Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets: Get The Look

How To Make Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets Work For You!

The two toned kitchen cabinet trend is here, and I for one am thrilled to see it! With all of the incredible kitchen cabinet options available these days, it's such a shame to feel like you have to pick just one! But if you're thinking about using this design option in your home, you may be wondering what your options are and how to do it. Today, I'm going to go over all of them with you!

two toned kitchen cabinets in brown and white

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Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets - Uppers and Lowers

The first way to utilize two toned kitchen cabinets is to do your lowers in one color, and your upper cabinets in another color. Typically you will always want to do the darker color on the bottom. That's because darker colors make spaces look smaller, so to make our kitchen feel as open and airy as possible, keep the lighter color up top. I love the way they've used black and white with the brushed gold hardware in this example below using Waypoint Cabinets! (Click here to see our awesome Waypoint Promotions this month!)

Those with small kitchens that want a darker color but don't want to make their space seem smaller are great candidates for this option. You get the best of both worlds!

Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets on the bottom

Mixing Materials

Two toned kitchen cabinets are not all about paint. You can mix materials or finishes instead of colors. The kitchen below uses a darker wood stain on the bottom with a totally different wood species and stain on the top! Different wood species can have very different looks, so try this out to see if it will work best for you! You can also try mixing MDF, Thermofoil, Or Laminate Cabinets with Wood for a similar pairing. 

two toned kitchen cabinet materials

Island Front and Center

This is a really popular way to use the two toned kitchen cabinet look. Add your bold color or material on the island! That way the main kitchen area looks very cohesive and the island looks like it was made to stand out. I love the unique baby blue on the island below! It works really well with the more traditional antique white cabinets and stacked stone around the fireplace. This creates a really eclectic space from what could have been very standard.

two-toned-blue kitchen cabinets

A Focal Wall

The next way to add two toned cabinets into your space is to create a focal wall that features your accent cabinet color. That wall can be any space in your kitchen that you'd like to draw attention to. I love how they've added the floating shelves in the same Cherry Autumn Color as the Waypoint Cabinets! This is a very fresh, modern look.

two toned kitchen cabinets focal wall

Should You Try Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets?

Now you have seen all the best ways to use two toned kitchen cabinets in your home (click here to see more). I personally think they add real personality in any kitchen! So the next time you remodel your kitchen or build a home, decide which two toned cabinet idea works best for your style and kitchen, and just GO FOR IT! Click below to schedule your FREE Kitchen Design Appointment!

two-toned-green cabinets

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