Unique DIY Touches For Your Kitchen Island

kitchen island
It goes without saying that a kitchen island can be one of the most prominent features in the entire design, and not because it’s literally right in the middle of everything, although that plays its part. This feature simply opens up an array of possibilities in terms of design and functionality. Today, I’d like to discuss a few DIY options that will make your kitchen island stand out in a very positive way!

Add Beadboard to your Kitchen Island

Adding this sorta subtle piece of decor gives your island a certain edge, a certain feel to it instead of plain ole cabinetry faces. The vertical lines give the island a grander appeal when one enters the kitchen, too. Keep in mind, you can also paint beadboard the color that you’d like, adhering it your overall design and style.
kitchen island

Using Reclaimed Wood on your Kitchen Island

Simply put, this looks is as legitimate as it gets. Seriously, no joke. Especially if you’re going for the rustic, antiqued look. It adds a certain flavor to the design, piquing an irresistible interest. If you’re looking for a simple way to give your island that well sought after rustic look to compliment your kitchen, I definitely recommend this idea.
kitchen island

Install Hooks on your Kitchen Island

Cause why not, right? You have this lovely island just chillin’ in the center of your kitchen, so I think it’s only fitting that you use it for storage! Duh. Put some hooks or some dowels at the edge of your island to hang coffee mugs, towels, and such. I feel like this gives the kitchen island more of a homey, comfortable look, you know what I mean? Not only does it look neat and it’s extremely useful, but it adds to the organizational element of your kitchen, giving you maximum functionality. This…is an excellent idea.
kitchen island

Add Shelves to your Kitchen Island

Much like the above, this is just another easy way to give yourself some more storage space or decorate it the way you’d like and put knick-knacks and sentimentals on them to make the design your own. Either way, no one has ever complained about extra shelving. Ever. Sidenote: Another great idea. Just saying.
kitchen island

Set Some Stools Around your Kitchen Island

If you have the room, then I supremely suggest this! It may not seem like such an addition at first, but wait till that first huge Sunday breakfast or when it’s your turn to host the Thanksgiving party, and you’ll begin to see its beneficial uses. Plus, it’s just as I explained in the intro, it’s simply a nice touch.
kitchen island
So, there you have it, folks. Just a few ideas to get the gears rolling! Just remember to never reject the opportunity to make the style of your home your own. It’s your niche, your sanctuary, and if it makes you happy, do it. You want a complete baby blue kitchen island? Do it. You want an entire island made out of Legos? Get it done. There is no bounds to your creativity, y’all. Embrace it…and use it. Also, I wasn’t kidding about the Lego island.

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Written By: Chris Chamberlain