s a good chance the smell will persist because the urine seeps down into the wood as the wood expands. The same is true for any other liquid that spills or drops onto a  wood floor.

Pet Friendly Types Of Flooring at Builders Surplus in Louisville & Newport, Ky | Cincinnati
Pet Friendly Types of Flooring Wood Type Builders Surplus

Hardwood floors also scratch easily. Dogs don’t have to have to have sharp claws for them to scratch the surface and affect the wood floor. You can lay out area rugs and runners down the hallway but their claws can still penetrate the sealer coat and ruin the hardwood.

There are other types of flooring that can achieve the same appearance if you are bound and determined to have the look of hardwood in your home. Wood-look tile is not what it used to be and it even can come plank-sized in a variety of colors and finishes.

Luxury Vinyl is one of the most used types of flooring for pet owners because it’s known to be one of the most resilient and durable options available. Luxury Vinyl flooring is scratch and stain resistant, low in allergens and extremely easy to clean.

It’s also very quiet to walk on which is a huge perk for those who frequently hear their dog’s nails click clack on the floor. Luxury Vinyl is a very affordable flooring.

Vinyl Flooring Instock Builders Surplus

The #1 reason pet owners love luxury vinyl flooring? IT’S 100% WATERPROOF! Seriously, waterproof. If you’re out of town and sparky has a few accidents and no one is there to clean it up, have no fear. You can easily clean it without leaving a stain, smell, or damaging the planks.

3. Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring can be a sensible option for dog owners and a great compromise between hardwood and vinyl flooring. Bamboo has a wood surface and is the hardest of all hardwoods. Because of it’s durability, it stands up to foot traffic and can withstand scratches and stains better than traditional hardwood.  Not only is bamboo flooring stain resistant but it’s completely renewable so it’s good for the Earth. 

Bamboo Flooring for Pet Friendly Floors Builders Surplus
 Types Of Flooring Builders Surplus in Louisville, KY

Not all bamboo flooring is a good option though, so be sure to do your research and look specifically for bamboo flooring manufacturers, like US Floors, who draw attention to the hardness of their floors. The bamboo flooring should be strand woven and not made from immature bamboo plants, otherwise, it will be quite soft and won’t stand up to the two and four-legged traffic in your home.

4. Laminate Flooring

Laminate is another type of flooring that can be made to look like wood. Many dog owners turn to laminate flooring over traditional hardwood because it’s such an affordable way to achieve a wood look. It’s also strong and can be scratch and water resistant (not with every laminate) but there are other factors to take into consideration before choosing this option.

laminate types of flooring builders surplus in louisville ky
Pet Friendly Types Of Flooring Builders Surplus

A lot of pet owners like wood-like laminate to provide the home decor they are looking for but it can be difficult for dogs because they slip and slide as they walk or run through the home. Another factor to consider is that although laminate is water resistant, any spills or accidents have the potential to seep through the crevices between the planks creating the potential for staining. I’ve also seen plenty of laminates scratch, so make sure it’s got a thick wear layer.

5.  Stone Tile Flooring

Stone tile is an amazing flooring option for pet owners because this tough surface doesn’t scratch easily and if it does, the scratches don’t show like they do on other types of flooring. When pets have accidents on the stone tile floor, there is much less reason to worry about how it will impact the condition of the flooring because any mess can easily be cleaned up. These two factors alone make it a valuable option for dog owners looking at different types of flooring for their home.

The downside of stone flooring is that it’s cold and hard so it’s very uncomfortable to lay on  and walk upon. Granite is the hardest all natural stone and one of the better stone flooring options because it is low maintenance compared to softer stones such as marble, slate and travertine.

Types Of Flooring BuildersSurplus

Cork Flooring at Builders Surplus

6. Cork Flooring

Cork is another eco-and-pet friendly flooring choice because it’s good for the environment and health of those in your home. Cork flooring is high on the dog-friendly flooring list because it’s hypoallergenic and antimicrobial so it will reduce the the growth of mold and other allergens that dogs may be responsible for.

It’s also scratch resistant and sound absorbent so not only will your floor not get scuffed and scratched up, but your four legged friend will move through the house like a stealth ninja.

Cork flooring is water resistant but since it’s a natural surface, spills and accidents should be cleaned without delay.  The finish of most cork flooring is closer to a hardwood floor than vinyl or stone but it does have a tendency to discolor over time if it’s exposed to sunlight. Cork flooring is fairly expensive option but it is totally worth considering due to it’s overall lifespan, especially in a home with pets.

7. CoreTec Luxury Vinyl Tile

CoreTec is a luxury vinyl on steriods. COREtec is one of the most reputable LVT brands on the market, and it’s quickly becoming a first choice in homes with pets and kids. CoreTec Flooring has the rustic wood look of a hardwood floor but it is completely scratch resistant, 100% waterproof, quieter and softer than standard hardwood.

It has three layers with vinyl on top and a core made from recycled wood, bamboo, limestone and PVC. It’s so waterproof that it will never swell and the cork underlayment is backed by a lifetime warranty by it’s manufacturer, US Floors. 

Types of Flooring at Builders Surplus
Types Of Flooring Builders Surplus Louisville, KY

I hope this has helped you to better understand some of the pet-friendly flooring options that are available today. This is just a basic guide to some of the distinct pros and cons for each flooring type.

Ultimately most flooring types can be suitable for certain pets if you approach it with forethought. Whichever floor you choose, remember to keep your dog’s nails trimmed to minimize the impact on your floors.

Also, consider using floor mats around the entry ways to your home so dirt can be easily wiped down before your pet comes back inside.  We are a pet loving company so don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment if you have any other questions.

Builders Surplus is a full service remodeling company with locations in Louisville, Kentucky, and Newport, Kentucky, which also serves Cincinnati, Ohio. We specialize in interior design, which comes as a free service to our clients. We sell building supplies ranging from unused surplus, to first quality in stock, to high end custom order and everything in between. We also provide measurement and full installation services. If you have any questions or would like to set up a free design consultation with one of our interior designers, we would encourage you to do so. Happy Remodeling!

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