5 Things To Consider Before Starting Any Remodel!

Today we will cover our top 5 most important things we think you need to consider before starting any home improvement project. Regardless of the project you are tackling, following these guidelines can save you time & money!

1. Durability:

The first thing to consider is the durability of your products.  A lot of people do not take this into account in the beginning. Many homeowners are focused on price. They’re also focused on style but ultimately durability is the most important thing to guarantee a successful remodel.

No one wants to have a product that’s installed but goes bad in half the time that it should.

Take cabinets for example. Let’s say you’re comparing two different cabinet lines, one is particle board (or MDF box) which is lower quality material. One is a plywood (or all wood construction) cabinet. If cabinets are supposed to last at least 20 years, the all wood construction is going to last the longest.

The MDF or particle board is most likely going to be damaged much sooner than the other so technically you are going to be wasting more money by buying a lower quality product.

2. Maintenance & Lifestyle:

Lifestyle - Builders Surplus

The second thing to consider is maintenance and lifestyle. So many people don’t take this into consideration before starting a home improvement project. Lifestyle should be one of the most important things when determining which products or styles to choose.

For example, if you have children and pets, a solid hardwood floor (or natural hardwood) is probably not the best option. Pets can scratch the floors which means you’re either going to live with damaged floors or you’re going to pay to have them refinished.  Or worse, you may need to replace the floor if seriously damaged, which is all going to cost time, money or just you stress out!

Kids can spill things. Pets can have accidents and that’s also going to damage natural hardwood floors so you need to understand what type of maintenance you’re comfortable with. What type of lifestyle you have and does your lifestyle even allow you to keep up with the maintenance?

Granite countertops are something many people love but the maintenance is there! You have to seal them several times each year. So if you’re not willing to do that then Quartz is probably a better option for you. So understanding what your lifestyle is and what your maintenance requirements are is a great thing to consider high up in that list of priorities when you’re starting a remodel.

3. Personal Style:

The third consideration is going to relate to your personal style and this is going to be either “Do I want a timeless look or do I want a trendy look?”

I am all about staying on trend and love seeing what’s coming and what’s hot right now but there is a fine line between doing a remodel that you’re going to love for five years and one that you’re going to love for 30 years!

This is an investment and typically a large investment. If you’re doing a kitchen or a bathroom or even your floors, you want to make sure that you’re going to love it long-term!

Some of the things that are always in style are neutral colors, especially for cabinets. White, Grey, Taupe or even Black. These are typically always in the trends. Some may come to the forefront and some may shrink back a little bit but they’re always going to be in style.

Shaker-style cabinets and clean lines is another thing that never really goes out of style. Stone countertops are always a great option.

Trends will come and go but you know your personal tastes. You know what you’re going to LOVE versus what you just discovered you loved a year ago!

Really take that into consideration and if you want to add that trendy aspect, do it with your accent pieces or things such as light fixtures or hardware.

There are so many ways for you to add trendy elements to your kitchen or bathroom design without making the main large pieces the trendy focal point.

4. Installation:

The next consideration we’re going to talk about is installation cost and quality of your home improvement project. Installation cost is something that most people don’t think about but it’s going to be a HUGE part of your remodel.

Let’s take flooring for example. Let’s say you want a wood or a wood style floor but love also love wood-look tile.

The laminate (or LVT) is $2 sq.ft but you find a wood-look tile that’s also $2 sq.ft. You might think installation would be about the same. Right?  Not so fast!

The difference is in installation cost! The laminate (or LVT)  will cost about $2 sq.ft to install but the wood-look tile could cost around $5 sq.ft. to install. That’s more than double!

If you have a large space, that’s going to be a HUGE chunk of money!  If you have it in your budget and that’s the flooring you love, that’s great! Just remember to consider these things upfront so you don’t purchase a product and then realize the installation cost is going to be much larger or completely out of your planned budget.

Installation quality is also KEY.  Your install quality is going to directly correlate with how long your new products last and the way your kitchen, bathroom or floors look and function.

You don’t want squeaky boards, lippage in your tile where it’s sticking up or your cabinets to pull away from the frame or your countertops to crack because they’ve been installed poorly!

So be sure you find a qualified installer and that you’re not looking at the lowest price installer to determine who you’re going to go with based on that alone. Typically the lowest price is also the lowest quality!

5. Material Prices:

Material Prices- Builders Surplus

The last thing to consider is the cost of your material and lucky for you we are able to help you with all of these things! Everything product we offer our customers is of high quality, unused products.

We also offer installation for every product we sell and it’s high-quality. Our installers have already been vetted.They’ve been background checked and we can promise you that we stand behind the quality of their work!

We have interior designers that work for free with you to design your kitchen or bathroom. They essentially work as your project manager, whatever the project!

A certified designer can help you determine what is a timeless style and what is going to work best with your lifestyle. They will also educate you on the durability of specific products you may be considering for your remodeling project.

We encourage you to use their wealth of knowledge and the resources we provide to ensure you to have an incredible remodeling experience!

We are here to help you EVERY step of the way with your home improvement project. Visit our website to find the best remodeling products at the best price!

Schedule your FREE design consultation with our team today! No project too big or small! We are here to help guide you through the process!

Happy Remodeling!

