We’re three months into 2017, everyone, and I hope it’s going as well as you’d hope thus far. Winter is nearly behind us, and pretty soon, we’ll be setting our eyes upon the beginnings of one of my favorite seasons – Spring. And with a new year, new trends begin to pop up, and that doesn’t exclude designs and styles in the home renovation industry, right? Today, I’d like to specifically discuss tile trends for 2017.
Now, at Builders Surplus, we have a plethora of designs for your tile flooring needs, including, but not limited to polished porcelain, large format tile, and our lovely Daltile line. Not to mention, my personal favorite, wood-look tile. Elegant sleek feel of tile with the genuine appearance of wood. Exceptional. Alright, let’s look at what’s hot right now! Oh, look, this first one looks familiar…

Wood-Look Tile

A hot topic, indeed. But, honestly, no surprise here. Wood-look tile has been gripping homeowners across the nation for quite a few months now, and for good reason. It’s incredibly durable, maintaining the ability to withstand cracks, warps, dents, scratches, and chips. Perfect for those clumsy relatives you may have or turnt-up toddlers want to see what happens “when this glass meets that floor.”
Whatever the accident may be, wood-look will have you covered. What’s more is that you can install this tile anywhere. Yep, anywhere, including bathrooms. The material used in wood-look actually repels liquids. No more stains. No more mold. No more warping. That alone makes this style one of the finer tile trends of 2017, you know what I mean?

Hexagon-Patterned Tile

There’s just something about this design that has sparked a near insane interest in flooring departments everywhere. And, I get, ya know? When it comes to any designs, you must stick to what appeals to the eye. Sometimes regular patterns go amiss because of their standard square patterns, no matter how colorful or intriguing the tile is itself. But, you throw a bit of geometrical curvature down on the floor and you end up with something truly mesmerizing, extremely hard to miss, and downright jaw-dropping. Definitely makes the list for most exciting tile trends of the year.

Dark Tile

You know as well as I do that color is a primary element in any design. That statement continues to reign true through 2017, and now we’ve begun to see a piqued interest in darker tiles. If used correctly given the other elements in the room, a darker tile can exude relaxation and solace in a luxurious fashion. One of the more popular tile colors that we’ll see through the year is gray. It may seem like an ordinary, mundane color, but when used with other rich colors, you can get that relaxing, tranquil feel you’ve been looking for. Sidenote: Darker tiles are also obviously easier to clean. Just a plus on top of a plus.

Brick-Look Tile

Listen, I love the cobblestone look. Love it. It’s probably because of weird fascination with all things 18th century London, but there’s just something about walking across cobblestones that visually takes me across the Pond, holding a coffee, wearing a peacoat, and looking down the lines of cafes, wondering where I’m going to for a sip of tea and a crumb of a crumpet. But then again, maybe I’m not so weird because brick-look tile is one of the hottest tile trends to date and it exhibits the same feel.
People love this look because it’s different. It is far from your usual flooring. It’s a bit quirky, which for some is all the more reason, but it’s also a design that continues to amaze people. With that said, this design is not going anywhere fast. Expect it to be a hot commodity for some years to come.

Cement-Look Tile

Honestly, the all-encompassing hottest trend is flooring that looks like something it’s not. Wood-look, Brick-Look, and now, Cement-Look tile. It’s extremely endearing, folks. I’ve talked about it a few times in previous blog posts, but it’s just interesting to me that a material that is widely known for industrial purposes had made its way into people’s living room and hallways – in a glorious fashion.

Herringbone & Chevron Patterns

Another one that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. These patterns continue to “wow” people because of the inevitable. It WILL get your attention and nine times out of ten, you WILL like it. Now, yes it’s going to continue well into 2017, but I don’t expect this trend to last forever, honestly. It’s a pattern and once people start looking at the same thing for a long, extended period of time, well, they get bored. And then it’s onto the next attractive, more appealing design or pattern.

Well, everyone, keep your eye out for these colors, designs, and patterns for the months to come! I’m sure you’ll find that there’s a reason these characteristics continue to amaze everyone in the industry. What’s your favorite one of these 2017 tile trends? Feel free to leave a comment or let me know by sending me an email! And if you’re in the industry or you’re looking to install some new floors, come on into one of your two locations in Louisville or Cincinnati! Until then, be safe and stay blessed!

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Written By: Chris Chamberlain