Graphic Wallpaper Trend

For many of us, the word ‘wallpaper’ can bring up some pretty bad memories. Whether it’s the pink floral mess that you’re dying to get rid of in your 80’s remodel, or you’ve already begun removing it, only to find that it was the worst idea you’ve ever had. However, this trend ain’t your grannies wallpaper. The uprising began about 2 years ago, and it’s still going strong. No matter what your style, you can find the perfect paper to pair with your decor. I’ve compiled a few of the options to consider when you’re wishing for wallpaper.  From dark florals to bright stripes, this trend is anything but old-school. No matter how you feel about each style, I can guarantee you one thing: you can’t look away!

1. Entry Statement

Entry Statement
Decking out your entry space in a bold wallpaper will make an impression on your guests the moment they step inside. It shows your fun side, but with a smaller space like the foyer, you don’t have to deal with it TOO much in your every day life. This is a good option for people who like the trend, but don’t want to live in it 24/7.

2. Shabby Chic /Vintage Brick Wallpaper!

Old Brick
This happens to be a personal favorite of mine. If you’re not lucky enough to live in a beautiful historic home with exposed brick and too much character to count, this is what you need to shab your space. The distressed look of the brick looks SO real, and I doubt your guests will ever be able to tell a difference. Real brick can be expensive and time consuming, and although veneer is a good option as well, you can’t get cheaper or easier than this option. And what a statement it makes!

3. Going GLAM

Glam Graphic Wallpaper
If glam is what you want, but you don’t quite have that champagne and crystal budget, look no further than this silvery shade of circular wallpaper. With a statement like this, you hardly need to add accessories. Just a few pieces to tie it together, like the awesome circular string light fixture and you’re good to go! While it’s a big commitment to add it to the ceiling as well, I really think it makes a big difference visually.

4. Rustic Text

This can be a great option for males and females alike. The rustic style is all about wood, neutral tones and simplicity – with a pop! In the case of this room, the pop is no other than the wallpaper. It sets the mood so much more than if the wall was simply painted. There are many more rustic styles of wallpaper to choose from, so start searching for the paper to make your room pop!

5. The Mood Setter

Set the Mood
This dining room is clearly going for the mid-century modern theme. But the thread that ties it all together? You guessed it – the wallpaper! Use this trend to really set the mood in your favorite room.

6. Black and White Classic

Black and White Classic
Black and white is a classic look – always has been, always will be. For a bold statement with timeless staying power, choose your favorite print in black and white. It fits virtually every style (depending on the pattern you choose), yet you can switch up your decor in the future without having to remove or re-paper your room. Add pops of color through your furniture, or simply stay solid for a show topping look.

7. The Understated Statement

Understated Statement Graphic Wallpaper
To make an understated statement, go with a light, neutral hue like grey or silver. The pattern pops, but the color is not overwhelming. The room even has a calming vibe to it, which is not what you would typically guess with a graphic print. It just goes to show that no matter what style you like, mood you want, or color scheme you have, you can find the paper to make your place perfect!
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