Top Home Trends from KBIS and IBS Shows

I had the pleasure of attending KBIS in January, and these are the top home trends that I spotted at the show this year!

One of the best things about going to this incredible kitchen and bathroom showcase is the ability to get to see all of the styles, materials and design elements that will be taking over for the next year in new construction and remodeling. It's great to know what will be coming and what we should offer our clients that's in line with the top kitchen and bath trends.

14 Top Home Trends: Kitchen, Bath, and More!

Slab Cabinet Door Styles

Slab doors are a type of cabinet door style. This is a style in which the entire cabinet door is flat, without any indentions or raised areas. This is a very popular door style in Europe, but American trends are always a few years behind. Now, they're finally making their way into American Culture! I saw slab doors everywhere at KBIS! This is one of the most important of our top home trends because if people adopt this look, it will make popular kitchen style much different than it has been in years past.

Top home trends - slab cabinet doors

Black Framed Windows

For so many years, windows have had mostly white frames. It's been the norm. My home was built in the 70's, and the windows actually had black frames when they were installed. Although my windows are way past needing to be replaced, this decades old style has come back into style again and it one of our top home trends! It definitly speaks to the farmhouse look that's been all the rage this year.

Top home trends - black framed windows

Metallic Tile

Metallic tiles were a huge new product category at the KBIS and International Builders Show this year. It's a much different look that what I've seen in years past. Top home trends like this are fun and funky, but still elegant and stylish. You would primarily see these types of tiles in modern homes and they definitly make a statement!

top home trends - metallic tile

Freestanding Soaker Tubs

Freestanding tubs are my absolute FAVORITE! They are not only totally stylish, and an art piece in their own right, but they are great for relaxation and healing. Soaker tubs allow you to submerge your whole body and let the hot water do it's thang. Who wants to be cramped in a tub or have to kink their neck just trying to soak an aching back? Not me!

Freestanding tubs - top home trends

Furniture Style Vanities

Furniture style vanities are all the rage right now. A furniture style vanity is one that has leg and looks more like furniture. Most regular vanities resemble cabinets, with a toe kick at the bottom. These have a much more high end feel and add an elegant touch to your bathroom!

Furniture style vanities - top home trends

The Farmhouse Look

The farmhouse look is one of my favorites! What makes a look farmhouse? A few things tend to be used over and over in this look. First, metals. Especially black metal. Woods are another popular element, and is often paired with metal. The blue color shown here and the clean shaker style of this interior door have a very farmhouse feel as well. Lastly? SHIPLAP WALL! Gotta love them.

farmhouse look - top home trends

Quartz, Quartz, Quartz

Quartz has been the top countertop material for a few years now, but I have to say that I don't think I saw one single granite company exhibiting at this entire show. I was SHOCKED! Maybe they're just hiding, but quartz was definitly making the show it's own and standing out as the reigning king of countertops! Why? It's gorgeous, no maintenance is required, and it's the strongest and most stain resistant material around!

quartz - top home trends

Patterened Tile

Patterned tile is so beautiful. So many of them are actually hand painted (although you will pay much more for those). They come in porcelain or ceramic materials and really add a unique personal touch to your bathroom floor, backplash or even in your laundry room or on a fireplace!

Patterned tile - top home trends

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Brushed Gold Fixtures

Some used to call it brass. But brass is SO 20 years ago. haha Now, we're calling it brushed gold. It's got a more brushed finish than typical bright shiny brass, but I've also seen glossy finish gold fixtures as well. This finish pairs great with blacks, greys, whites and navy. You can expect to see much more of it in the next few years, I'm sure! 

Brushed Gold Fixtures - Top home trends

Taupe and Grey

Taupe and grey cabinet finishes are taking over! Grey has been hot for the last 2 years, but now taupe is being added in the mix. Stained wood cabinets, which have been out of the spotlight for a while now, is getting a comeback as long as the stain is a taupe or grey mixture, which is sometimes called "drift". I for one love the color!

taupe cabinets - top home trends

Geometric Tile

I've seen so many cool geometric shapes at the show this year, and it always makes a statement. Whether it's square and triangle shapes as shown below, hexagons or trapezoids as shown a few images above, the look is the same: stunning. It definitly gives a modern feel for the most part, but I've seen some great octagon flooring that worked perfectly in a farmhouse style room.

geometric tile - top home trends

Still Subway Tile

Subway  tile is just an old favorite that might never go out of style. I love the simplicity, but also the unique elements that have been added recently! You see a lot more colored tile, or those with texture. The one shown below is a handcrafted tile, and has a wavy finish as you can see. What do you think??

subway tile - top home trends

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Beautiful Barn Doors

Barn doors are still popular and they most likely will be for some time! I love the fact that any style door, modern, rustic, farmhouse, craftsman, old world or traditional can all be used as a barn door. The sliding aspect is more fun and it also can be a stunning statement piece in your home!

Brushed Gold Fixtures - Top home trends

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In and Under Cabinet Lighting

Under and in cabinet lighting was a HUGE trend that I saw at KBIS and IBS this year. It's a great way to showcase beautiful cabinets and add an extra WOW factor to your kitchen or bath. It's also functional as it gives off light at night when you may not want all the lights on.

Brushed Gold Fixtures - Top home trends

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