Bath Design For Freestanding Soaker Tubs

Freestanding soaker tubs and clawfoot tubs move past the point of necessity or utility. They become one of the major, if not THE major focal point in your bathroom. Freestanding soaker tubs are ideal for bath takers, providing a more spacious place to relax and unwind. Thinking of buying one of these bath time beauties? Let us help you discover the best ways to design around it.

Take advantage of the view.

For retail stores and interior designers, the customers have been the driving force in increasing the popularity of freestanding soaker tubs. However, real inspiration comes from an awesome view. If a master bath has a separate shower and room for a freestanding tub strategically positioned to enjoy a beautiful view, you definitely need to take advantage of it.

Place for space.

When you opt for a soaker or clawfoot tub, you need to really think about the placement. It you don’t have a view to work around, think about the best use of space. When put in the right spot, freestanding tubs can really open up the space. Even smack dab in the middle of a room, it can feel more spacious. Having negative space surrounding the tub gives more emphasis to it as the pièce de résistance of the room. However, think about your walking flow when in the bathroom and go with a logical space that won’t get in your way during your daily routine. Middle of the room often works better in less cluttered bathrooms.

Celebrate luxury.

Modern Elegance is always fashionable, but modern can sometimes get very cold. However, freestanding tubs celebrate luxury and sensuality. I feel that if you have the time to enjoy a bath, it’s an occasion that needs to be celebrated. Nothing beats taking a bath in a freestanding tub for a sensual experience. Use that thought to choose the finishes surrounding your tub. Whether its high end or discounted, choose a clean, fresh looking tile and go to the ceiling if you can! It adds to the aesthetics of the space drastically. Find a unique faucet to pair with it, as well. My favorite way to add luxury to your space: add a chandelier, of course!

Even in a small bath, HAVE FUN! 

After reading so far, you may be saying, “Well, I don’t have a view, I don’t have a huge bathroom, and I don’t have the money for modern elegance & tile to the ceiling.” No problem! It’s always easier working with a little bit more space, but in no way should space deter you from getting your dream tub. The wallpaper in the image below is so lively that I would spend all day in that bath just looking at the pattern or the fun decor. Freestanding tubs tend to be less cumbersome and bulky as well. They work better in smaller bathrooms that might not have room for a large whirlpool tub, which can also tend to look dated over time.

Build an oasis for reflection & escape.

For me, freestanding tubs represent luxury, calm and an oasis type environment, which is exactly what homeowners in today’s hectic world are looking for. The right look can create a spiritual environment that when you enter you are immediately transported to a serene state. Light colors tend to do this better, especially white, but again, do what speaks to you and your sense of relaxation.
I hope we have inspired you for designing around freestanding soaker tubs. If you haven’t found the perfect one just yet, make sure you come in to our Louisville, Kentucky location to find a high quality soaker tub at a discount price. Happy Remodeling!