Carpet Advancements that are Completely Flooring Us!

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While researching this particular subject I found that there exists an actual text book called “Advances in Carpet Manufacture” and you can find it here, ya know, if you’re interested in going that in depth! Now, being a recent college graduate myself, I – for one – don’t want to subject you to the torture that is reading an entire text book. So, I’m going to learn you a thing in 5 minutes or less that will hopefully stick better than my calculus professors lecture on why we need calculus in our everyday life.
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So, the prevailing argument against carpet that gives it a bad wrap is that it holds onto a bunch of nasty things that can make people sick, allergies a living hell, and that it’s generally dirty. While this used to be the case for older carpet types, that’s not necessarily true today thanks to proper maintenance and cleanings as well as some cool technical and manufacturing advancements that have improved the overall state of carpet!

Magic Fresh®

Magic Fresh is a particular, patented, formula that Beaulieu makes for their line of Bliss carpets. Other brands and manufacturers have similar features on their newer carpet lines, but Beaulieu Bliss is what we have here and are more familiar with it!
Magic Fresh is a blend of materials that helps to block and get rid of odor from pets, cooking, dirt, and other nasties that can be found in your carpet. It’s not like a spray on chemical, it’s actually apart of each little-bitty carpet fiber! This allows the feature to be self-renewing so it’s constantly working to keep your carpets smelling fresh! Beaulieu compares it to that box of baking soda that you keep in your fridge – except you don’t need to replace it!

Silver Release®

This is kind of like Magic Fresh, except that this super cool advancement is actually used in surgical masks, bandages, and laundry equipment to kill microbes and other icky junk (that can also cause bad odors)! This technology uses silver, zinc and copper ions that are placed in the fibers of the carpet and some sciency stuff happens where these ions take the moisture from the air that the bacteria would normally feed off of and get rid of it, starving the microbes and essentially creating an anti-bacterial carpet!
Say whaaa?


Carpet Protector by 3M

This wonderful feature is the one that you’ll notice the most, mostly because your carpet will look cleaner and will be easier to clean as well! The Scotchguard treatment is applied to each fiber in the carpet, creating a tough superhero-like barrier that defends the fibers from dirt, grime and stains!
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It’s not waterproof! But the treatment does make water- and oil-based stains as well as dirt and dust to be more easily cleaned and vacuumed up!
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So we have anti-oder, anti-microbial and stain-fighting technology that’s seriously impacting and innovating the carpet manufacturing process – creating a cleaner product for your home and family! These particular features are only available from the Beaulieu carpet line! Other brands are also coming out with their own formulas that can do pretty much the same thing, however Beaulieu has the lead and are the experts on these emerging technologies!

Spoiler Alert: I still haven’t used calculus outside of that class!

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Written By: Kat Flaherty