Your Guide to Waterproof Flooring!

Introduction to Waterproof Flooring

In today’s world, homeowners are constantly seeking ways to improve the functionality and durability of their living spaces while maintaining a stylish and modern aesthetic. One of the most significant aspects to consider when designing or remodeling a home is the flooring. With a variety of options available, waterproof flooring has emerged as an increasingly popular choice for many households. This type of flooring provides numerous benefits, including resistance to water damage, easy maintenance, and durability in high-traffic areas. Whether you’re on a tight budget, have young children or pets, or simply want a long-lasting and low-maintenance flooring solution, waterproof flooring is an ideal choice. In this blog post, we will explore the two main waterproof flooring options – luxury vinyl flooring and waterproof laminate – and help you understand their unique features, histories, and benefits. By the end of this post, you will have the knowledge needed to make an informed decision about the best waterproof flooring solution for your home.


Waterproof your floor

Two Main Waterproof Flooring Options

When it comes to selecting waterproof flooring, there are two primary options that cater to different preferences and requirements. Understanding the unique features and benefits of each option will help you make the best choice for your home.

a. Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT or LVP)

Luxury Vinyl Flooring, also known as Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) or Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP), is a highly versatile and durable flooring option made from multiple layers of PVC vinyl. LVT and LVP are designed to closely mimic the appearance of natural materials, such as hardwood or stone, while providing the added benefits of water resistance, easy installation, and low maintenance. Luxury vinyl flooring is ideal for homeowners who want the look and feel of natural materials without the high cost or susceptibility to water damage.

b. Waterproof Laminate

Waterproof laminate is an innovative flooring option that offers the benefits of traditional laminate flooring while incorporating enhanced water resistance. Unlike standard laminate flooring, which is only water-resistant, waterproof laminate features a surface that is impervious to water, making it suitable for areas prone to spills or moisture. However, it is important to note that only the surface of waterproof laminate is waterproof, and water damage can still occur if moisture seeps into the cracks or underneath the flooring. Waterproof laminate is a good option for those seeking an affordable, stylish, and moderately water-resistant flooring solution.

By comparing the features and benefits of luxury vinyl flooring and waterproof laminate, you can determine the best waterproof flooring option for your specific needs and preferences.

Water proof Laminate


Comparing Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Flooring

When choosing between laminate and luxury vinyl flooring, it’s essential to understand their differences in terms of composition, durability, water resistance, and other factors. By examining these differences, you can make an informed decision about the best waterproof flooring solution for your home.

a. Material Composition

Laminate flooring is composed of multiple layers, with its primary layer (the core) made of high-density fiberboard. This provides laminate flooring with rigidity and strength. On the other hand, luxury vinyl flooring is made primarily of PVC vinyl, which makes it dimensionally stable and flexible. Learn more about laminate vs. luxury vinyl flooring in our blog post.

b. Water Resistance

While waterproof laminate has a water-resistant surface, only the surface is waterproof. If water penetrates the cracks or seeps underneath the flooring, damage can occur. Luxury vinyl flooring, in contrast, is entirely waterproof, making it a more suitable option for areas prone to moisture or spills. Discover more about waterproof flooring options on our blog.

c. Durability and Maintenance

Both laminate and luxury vinyl flooring are durable and low-maintenance options. However, luxury vinyl flooring is generally more resistant to dents, scratches, and fading caused by sunlight exposure, making it a more robust choice for high-traffic areas and households with children or pets. Read our blog post on the durability of luxury vinyl flooring for more information.

d. Appearance and Cost

Laminate flooring can closely mimic the appearance of real hardwood floors or slate at a lower cost, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious homeowners. Luxury vinyl flooring also offers a wide range of design options that closely resemble natural materials, often at a competitive price point. Explore our blog on affordable flooring options for more insights.

e. Environmental and Health Factors

Laminate flooring is considered an environmentally friendly choice due to its composition, which often includes recycled materials. Additionally, some laminate flooring options are resistant to chemicals and burns, providing added safety benefits. Luxury vinyl flooring, on the other hand, offers built-in soundproofing and often doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that can impact indoor air quality. Check out our blog post on eco-friendly flooring choices for more information.

By comparing laminate and luxury vinyl flooring across these key factors, you can make a well-informed decision about the best waterproof flooring option to suit your specific needs, budget, and design preferences.


Top Waterproof Flooring Brands to Consider

With numerous waterproof flooring options available in the market, it’s important to choose a reliable brand that offers high-quality products. Here are five top brands for waterproof flooring, each offering exceptional durability, style, and performance


Mohawk RevWood

Mohawk RevWood is a revolutionary laminate flooring option that combines the beauty of hardwood with the performance of laminate. This waterproof flooring is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear while maintaining its attractive appearance. Check out our Mohawk RevWood collection at Builders Surplus.



