Unique Interior Doors to Upgrade Your Home, Affordably!

Today, we’re going to dig a little deeper about an interior design feature that is oftentimes overlooked. But I’m here to tell you, it shouldn’t be. Now, you may be scratching your temple, asking me, “why or how?” The answer is nearly quite obvious when you think about in a different perspective. So here it is. Are you ready? Okay. Picture the place you live in at the moment. The living room, dining area, bathrooms, even closets. Now, picture it again, but this time without any interior doors. Weird, right? Something is obviously wrong with that visual. Everything is eerily open, and your mind wants/needs to put something there for a multitude of reasons.
One of the main job of any door is that it gives people that necessary sense of privacy. After all, it’s your home, and you should live comfortably in the space you’ve created for you and yours. With that said, and the image of a doorless house held tight in the confines of your mind, wouldn’t you want to fill that space with something that just doesn’t act as a barrier, but that visually compliments your interior design in its entirety? Yes! You’ve seen it for yourself, the importance of an interior door. So in turn, their design should reflect the significance. And, boy, let me tell you. These transitional elements can do wonders for the look and feel of a home. It’s a simple upgrade that absolutely should not go overlooked.

Traditional Interior Doors

interior doors
Pictured above is a standard, six-panel interior door. This is the more traditional approach, most commonly found in newly-built homes. Builders install these doors due to its standard look, and the mere fact that they are the most common type of interior door around. Now, I’m not knocking this design at all! There’s a legitimate reason for its simple design. It’s solid core, for example, is mainly for sound control. But I’m here to tell you that thinking outside of the box (in this case 6 of them) can make for one heck of an upgrade, one you surely won’t regret. All for the same price of a standard door. So, you must ask yourself why pay for an ordinary something when, for the same price, you can plant that exclamation point and make a statement!  So let’s look at some other designs and see what best suits you and your home, shall we?


Rustic Interior Doors



interior doors
Rustic interior doors are so suitable for the country-style home. I mean, look at them. I think it’s the aged look that really sets this style apart from the others, and it’s wondrous what a stain color can do to knotty pine wood. My favorite of these three above, is most likely the last one here. It’s that Old Hickory stain accompanied by the crisp-white casing and door trim that reveals that look of The Old World. Mesmerizing. Affordability: Like I said, this look is all about the kind of wood your door is made of. Good thing for you, it’s not expensive at all! You can get a Knotty Pine Interior Door from us right now for only $99.99. That, along with a pint of stain, and there you have it! The look of the Old, in all of its glorified elegance.

Modern Interior Doors

interior doors
interior doors
Talk about pure sophistication. Modern interior doors ooze of elaborate design. This interior door style epitomizes the statement I made before about a door being able to meet an entire room’s design. Take a good look at the picture above and the material of the trim. Metal. Another modern design element that just ties the door and the room together. Brilliant. Complexly brilliant. Also, just because a door doesn’t look ultra-modern, doesn’t mean you can’t exemplify that look. The first two pictures epitomize that statement. Affordability: Classic white paint with a modern design is an easy and extremely inexpensive look to pull off. You can knock an entire floor out with some Surplus Doors and a couple gallons of paint. Make your weekend project simple, in effort and in savings.
I urge you to go against the grain when it comes to interior design. Don’t settle for things to “just be okay,” and instead dare to defy the norm and accentuate your house the way you want to! As I’ve explained, something that is usually glanced at has the potential to become a beautiful element throughout your entire house. If you were pleased with some of the designs you saw here, please feel free to take a look at what we have at Builders Surplus! You can do so here.

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Written by: Chris Chamberlain