James Martin Furniture: Luxury Bathroom Style

James Martin Furniture: Bosco Buttermilk Double Bathroom VanityJames Martin Furniture produces some high-end, beautiful vanity sets and pieces! With over 100 years in the business it’s apparent that they definitely know what they are doing and what their customer base wants! James Martin is a luxury bathroom furniture brand that is dedicated to the idea of craftsmanship and pride in their products.
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What is James Martin Furniture?

James Martin Furniture is a high-end, quality, luxury brand of bathroom vanities pieces and sets. The founders of James Martin Furniture set out 100 years ago to unite their combined experiences and build an uncompromising brand of bathroom cabinets that rivaled the style, techniques and qualities of other home furniture brands – even to this day! The founders of James Martin Furniture believed – and the company still believes – that by integrating the style of fine home furnishings into your bathroom that your bathroom space could become a space of beauty within your home and one of your favorite spaces to come home to relax and unwind!

James Martin Furniture: Double Bathroom Vanity

Why James Martin Vanities?

The bathroom furniture pieces created by the James Martin brand start out as genuine North American harvested hardwood. This wood is selected by the buyers who inspect each slab to endure that it meets the strict standards that are held by the James Martin brand. The wood is then ready to be made into the cabinet construction materials through a process of drying and moisture testing that ensures that the selected lot will yield the very best treated product.
The cabinets are then hand crafted and each component is created and installed by a skilled team of craftsmen. Such high-quality labor is put into these pieces that even the designs are hand carved into the wood to create a truly unique and beautiful piece of art. At each stage of production quality control experts are there to keep an eye and supervise the creation of the vanities and ensure that they are up to strict quality standards. The finish – whether it be stained or painted – is applied in several layers through several steps to give the cabinet depth and a richness of color. Finally, the vanity cabinet is once again checked by a quality control expert and given the green light to be sold as a one of a kind James Martin Furniture vanity cabinet.
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James Martin Furniture Vanity Cabinets are one of the worlds leading producers of bathroom furniture and it definitely elevates the look and feel of any bath. If you’re looking for something different and more luxurious than a traditional cabinet vanity then consider adding a James Martin Vanity to your remodel!
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Written By: Kat Flaherty