COREtec is a leading brand in luxury vinyl flooring, offering 100% waterproof planks that are both durable and visually appealing. With innovative core structures and an attached cork underlayment, COREtec floors provide excellent soundproofing and comfort. Explore our COREtec flooring options at Builders Surplus.



Pergo is a well-known brand in the laminate flooring industry, offering waterproof laminate options that are both stylish and functional. Pergo’s waterproof laminate flooring is designed to resist spills, stains, and scratches, making it an excellent choice for busy households. Discover our selection of Pergo waterproof laminate flooring at Builders Surplus.

Cyrus Akadia


Cyrus from MSI

Cyrus is a popular luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring brand that provides a wide range of waterproof and stylish flooring options. Their LVP products are designed to mimic the look of real wood or stone, offering a durable and low-maintenance alternative to traditional flooring materials. Browse our Cyrus luxury vinyl plank collection at Builders Surplus.

Andover Kingsdown Gray


Andover from MSI

Andover is a premium line of luxury vinyl planks by MSI that offers beautiful, waterproof flooring options with realistic wood and stone textures. These durable LVP products are designed for easy installation and long-lasting performance, making them an excellent choice for any home. Check out our Andover luxury vinyl plank offerings at Builders Surplus.

By considering these top waterproof flooring brands, you can find the perfect solution for your home renovation project. Visit Builders Surplus to explore these brands further and find the ideal waterproof flooring option to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Tips for Choosing and Installing Waterproof Flooring

Selecting and installing waterproof flooring can be a seamless process if you follow the right guidelines. Here are some tips and resources to help you make the best decisions for your home:

a. Assess Your Needs

Before diving into the various waterproof flooring options, assess your specific needs. Consider factors such as your budget, preferred aesthetics, room usage, and moisture levels. This comprehensive guide on how to choose the right flooring from The Spruce can help you get started.

b. Research Waterproof Flooring Types

Take the time to research different types of waterproof flooring, including laminate and luxury vinyl options, to determine which best suits your requirements. This detailed comparison of laminate and luxury vinyl flooring from Flooring Inc. can provide valuable insights.

c. Explore Brands and Styles

Explore various brands and styles of waterproof flooring to find the perfect match for your home’s design and functionality. This roundup of the best waterproof flooring brands from Floor Critics can help you narrow down your choices.

d. Consult a Professional

When in doubt, consult a flooring professional to help you make the best decision for your home. They can guide you through the selection process and provide expert advice on installation. Find a trusted flooring professional near you through HomeAdvisor.

e. Proper Installation

Ensure proper installation of your waterproof flooring to maximize its performance and longevity. This step-by-step guide on how to install luxury vinyl plank flooring from DIY Network can be a valuable resource for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

By following these tips and utilizing the provided resources, you can confidently choose and install waterproof flooring in your home, creating a durable and stylish space that stands the test of time.


In conclusion, waterproof flooring is a versatile and practical solution for homeowners looking to combine style, durability, and moisture resistance. With various types and brands available, it’s essential to research your options, consult professionals, and follow proper installation and maintenance practices. By doing so, you can create a beautiful, long-lasting floor that stands up to the challenges of daily life and enhances your home’s overall appeal. 🏡✨😊

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What is LVT Flooring (Luxury Vinyl Tile) & Why Should I Care?

Luxury Vinyl Tile, commonly called LVT flooring, is one of the newer flooring products on the scene. Now, don’t let the word VINYL fool you. Most of the time, when people hear about vinyl flooring, they think of cheap linoleum sheets or unattractive vinyl tiles that were used in decades past. They weren’t the most durable and they defiantly weren’t the nicest to look at. LVT flooring is NOT this type of vinyl. Technological advances in flooring manufacturing have come such a long way in the last few years. The new class of vinyl, or LVT flooring, is some of the nicest looking flooring around. It is easy to install, durable, and most products are 100% waterproof. This makes it a favorite for commercial applications, residential installations and for contractors and handymen themselves. What hasn’t yet caught on quite as much is the consumers knowledge of this amazing product.
LVT Flooring On Sale

LVT Flooring Durability

LVT flooring is constructed using polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. This non-toxic property gives the material a firm yet elastic makeup. The material is said to be resilient because of its ability to compress and expand with contact instead of cracking. Obviously, this is something that you’d want in a flooring choice.
Luxury vinyl flooring is also protected by durable “wear layer” of urethane for maximum protection and orthopedic comfort. The thicker the wear layer is, the more durable the flooring to high foot traffic.
There are four layers fused together to create what we know as LVT flooring:

  1. The resilient vinyl backing (or cork backing)
  2. The vinyl color layer
  3. The photographic film layer which gives it’s appearance
  4. The urethane or aluminum oxide top layer. The protective top layer, which can also be referred to as the wear layer or mil layer is a very important component in the durability of LVT. Quality LVT products will have as high as a 40 mil layer. Commercial applications can successfully utilize 20 mil or above. Lower mil layers are available, but should be specified only for light traffic applications.

