How To Remodel For Resale

As a home remodeling retailer and contracting company, we often get asked questions about how to remodel for resale. Customers want to know how much they should spend, what their top priorities should be and what design choices they should make. Luckily, we can help to answer all of these questions and more to get you prepared to remodel for resell. Contact-Designer-Shop-Ad

How Much To Spend On Your Remodel For Resale

This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself, and should be the first thing you tackle in any remodeling project, especially when you remodel for resale. If you plan on moving, we recommend spending less than 10% of your homes value on your kitchen, and 5% or less of your homes value on your bathroom(s). This is because you are trying to get the highest return on investment. You can only gain so much by doing a remodel, so you need to make sure you spend that magic number that allows you to make additional money on your property when you resell.

What Should My Priorities Be When I Remodel For Resale?

Bathroom Remodel for Resale Traditionally, some of the most important aspects of a home for buyers are the exterior, the kitchen and the bathrooms. However, when you remodel for resale, your specific priorities should really depend on where you live in the country, and in your city. You need to make sure that your renovations are in line with the area that you live. The first thing we recommend you do is talk with a Real Estate Professional and get their opinion. They should be familiar with your area and will help you get a good idea of the important factors in the neighborhood where you live. Take a look at open houses going on close by. Look online at listings that have recently sold. What features or amenities do those homes have? What did they sell for compared to what you would like to get out of your home? Do they seem to have a similar style? Are they more traditional? Modern? Do they all have stainless steel appliances? Do they all have updated kitchens? Hardwood floors? After you take an inventory of what other homes are offering, you’ll have a better understanding of what buyers in the area are going to be accustomed to. If all the homes have hardwood floors but you have slightly dated carpet, you may want to consider flooring as a high priority. If you are one of the few without granite countertops, that may be another important priority. Don’t focus on YOUR personal priorities, focus on the priorities that your market dictates.

What Style Choices Should I Make When I Remodel For Resale?

Kitchen Remodel for Resale Style choices are another factor that your area might dictate. Typically, we always recommend that you opt for a more neutral color scheme. Bold choices may deter some buyers, which is never the goal. When you do a beautiful remodel but go with a neutral palette, the buyer can more easily put the bold pops in there that work for them. This means white, tan, beige, or grey will be your best friend. When deciding on a style for your kitchen or bathroom, you want to stay true to the architecture of your home, while still keeping in mind the types of design that you’ll see in other homes in the area. If your house is a craftsman, you would not be making a good decision going modern in the kitchens or baths. Go craftsman. If your home is modern, go modern. If you have a traditional home, you have slightly more freedom, but again, check what the rest of the neighborhood or area is doing in those important spaces to get an idea of the style that buyers in your area prefer. We do suggest that you add some sort of WOW factor to your kitchen and/or bath, whatever that might be. It really will depend on the style and layout of your home, but adding one element that buyers will really remember, or will make your home stand out from the rest, is important. History has also told us that buyers really love granite countertops. No matter the price point of your home, granite is never a bad thing. If you want to go more high end, that’s fine too, but typically granite will satisfy most buyers.

What Are the Features Buyers Look For?

Pay attention if you’re trying to remodel for resale. According to a 2016 study by Zillow, there are a number of features that caused homes to sell for more, and sell faster, when mentioning these features in their listings. You would be wise to take these into account, as Zillow has access to a plethora of data that most of us don’t. While you don’t have to put every feature that it lists in your home, it is showing you what the general buyer is looking for in 2016. Choose the features that work well with your home, though. Don’t force something just because it’s on the list. Barn Doors Remodel for Resale
  1. Barn Doors – Homes mentioning “barn door” in their listing description sold for a hefty premium — 13.4 percent more than expected and 57 days faster. These rustic sliding doors are often found in modern craftsman-style homes, and are used on bedroom closets and kitchen pantries, among others.
  2. Shaker Cabinets – Listings touting “Shaker cabinets” sold for 9.6 percent above expected and 45 days faster.
  3. Farmhouse Sink – Homes boasting these trendy yet functional kitchen sinks can fetch nearly an 8-percent sales premium.
  4. Subway Tile – From kitchen backsplashes to showers, subway tiles are a beautiful and classic design feature that are sure to catch a buyer’s eye. Homes mentioning subway tiles in their listings sold for nearly 7 percent more than expected and 63 days faster.
  5. Quartz – Usually found on kitchen or bathroom countertops, listings with the word “quartz” saw a 6-percent sales premium. However, homes with “granite” only saw a 4-percent boost in sale price.
Cabinets-Shop-Ad To read about the top 5 remodeling projects to tackle (and those to avoid) for resale, click here. We hope that this has helped you plan your remodel for resell! If you have any other questions comment below, or if you would like to set up a FREE design appointment, click here!
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Written By: Allie Bloyd

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