Reasons to Choose These Affordable White Shaker Cabinets

Everyone in the interior design community can probably agree on one thing: White Shaker Cabinets are IN. Many of our cabinet manufacturers have told us that almost 50% of their business is coming from white shaker cabinets right now! That’s insane. While these cabinets are simple, they are elegant and chic, traditional or modern. White shaker cabinets can mold themselves to whatever style you want them to be. If you take the same white shaker cabinets and add a different backsplash and countertop, you’ll have two seemingly different looking kitchens.

White shaker cabinets
While they are increasingly popular, there is no reason to spend too much on them! You may have some very specific things that you’re looking for, such as 42″ height, that would limit you to a semi-custom or custom line of cabinetry. But, you might not. If that’s the case, then we have the perfect white shaker cabinets for you.
White-Shaker- Cabinets Display
These white shaker cabinets come from our exclusive Ginger Creek Cabinets line. Our Value Series White Shaker are the perfect choice for so many homes. You could put them in your kitchen and keep them for decades to come. You could be a landlord that wants to add an upscale look for an affordable price in your rental. The fact that these cabinets are in stock daily and ready to take home are a huge selling point. Using these cabinets won’t hold you up if you’re in a time crunch, while still allowing you to get a quality product!

White-Shaker-Kitchen-Base-Cabinets-79a8bdf2-9991-40f7-b761-d71038f1df7f_600Some of the top selling points of the Ginger Creek White Shaker Value Line are:

  • Framed Cabinet with Full Overlay Doors and Drawers
  • Under Mount Epoxy Drawer Glides
  • Concealed European Style Hinges
  • Five Piece HDF Door
  • ½” Plywood Box with Painted Exterior
  • Glue & Staple or Metal Clip Assembly
  • UV Coated Natural Interior

As you can see, the construction is pure quality, and the price is outstanding! Compared to a similar white shaker cabinet line at one of the top big box stores, you can save up to %60 or $400 per cabinet! Make sure that you check out these white shaker cabinets before spending more than you need to, or waiting for a custom order to come in. We offer them in stock daily at our Louisville location or Newport store, which also serves Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Written By: Allie Bloyd