No matter which LVT product you choose, odds are, it’s very durable. They were created with durability in mind and you won’t need to shy away from it if you have pets, kids, furniture with sharp edges, or wear stiletto heels on a regular basis.
CoreTec LVT Flooring at Builders Surplus in Louisville, KY

LVT Flooring: A Vision Of Perfection

LVT Flooring can mimic so many other flooring options, such as tile or real hardwood. Most people cannot tell the difference. CoreTEC, one of our favorite LVT providers, has just come out with their HD line, which is actually etched and embossed, giving it and even more realistic look that the already realistic LVT on the market today. Because Luxury Vinyl flooring can be made to look like hardwoods, stone, ceramic tile, metal flooring, bamboo, marble, and more, the odds are there is a vinyl tile, plank, or sheet out there to match just about any flooring material you desire. Many high end designers are opting to have LVT in their offices and buildings. They could choose any flooring choice, they know all the pros and cons, yet they still choose LVT. That should tell you something.

Drowning in Durability

One of the most sought after qualities, as well as the biggest improvement over your traditional vinyl flooring, is the face that LVT flooring is completely water and moisture resistant. You can literally let the planks or tiles sit in a bucket of water and it won’t warp, discolor, and the edges won’t lose their integrity. This is THE perfect flooring for basements, water prone areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms or mudrooms.
Homes in areas with risk of floods would be highly encouraged to look into this. Pet owners are also loving this fact, as no more ruined flooring because of an accident!

A Quiet Confidence

Another great quality about SOME types of LVT flooring is the sound dampening cork back. You can find this in the CoreTEC plus line. This cork backing acts as a built in underlayment. This means that while it is a slight bump up from the cost of a CoreTEC One, you don’t have to buy an underlayment or take the time to put it down, so you’ve saved time and money already. In 2 story homes this sound dampening quality is crucial.

Lay it Down Easy

In addition to all the other wonderful qualities of LVT flooring, this is probably the easiest flooring to install. Making it a great DIY project for those of you who like to get their hands dirty! The simple click and lock installation can be done in a breeze with no prior experience. We would always recommend watching a good youtube video first, though! It’s also able to be installed above or below grade. Yeah, we pretty much think it’s the perfect floor, too.

Features & Benefits Galore!

The features and benefits of LVT flooring are endless. Here is a list that the World Floor Covering Association put together to show all the features and benefits of LVT flooring:

LVT Features

  • Incredibly realistic photo replication of natural materials (photogravure process) –
  • Brands that offer 100% vinyl material
  • Inherent safety features
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Excellent selection of sizes, shapes
  • Naturally water resistant
  • Scratch, stain, dent and scuff resistant
  • Cost effective
  • Exceptional durability
  • Exceptional durability
  • More resilient than other hard surface floors
  • Amazing aesthetics

LVT Benefits

  • The look and feel of nature’s best materials at a lower cost are a reality of Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring manufacturing
  • Vinyl flooring satisfies Green building standards and earns LEED points in commercial applications.
  • Meets requirements of commercial flammability codes, slip resistant requirements…and a menu of other safety codes
  • Simple damp mopping is the recommended cleaning procedure for LVT floors
  • The size options vary by manufacturer, but many styles are available in 12 x 12”, 18 x 18”, 12 x 24” sizes, and planks in standard (3 x 36” 4.5 x 36) and extra-large widths (7 or 9’ widths).
  • LVT floors are inherently water resistant (and fairly impervious to wet spills from above).  It’s important to install over flat, dry, approved substrates so that no water seepage occurs beneath the floor.
  • Specialized wear layers (most common are 20 mil; some offer up to a 40 mil layer).  Then the floors are coated with urethane to enhance durability
  • Economics factor favorably into the specification of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring for both commercial and residential applications, giving the look and feel of rich, natural materials at a lower cost
  • Since most luxury vinyl tile flooring is also constructed to withstand commercial wear and tear, it’s ideal for residential high-traffic areas as well as other areas of the home.  Warranties vary by manufacturer, but it’s not unusual to see 20-25 year warranties on brand name luxury vinyl tile flooring.
  • Because there are multi-layers of vinyl in luxury vinyl tile flooring as well as a resilient backing as the foundation, LVT tiles and planks have more resilience underfoot.  It’s easier to stand on for long periods of time AND as an added benefit, it tends to be warmer underfoot than ceramic.
  • There has been a stunning transformation in the design aesthetics of Luxury vinyl tile flooring in the last five years.  If you are linking it to “industrial” looking floors, this is where you need to throw away your misconceptions and do some research.  This may be the one biggest factor that has caused interior designers to stand up and take note of the new brand of LVT.  The realism of the total look, INCLUDING distressed wood finishes, stone and slate tactile surface textures, and even woven textiles imbedded in the wear layers, are grabbing attention.

