Bathroom Remodel for Seniors: What to Consider

Today we’ll cover how to complete a bathroom remodel for seniors, or what to consider before starting on this project. Having your elderly or disabled loved ones in the home is very important to many people. To do this requires a bit of planning to make sure that the spaces in the home will accommodate their needs. Here are several things you should consider when planning a bathroom remodel for seniors.

10 Things To Remember in a Bathroom Remodel for Seniors:

Find a Faucet with Levers

Twisting and turning knobs can be difficult for seniors due to arthritis or other conditions that weakens the hands. Plan ahead even if this is not the case at the current time to save money later on. You can find many attractive faucets with levers instead of knobs. You could probably DIY this if you’re handy or you could consult with a plumber if you’re unsure about it.
aging-loved-ones bathroom remodel for seniors

Install Textured tile

Because tile can be very slippery, consider installing a textured, or less slick tile on the bathroom floor. This would mean staying away from polished porcelain and other polished tiles. We have a brick tile option that is comfortable on the feet, but provides a good grip as well. When thinking about a bathroom remodel for seniors, preventing falls is of the utmost importance.

Add Bath Mats and Rugs Wherever Necessary

Going back to the same point of preventing falls, take the additional precaution and add rugs and mats wherever possible. This means in the bath or shower for grip, in front of the toilet where someone would be pulling themselves up, or in front of a vanity where you can be standing for an extended period. Not only is it safer, it is easier on the feet. A rug by the bath tub can also be easier for a caregiver who may stay on their needs while assisting their loved one in bathing.

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 Grab Rails are your Friend

Many people hate grab rails, due to their industrial feel. However, they are quite necessary for the elderly. You can disguise some as towel holders or on the side of your vanity, or by the toilet paper holder. It’s important to have them by the toilet to allow someone to safely lower down and pull themselves up. Having one in the shower or bath is also critical to safely entering or holding themselves up if they are feeling shaky. You can also find grab rails in so many colors these days that you can easily make them blend in with the overall design of the bathroom. We recommend texture on the rails as well. These rails will typically support 250-300 pounds. These rails can also be a benefit for caregivers as well.

Grab Rails Bathroom For Elderly

Get a sprayer attachment for your shower-head.

Shower heads that detach and spray can make bathing much easier for a variety of reasons. First, you or your loved one can sit down while bathing. Standing for long periods can become difficult for seniors and this would be a great benefit as it means more independence. It also makes it easier if you need to assist in bathing.

Make sure the toilet is high enough

A few inches in toilet hight can be a big deal for seniors that have a hard time lowering down. You can get a taller seat, or a taller toilet in general. This is usually great for everyone in the family!

Toilet-handle comfort height toilet

Walk-in bathtub and Curbless Showers

These are crucial for those in wheelchairs and those who can’t easily lift their legs. When you have a walk in shower with no curb, it can be a much easier process for the senior and the caregiver. Walk in bath tubs are so easy to get into, and much safer, as you don’t have to step higher than you are comfortable doing. They have many options for walk in bath tubs these days, and qualified contractors can install your shower with ease.

Create Soft Lighting

Sensitivity to light is something many people experience as they age. Make the bathroom a place where your loved one not only feels comfortable, but a place they can easily see. It’s important that if they need to grab a bar or sit down, the don’t have a glare in their way. Well placed sconces can often achieve this goal. You could also consider adding high windows for natural light if you’re doing a serious remodel. Natural light is always easier on the eyes.

Make Sure You Have Space

Space is crucial for easy mobility. Whether you or your loved one have a wheelchair now, you could in the future so it’s always best to plan ahead. Wide doorways and an open space in the bathroom that would allow for easy turning and getting to the areas you need will be a huge benefit to you.

Spacious-Bathroom remodel for elderly

Make Sure Everything is in Reach

If you’re installing a spraying shower head, you could choose a longer hose with a lower anchor. Buy a shower caddy for the toiletries so you can easily move them around as needed. A folding bathroom seat stored within reach can be helpful if you or a loved one is having difficulty standing up while bathing.
We hope these tips have helped you when planning a bathroom remodel for seniors!

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Written By: Allie Bloyd