Tile Grout Colors: The Thin Line Between Good & Great

Tile grout can really ruin the perfect image of a kitchen or bath, whether it’s strikingly different from your tile or it’s just plain dirty, and it’s often because grout is treated as an afterthought. It’s not particularly pretty and you kind of need it when installing any kind of tile. Take out advice and consider colored grout to take your kitchen tile selection from good to great!
Tile Grout Colors: Grout Repair


A Quick Breakdown on Tile Grout:

Cement or Epoxy

Cement grout is the most common that you’ll run into and have installed in your home. Tile grout made form Epoxy is much more expensive and harder to find. However, epoxy grout does offer more resistance to water damage and staining.

Sanded versus Unsanded

Cement grout comes in sanded and unsanded versions. Sanded grout should be used when spacing between tiles would be 1/8″th of an inch or larger. The sand helps to prevent cracking or expansion/shrinkage of the grout between the tile pieces.

Sealing your Grout

You grout needs to be sealed. You can either use a penetrating sealer or opt for one that sits on the top, however the latter might get cloudy – especially when exposed to moisture.
Tile Grout Colors: Our Grout Color Selection


Great Grout Colors!

There are plenty of colors to choose from when deciding which kind of grout would be best for your home and project. We carry North American Adhesives cement tile grout and it comes in over 30 colors!
Typically there are 3 ways to choose your grout color. All of them are generally up to you and your specific tastes as well as the overall vision you have for your kitchen or bathroom remodel.


It’s neither here nor there. Whites, beiges, and grays are usually a safe bet when installing tile with grout, especially for homeowners who are intending to sell.


This typically lends a more funky, creative look to the space – and that doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant or beautiful. It’s different, that’s for sure. White subway tile is a really popular trend right now and homeowners are cashing in with black or dark grout when installing it! Other times you’ll see contrasting grout is with more decorative tile.


This is the best option, especially when your tile is really expensive and it’ll work especially well in a smaller bathroom! The matching tile and grout colors make the area look seamless which can make the room appear larger and more open.

Dark versus Light Grout

The debate between these two shades comes down to whether you believe that darker grout is better at hiding dirt than light colored grouts or if it just always looks dirty. That’s really up to you. But often times grout and tile maintenance does require a little more cleaning and upkeep.

No matter what color grout you choose to pair with your next tiling project you’ll be able to find the perfect match (or contrast) to what you’re looking for! It can be a little harder to keep clean, but in the end you’ll have a gorgeous floor or wall tile that compliments your perfect kitchen or bath!

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Written By: Kat Flaherty