We hope this has been enlightening! If you have any questions that weren’t covered about LVT flooring, feel free to let us know in the comments, or contact us! We also have a wide selection of LVT in stock daily or available for custom order. Come see us for all of your LVT needs!

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Aqua Vision: WPC vs LVT Flooring

Aqua Vision Flooring
Finding the right kind of flooring for your home and your project can be a daunting task because if you’re anything like my Dad, then you want hardwood flooring throughout the home – including the kitchen and the bath, but you also want as little maintenance as possible on it. We all know that’s just not a possibility with hardwoods. However, now-a-days because the look of hardwood floors is so in demand vendors have developed floors that look like wood, can be installed anywhere in the home, and require very little upkeep. But what is this magical and mysterious unicorn of the flooring world? You might know it as Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) but this flooring is a subcategory of LVT, and it’s called WPC.
Aqua Vision: Shop Now

What is WPC flooring?

WPC stands for Wood Plastic/Polymer Composite. The fact of it is: many WPC flooring types don’t actually contain any actual wood, but a wood flour (a finely ground wood powder) made from hardwoods. However, this  doesn’t hinder the strength or durability, especially since it’s combined with tough plastics!
WPC flooring is technically a LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank) because it has a vinyl surface. It can also be marketed as being an engineered or enhanced vinyl floor. People have known about LVT and similar products for a while, but WPC is just catching on in terms of popularity. The reason it’s gaining so much popularity and flying off our shelves is because of the promises that it makes as being dimensionally stable, waterproof, and recyclable! Our main WPC product, Aqua Vision, also starts at a lower price point than the other LVT’s we carry.

So it’s an LVT?

No, but yes. Just so we’re clear WPC is not actually vinyl – it’s just marketed as a Luxury or Engineered Vinyl because vinyl is more widely well known; and because people know what it is that makes it easier to market! So, basically at this point, until WPC becomes a household term for flooring WPC and LVT are somewhat interchangeable. Remember when you were in grade school and you learned that a square was a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square? It’s the same concept. WPC floors are LVT but LVT floors are not WPC floors.
Aqua Vision

Aqua Vision vs. Other LVTs?

What’s the difference?

Well, we, like many other businesses that sell flooring have also been marketing our WPC floors along with our LVT products. However, the most distinct difference between Aqua Vision and other LVTs is that is it 100% waterproof. They use this stuff by pools! That’s how serious they are about this stuff being waterproof!

Aqua Vision: Waterproof

Any Advantages?

Many LVTs will advertise themselves as being waterproof to some degree – and some are – but Aqua Vision is 100% waterproof. This means that it can be installed below-grade, for example: in your basement, in moisture-rich environments, like your bathroom, or anywhere that other floors like hardwood, laminate, or carpet would never go!
Other advantages to Aqua Vision and other WPC floors is that it has a rigid core design! This means that it’s dimensionally stable and that, in turn, means that it can be installed just about anywhere and over just about any hard surface floor without showing any dips or imperfections! This also means that it won’t expand, so it doesn’t need time to acclimate before being installed in your home or business and that it doesn’t need any spaces during installation to account for any shifting or expanding!
Aqua Vision: Shop Now
Aqua Vision and other WPC is really the future of Vinyl and Laminate flooring! The way that the popularity of this product is rising, we’re sure that it’s going to stick around for a long time because of it’s many advantages of being waterproof, easy to install and maintain! Nothing is stopping this product from flying off the shelves and into homes around the country!

Builders Surplus is a full service renovation company with locations in Louisville, Kentucky, and Newport, Kentucky, which also serves Cincinnati, Ohio. We specialize in interior design, kitchen design, bathroom remodel, building materials, and home improvement. Interior Design and measurements come as a free service to our clients. We sell building materials ranging in every price point, from unfinished kitchen cabinets to top of the line Wellborn cabinets. In addition to interior design, we also offer installation services. If you have any questions or would like to set up a free design consultation with one of our interior designers, we would encourage you to do so. We love sharing our knowledge with clients & potential home renovators. We write about interior design, home decor, decorating ideas, and home improvement. We hope you’ll check back in for our next article! Happy Renovation!
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