Bathroom vanities are a necessity in any bathroom. However, it’s up to you to figure how you want to work this functional piece into your space. Below we’ve listed some of the new trends that we’ve seen in bathroom vanity design. Some of these trends might be fleeting, while others might be here to stay, but we’ll leave those decisions up to you!

1. Bathroom Vanities Painted in Custom Colors

One way to make sure bathroom vanities stand out from the rest is to paint them a custom color. The coral in the bathroom below is so eye catching, without being overbearing. The graphic wallpaper ties the whole look together. This can be somewhat difficult on an already finished vanity, but it can be done with sanding & priming. Our suggestion is to take an unfinished bath vanity that comes ready to pain, like this one here.

Painted Bathroom Vanities

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2. Coastal Vibes Bathroom Vanities

The ocean is the inspiration for many things, such as art, clothing, and furniture. The thought of the coast brings feelings of calm, serenity, and peace, not to mention a little fun. This is exactly the reason that a coastal feel fits perfectly in the bathroom. A bathroom is the space where serenity is of the utmost importance, and this look won’t soon go out of style. This is a custom bathroom cabinet set from Wellborn Cabinets, in the Harbour Style.


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3. Vessel Sink Sensation

Vessel sinks are the new trend. For many years, drop in sinks were extremely popular, but that style has taken a serious downturn and has been replaced with the vessel and undercount sink as well. There are many different styles of vessel sinks to choose from, each with their own benefits and fitting various tastes. Glass will aways be a popular choice, however, some of my favorites are listed below. The first being chiseled granite vessel sinks. This is a very high end look with a rough around the edges feel (no pun intended). This will fit in the classiest of bathrooms or just as perfectly in one with a casual vibe. We have a great selection of chiseled granite vessels sinks in our Louisville & Newport locations.

black-granite-vessel-sinks-bathroom vanities

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Another incredibly unique option is the hammered copper vessel sink. This it an amazing touch to any bathroom, rustic, elegant, eclectic or farmhouse. It will always be a conversation piece and serves as a piece of art as well as a functional piece of plumbing.
copper vessel sink bathroom vanities

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4. Gray-teness

Every bathroom is in search of greatness. Fortunately, gray is the find of the season. Not only are gray kitchen cabinets the premiere paint palette this year, but gray vanities have been making a resurgence as well. There is something about the color gray that calms, while remaining visually interesting. I love the elegance that grey vanities offer without being too feminine. We offer a classic style, American Shaker, in a lovely gray finish, in a variety of sizes. Click the image below to view our selection of gray shaker vanities to update the look of your bathroom in one easy step.

gray bathroom vanities

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5. Classic Pedestal Style

Pedestal sinks have come in and out of style through the beginning of bathroom design history. This is such a simple design statement that can literally fit any and every style, any and every space. Classic white porcelain bathroom vanities will coordinate with any color or finish of tile and will stand the test of time. I love the way they have used a flashy wallpaper and interesting tile choice to take this simple piece to the next level.

Pedestal Sink Beautiful Bathroom

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6. Furniture Inspired Bathroom Vanities

Furniture style bathroom vanities are very in right now. While they may have a higher price tag, you definitely get what you pay for. They have top quality construction, lots of storage, and typically come equipped with solid surface countertops. These furniture style bathroom vanities will last for years and years, and you’ll stay happy with them in your space for just as long. Below you’ll find a gorgeous James Martin Vanity. He is known for his quality craftsmanship and timeless designs.


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7. Unexpected Pieces & Rustic Design

This rustic bathroom is to die for. They have really stayed the course in designing a cabin feel that seems devoid of modern day luxuries, but actually has everything you need; light, water, mirror, sink & vanity. You could literally build this bathroom vanity yourself and find an awesome piece to create your new sink out of!  This style will not fit in every home, but for those that it will, I would definitely encourage you to use this as a piece of inspiration.
I hope you’ve enjoyed the run down on this years top trends in bathroom vanities! If you have any questions regarding bathroom remodeling, feel free to comment or reach out to us on social media! Our goal is serve the remodeling community in any way we can. Thanks for reading, and share this article if you’ve enjoyed reading it!
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Written By: Allie Bloyd