Why Use Backsplash Tile:

Nothing makes quite a statement in such a small space like mosaic backsplash tile. So if your kitchen’s down in the dumps, give it a quick boost of beauty with a tile backsplash. Backsplash tile is usually fairly inexpensive, although you can get into some very pricey pieces if you look at a high end store. I’ve seen $74 per square foot backsplash tile, all the way down to a few dollars a square foot, like we carry here at Builders Surplus. Most people don’t have a ton of square footage above their cabinets, so this is a very cost effective project that will be worth it’s weight in RIO gold.
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Why Some People Think Backsplash Is Expensive:

Some backsplash can get expensive, depending on the type that you choose. But where it can get even more pricey is when you factor in the labor of installation. I know some installers that charge a flat rate of $400 or $500, regardless of the size of the kitchen. Other professionals charge about $20 per sq. ft. in addition to the materials, so learning how to tile yourself can be a big money saver!
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It can be a pretty intimidating project if you’re a renovation newbie. If you are new to tiling, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it, but you should choose an easy and DIY friendly tile for your first crack at it. Stay away from materials like slate that will crumble easily when you cut them. A ceramic, porcelain, stone or even glass tile will all be solid choices for this. Don’t choose an intricate pattern, such as an arabesque. Even though it may be a mesh back, the cuts will be complicated and you will likely get frustrated and quit, or worse, do a haphazard job that you have to live with for years to come. If you don’t own a wet saw, you’ll need to rent one, but you can do that from a Home Depot of Lowes for a decent price.

Mesh Back Tile: The Best For The Job

Most mosaic tiles are now what they call mesh back tile. Mosaic tile can look difficult to install because there are so many small pieces, but it’s quite the opposite, actually. Mesh back tile and mosaic tiles typically come mounted on 12 x 12-sheets, which makes your installation super quick, especially compared to other types of backsplash. You can install the tile on Saturday and then grout it on Sunday.
Mosaic-Mesh Back Tile Backsplash-
These mosaic patterns are mounted together with a mesh backing. Why is this good for you? Easy. Because the mesh backing comes to about 1 square foot each, your working with a much bigger “tile”, meaning that you have less tiles to place. This makes the job go much quicker. When you’re using a backsplash tile, you may have to lay about 6 tiles to cover what one mesh back tile sheet would cover. When you factor in getting your tile adhesive on each one, adding multiple spacers, and adjusting each tile individually to make sure that they are completely straight, you’ve spend quite a lot of time. With mesh back tile, it’s line up, press and move on. Not only does mesh back cover a larger space, but it’s usually easier to cut. Sometimes you get lucky and you don’t have to do much cutting with a tile saw. If your mosaic is the right size, you might get away with just having to use a utility knife to cut the mesh backing to make the sheets fit. However, you rarely get away with zero cuts, but you do have a chance of cutting much less with mesh back tile.
Some mesh back tiles need grout, while others don’t. If you choose a mesh back tile that doesn’t need grout, you’re already saving money. Cutting down on your installation costs has already got you backsplashin’ on a budget, so that’s just another win.
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Mesh back tile has come a long way in ease of installation. There are an unlimited number of styles, colors, and materials in mosaic mesh back tiles. What’s your favorite mesh back tile shown above? Send us pictures of your mesh back tile backsplash!

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Written By: Allie Bloyd